List of Sci-Fi Anime Sci-Fi + TOP 10

Do you like sci-fi or sci-fi anime? In this guide we will share the best of the genre, along with a complete list of good anime that end up going unnoticed by people.

Sci-fi, or science fiction, is a genre of speculative anime based on imagination. They usually explore a new world, whether in the future or in the past, in addition to other planets and alternative lands.

The genre commonly presents humanity's curiosity and innovation as they struggle with new technologies, new societies or new frontiers in space. Most of the time these anime are theoretically possible by science.

Steins; Gate - The best Sci-Fi time travel anime

Without a doubt the best science fiction anime involving time travel is called Steins; Gate. A perfect work with a lot of psychological thriller, mystery and full of references to Otaku world, in addition to references to the real world.

The anime tells the story of a group of young people who end up creating a time machine using a microwave, it seems confused and crazy but WATCH! This is without a doubt the best anime I have watched in my entire life! Difficult to give a synopsis without spoilers.

The anime consists of 24 episodes plus an OVA, followed by a movie and a second season spin-off which shows an alternative timeline that has relevance in the main story, where events lead to the results of the first season.

Steins; gate - the best time travel sci-fi anime
Steins; Gate Zero image

Gintama - A Sci-Fi Comedy

Gintama is a huge success in Japan, being one of the greatest comedy anime of all time, focused on making parodies and references. In this anime we have a universe full of samurai, aliens and other flashy creatures.

Several space races known collectively as Amanto arrived in the era of the samurai. Amanto's highly advanced technology has resulted in total achievement and severe economic change. Now, ex-samurai like Gintoki turn to survive.

Gintoki's profession is that of yorozuya which consists of doing any job for money. However, he is unmotivated and spends most of the day on the couch reading the latest issue of Jump while being tormented by his employees Shinpachi and Kagura.

List of sci-fi sci-fi anime

Sidonia no Kishi - Knights of Sidonia

An alien race called Gauna destroyed Earth, leaving humanity struggling to survive on board the ship Sidonia. Even though a century has passed since the last meeting with the Gauna, military service is mandatory.

For Nagate Tanikaze, whose grandfather secretly hid him in Sidonia's forgotten bowels, it is a strange new world, as he is forced to surface. However, their recruitment arrives just in time, as the Gauna suddenly reappeared.

Despite the CG, as soon as you get used to it, anime captures you and takes you to great emotions, with a good dash of action, romance and twists. Try giving this great sci-fi anime a try.

In addition to Sidonia no Kishi, I want to make honorable mentions of other anime involving space battles and mekain order to avoid similar anime on the list. Please give anime a try Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Aldnoah Zero.

List of sci-fi sci-fi anime + top 10

Yakusoku no Neverland - The farm anime

Emma, Norman, Ray and many other "brothers" live in an orphanage isolated from the outside world. They live an enchanted life surrounded by friends and protected by Mama, their caretaker, all in the hope of finding a home until they are 12 years old.

The only rule is that they should never venture outside the gate that isolates them from the rest of society, as dangers await them. But one day, children learn the true horror of what is in store for their short lives ...

In this universe, creatures evolved and became predators of humans, by means of an agreement between them, these creatures cultivate children in farms similar to daycare centers in order to commercialize them as food.

List of sci-fi sci-fi anime + top 10

Code Geass - Overthrowing an Empire

In this universe much of the world is dominated by an empire called Britannian. Japan is one of its domains, it receives the name of area 11 and the Japanese suffer prejudice in such a way that they are not even called Japanese, but eleven.

The forgotten son of Emperor Lelouch who is very intelligent, outraged by all the events in the world, one day ends up rebelling against the empire, stopping a vast mental battle using the power you have been granted.

In this universe full of Mekas, Lelouch receives a power that allows him to give an order per person when looking into his eyes. He uses this ability to manipulate people on both sides, creating a major rebellion over the name of a masked man named Zero.

List of sci-fi sci-fi anime

Boku no Hero Academia - The world of heroes

In this universe more than 70% of the population has some special ability, some use these skills to become heroes. The protagonist Midoriya Izuku was born without any skills, but is passionate about the heroes and very much wants to be one of them.

One day the Super hero most powerful and famous on the planet All Might, offers a golden opportunity for the boy. Midoriya has the opportunity to inherit the power of All Might to be trained and become his successor.

With that Midoriya goes to study in the biggest school of Heroes in order to improve his skills and fight against the villains. Boku no Hero is a highly successful multi-season anime that you probably already know. Otherwise… Run to watch!

Remember that there are other anime of the fiction genre with heroes. We can briefly cite the case of One Punch Man, an anime with a lot of comedy and action. I decided to quote you briefly here to avoid several similar anime on the list.

List of sci-fi sci-fi anime

Dr.Stone - If the world is lost everything?

Several thousand years after a mysterious phenomenon that turns all mankind to stone, the extraordinarily intelligent and science-oriented boy, Senku Ishigami, awakens.

Facing a world of stone and the total collapse of civilization, Senku decides to use science to rebuild the world. Starting with their super strong childhood friend Taiju Oki, who awoke at the same time, they will begin to rebuild civilization from nothing ...

The anime portrays human evolution and inventions well, has a very exciting story involving conflicts with people who do not want human evolution, natives who survived the freeze and much more.

List of sci-fi sci-fi anime

Space Brothers - Uchuu Kyoudai

One of the my favorite anime and one of the most popular in Japan that goes unnoticed by Western society. In this everyday story we are in the shoes of Mutta, a 30-year-old unemployed man with a childhood dream of going to space.

His younger brother Hibito managed to fulfill that dream by becoming an astronaut. Mutta, although old, tries to reach his brother by enlisting to be an astronaut in order to go to Mars. It seems like a different theme, but it is very exciting.

Only with the synopsis I am not able to hold your attention, but this anime is simply epic! Mixing different genres, with a lot of drama and psychological, with a comedy and more realistic footprint. Watch the anime that won Japan's weekly TOP1 several times.

List of sci-fi sci-fi anime

Psycho-Pass - Controlled by a system

In Psychi-Pass, a system called Sibyl is responsible for Japan's security. Through its technology, it can identify people's criminal coefficient, preventing them from committing crimes before they even think about doing so.

This creates a totally different universe, where people need to avoid stress, if they do not need to check in. A whole technological world, Dark and Punk, where a kind protagonist ends up being recommended to serve as an inspector.

Inspectors work alongside latent criminals called executors, who need to catch potential criminals, using a weapon that only fires if the person's coefficient is high. The weapon can paralyze or kill according to value.

List of sci-fi sci-fi anime

Kiseijuu - The sci-fi anime of parasites

In this anime parasites invade the human brain taking his life and living in hiding while feeding on other humans. Thousands of murders have taken place and concerned society.

In this environment, a young man named Shinichi Izumi ends up being attacked by a parasite, but manages to defend himself using a headset, causing the parasite to lodge only in his right hand.

For the survival of Shinichi and the parasite lodged in his right hand, they both agree to coexist and work together to fight the parasites that are murdering humans. Will this work?

List of sci-fi sci-fi anime

Other Sci-Fi Science Fiction Anime

If we take into account any different anime that has some scientific basis, the list of sci-fi and sci-fi anime is huge. For this reason, below we will share a very extensive list of these anime, ordered by the most popular:

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Nome do Anime Sci-FiYear
The Promised Neverland2019
One-Punch Man2015
Made in Abyss2017
Cowboy Bebop1998
Dr. Stone2019
My Hero Academia2016
Parasyte -the maxim-2014
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann2007
Space Brothers2012
Aria the Origination2008
Log Horizon2013
Assassination Classroom2015
Astra Lost in Space2019
A Certain Scientific Railgun2013
Full Metal Panic!2005
Kino’s Journey2003
Darker than Black2007
Carole & Tuesday2019
Mobile Suit Gundam 002007
From the New World2012
Megalo Box2018
Aria the Natural2006
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond2017
Neon Genesis Evangelion1995
Kill La Kill2013
Girls’ Last Tour2017
Macross Frontier2007
Outlaw Star1998
Den-noh Coil2007
Tiger & Bunny2011
Eureka Seven2005
Super Dimensional Fortress Macross1982
Symphogear XV2019
Sword Art Online2012
Future Boy Conan1978
Last Exile2003
Irresponsible Captain Tylor1993
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet2013
The Irregular at Magic High School2014
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing1995
Knights of Sidonia2014
Darwin’s Game2020
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED2002
Plastic Memories2015
Crest of the Stars1999
Ergo Proxy2006
Toward the Terra TV2007
A Certain Magical Index2008
Banner of the Stars2000
Blood Blockade Battlefront2015
Space Dandy2014
Chrome Shelled Regios2009
Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series2017
Gundam Build Fighters2013
Guilty Crown2011
Serial Experiments Lain1998
GaoGaiGar FINAL Grand Glorious Gathering2005
Mobile Suit Gundam1979
No. 62011
Samurai 72004
Now and Then, Here and There1999
Uninhabited Planet Survive2003
Air Gear2006
Motto To Love Ru2010
Tenchi Universe1995
Rainbow Sea2011
Heroic Age2007
Taikong Lixianji2010
Read Or Die TV2003
Deadman Wonderland2011
Gundam Build Fighters Try2014
Space Adventure Cobra1982
Symphogear AXZ2017
Sgt. Frog2004
Accel World2012
Dimension W2016
Thunder Jet1994
A Certain Scientific Accelerator2019
Captain Harlock1978
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny2004
Martian Successor Nadesico1996
Armored Trooper Votoms1983
World Trigger2014
Black Bullet2014
Level E2011
Black Cat2005
Aria the Animation2005
Stellvia of the Universe2003
God Eater2015
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W2013
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha2004
Galaxy Express 9991978
Space Patrol Luluco2016
Date a Live2013
Please Teacher2002
Giant Gorg1984
Trinity Blood2005
Ginga Hyouryuu Vifam1983
Symphogear G2013
Symphogear GX2015
Solty Rei2005
Infinite Ryvius1999
Tenchi Muyo! GXP2002
Planet With2018
Mobile Fighter G Gundam1994
Valvrave the Liberator2013
Tekkaman Blade1992
Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures1999
Gatchaman Crowds Insight2015
The Asterisk War2015
Mars Daybreak2004
Gatchaman Crowds2013
Genesis Climber Mospeada1983
Turn A Gundam1999
Gun x Sword2005
Infinite Stratos2011
Casshern Sins2008
Saber Marionette J to X1998
Excel Saga1999
Sentou Mecha Xabungle1982
To Love Ru2008
Oh! Edo Rocket2007
Moonlight Mile2007
Buddy Complex2014
Heavy Object2015
Blue Comet SPT Layzner1985
Urusei Yatsura1981
High School Fleet2016
Aquarion Evol2012
Fafner Exodus2015
Macross Delta2016
Marude Dameo1991
Oban Star-Racers2006
Danball Senki Wars2013
Majestic Prince2013
Galaxy Angel A2002
Saber Marionette J1996
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san2012
UFO Robo Grendizer1975
After War Gundam X1996
Angelic Layer2001
No Guns Life2019
Muteki Robo Trider G71980
Desert Punk2004
Cyber Formula1991
The Big O1999
Fantastic Children2004
Rockman.EXE Stream2004
Figure 172001
YAT Anshin! Uchuu Ryokou1996
The Diary of a Crazed Family2008
Jurassic Tripper1995
Twin Spica2003
Bodacious Space Pirates2012
Rockman.EXE Beast+2006
Kamisama Dolls2011
Toushou Daimos1978
Eureka Seven AO2012
Star Twinkle Pretty Cure2019
Kiddy Grade2002
Asura Cryin’2009
Cyborg Kuro-chan1999
World Conquest Zvezda Plot2014
Chou Denji Robo Combattler V1976
Galaxy Angel Z2002
Cyborg 009 (1979)1979
Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs1984
Brynhildr in the Darkness2014
Rocket Girls2007
Ultra B1987
Galaxy Angel X2004
Gear Fighter Dendoh2000
Macross 71994
Heat Guy J2002
Strike Witches TV2008
Starship Operators2005
Gozonji! Gekkou Kamen-kun1999
Queen Millennia1981
Sky Girls TV2007
Danball Senki W2012
Rockman EXE Axess2003
Hyper Police1997
Mazinger Z1972
Lost Universe1998
Rockman.EXE Beast2005
Cat Planet Cuties2010
Dennou Boukenki Webdiver2001
Great Mazinger1974
The Legend of Black Heaven1999
Time Travel Tondekeman!1989
Terra Formars2014
Blue Gender1999

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