Katana - The legendary swords of Japan


Katana [刀] is a famous Japanese saber used by samurai in open field fights. Nowadays the katana is a collection item, which also appears in several games, films and anime. There are thousands of katana in the history of Japan, many are found in museums and castles.

The sword was the most used weapon in medieval Japan, among them we have the Katana and the Wakizashi. In this article we will look at the types of katana that exist, and the most legendary japan history. Let's show you where you can buy one katana cockroach collect.

Katana - the legendary swords of japan

How is the katana?

The katana can take many forms, be short or long, have different appearances and parts. It has an artistic part, the blacksmith's signature and several other details such as texture and others. Some of the important parts of the sword are:

  • Saya - The sword's scabbard, made of wood;
  • Tsuba - The tsuba is an iron disk that serves to protect the hand against the opponent's sword blade;
  • Tsuka - The sword hilt;
  • Kojiri - It is the end of the saya (sheath);
  • Kurigata - This is where the sageo (rope) is tied;
  • Koi-guchi - The koi-guchi is the "mouth" of saya;
  • Habaki - It is the part of the sword that fits the koi-guchi

All the details and parts of the katana can be seen in the image below:

Katana - the legendary swords of japan

History of Katana

Throughout Japan's history, fighting techniques have changed, so swords have also changed shape. There are several types of katana, they were made to adapt to the samurai who wielded it. But there are 4 times when swords have undergone major changes.

Jokoto - During the Jokoto period (800 AD), the swords used were straight, single-edged (Chokuto) or double-edged (Ken) and poorly tempered. There was no standard design and they were tied to the waist by means of ropes.

Koto (1596-1624) - At the Heian Period the change in fighting style created the need to change the sword. They no longer waged war on foot, but on horseback. Swords became long, curved, with a broader, stronger base and a very thin point. Before Japanese swords were called Tachi, only in the Muromachi period did the classic Katana appear.

Shinto (1596-1624) - In the Tokugawa government with the most accessible raw material and the exchange of experience, swords were even more refined, even though there were firearms. This era was crude, since the use of swords and weapons was prohibited.

Gendaito (1876-1953) - In the Meiji Era, swords were made for Japanese military officers, for rituals and public occasions. Despite having the same shapes as a traditional sword, they did not have the main characteristics of handicraft (handmade) and non-industrial steel.

Katana - the legendary swords of japan

The legendary Katana

It was in the Kamakura period (1185-1333) the golden age of the Japanese sword. Many swords considered to be national treasures were produced in this period. Some legendary swords are still on display today, others were only mentioned in documents. Let's meet some.

Masamune 正宗 - The swords bearing the name were made by the legendary blacksmith Masamune. There are many katana that bear the name of masamune, like the Shimazu-masamune that was found recently in 2014, it has been missing since 1862.

Muramasa 村正 - This name is famous in video games, there are several swords that were made by the legendary blacksmith Muramasa. She is known to be a blade of the devil who turns people into murderers. She was also responsible for the deaths of many members of the Tokugawa family.

Mikazuki-Munechika - The name of this katana means “Crescent Moon” and has a beautiful curve. It is one of the oldest remaining katana from the 10th century and is kept in the Tokyo National Museum.

Jyuzumaru 数珠丸 - This name comes from a Buddhist rosary that had the sword. It was kept for a long time in the Nichiren Temple. It is currently available on display only once a year, November 3 at Honko-ji, Hyogo.

Tenka-Göken 天下五剣 - It means Five Swords Under the Skies. A group of 5 legendary katana from the Muromachi period, the swords are: Dōjigiri, Juzumaru, Mikazuki Munechika, Onimaru and Ōtenta.

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Katana - the legendary swords of japan

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