List of museums in Japan + ranking

Japan has numerous museums spread across the country. Here you will find art museum, historical museum, traditional museum, cultural museum and even strange museums. In this article, we will see a list of the best museums in Japan.

The Japanese appreciate a lot of culture, tradition, knowledge and art, a country where museums are not flashy and unique attractions that attract thousands of visitors. One of my favorites is Panasonic in Osaka and Mori Digital in Odaiba.

The Museums I visited in Japan

I wanted to make a list of museum recommendations in Japan, but I haven't had the opportunity to visit many, so I intend to go into detail only in those museums that I had the opportunity to visit. They are not the best, but they are epic.

The museum that most caught my attention was the Mori Building Digital art Museum teamlab borderless located in Odaiba. A fully digital museum with lights, holograms, a beautiful room full of LED strips and many amazing things to fill your eyes.


If you are visiting Tokyo, make Mori Digital Art Museum your priority. Odaiba is an artificial island full of attractions, I also visited the science and space museum Miraikan, I believe in the existence of other interesting museums in the region.

I also had the chance to visit an aircraft museum at the Air Base in Hamamatsu with my friend Roberto Pedraça. It was amazing to see all those planes get on some of them. If you are passing through this city full of Brazilians, visit this museum.

Many japan castles it has a mini museum near or inside the castle, with many exhibits of pieces, artifacts, weapons, clothes and things related to the castle or the periods where everything happened. There are many castles that you can't comment on.

List of museums in japan + ranking

In Nagoya I had the chance to go to another perfect science museum full of interesting experiences to test and play with. I had a planetarium, low temperature experience and many other things.

In Sapporo I had the chance to visit the Sapporo Museum, get to know a little about the history of beer and have a few. We also visited the Shiroi Koibito factory, which also had a museum. In Osaka I visited Panasonic's which I found very interesting.

List of museums in japan + ranking

Virtually every tourist spot in Japan has at least one mini museum with some items highlighted. Traveling around Japan is like living in a museum, full of unique things on display to take pictures.

Another must-see museum is the Peace Museum in the city of Hiroshima, very exciting. In addition to museums, take advantage of your trip to visit countless temples, castles, aquariums and other tourist attractions throughout the country.


List of Museums in Tokyo

In Tokyo alone, the city where most tourists visit, there are more than 50 museums of different types. Below we will share a list of museums in the city of Tokyo:

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
Museum nameNeighborhoodType
Ichiyo Memorial MuseumTaito, TokyoLiterature
National Art CenterRoppongiArt
Japanese Folk Crafts MuseumMeguroArt
National Showa Memorial MuseumChiyodaStory
Ghibli MuseumMitakaArt
Kodansha Noma Memorial MuseumBunkyoArt
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art MuseumMinatoArt
National Museum of Western ArtUenoArt
Japanese Sword MuseumShibuyaMilitary
Tokyo National MuseumUenoArt
Ancient Orient MuseumIkebukuroArt
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan - Observatory History MuseumMitakaScience
Safety Promotion CenterŌtaSpace
Museum of the Imperial CollectionsChiyodaArt
Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine ArtMinatoArt
Gotoh MuseumSetagayaArt
Hasegawa Machiko Art MuseumSetagayaArt
Tokyo Metropolitan TheaterToshimaArt
Mori Art MuseumRoppongiArt
Musée TomoMinatoArt
Idemitsu Museum of ArtsMarunouchiArt
Eisei Bunko MuseumBunkyoArt
Mitsubishi Ichigokan MuseumMarunouchiArt
Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural MuseumKoganeiOpen
Printing Museum, TokyoBunkyoAverage
Waseda University Tsubouchi Memorial Theater MuseumShinjukutheater
National Hansen's Disease MuseumHigashimurayamaScience
Edo-Tokyo MuseumRyōgokuStory
Kodaira Hirakushi Denchu Art MuseumKodairaArt
Museum of Contemporary Art TokyoKōtoArt
Bridgestone Museum of ArtChūōArt
Itabashi Ward Public Ecopolis CenterMarunouchiScience
Kanto Earthquake Disaster Memorial MuseumSumidaStory
Toei Animation GalleryNerimaArt
Tokyo Metropolitan Water Science MuseumKōtoScience
Center of the Tokyo Raids and War DamageKotoStory
Kinunomichi MuseumHachiōjiStory
Katsushika Shibamata Tora-san MuseumKatsushikaStory
Sekine Kunen Shodo MuseumTaitōArt
Tokyo Hongo Ceramics MuseumBunkyoArt
Earthquake Learning CenterMeguroScience
Setagaya Museum of HistorySetagayaStory
Tokyo Waterworks Historical MuseumBunkyoScience
Daimyo Clock MuseumTaitōWatchmaking
Suginami Historical MuseumSuginamiStory
Fukagawa-Edo MuseumKōtoStory
Ridai Museum of Modern ScienceShinjukuScience
Tokyo Fire MuseumShinjukuFire
Tokyo Metropolitan Police MuseumChūōLaw
Ueno Royal MuseumUenoArt
Mitsui Memorial MuseumChūōArt
Nezu MuseumMinatoArt
Museum of Maritime ScienceOdaibaMaritime
Currency Museum of the Bank of JapanChūōCurrency
Meguro Museum of ArtMeguroArt
Amuse MuseumAsakusaTextile
Michio Miyagi Memorial HallShinjukuMusic
Orugoru no Chiisana HakubutsukanBunkyoMusic
NTT InterCommunication CenterShinjukuArt
Hara Museum of Contemporary ArtShinagawaArt
New Otani Art MuseumChiyodaArt
Asakura Museum of SculptureTaitōArt
Exhibition Hall of the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of JapanMinato-kuDiplomatic archives
National Museum of Nature and ScienceUenoNatural history
Yamatane MuseumShibuyaArt
Tokyo Metro MuseumEdogawaTransport
Nakagawa Funabansho Barge MuseumKotoStory
Koishikawa Annex, The University Museum, The University of TokyoBunkyoNatural history
Kokugakuin University MuseumShibuyaSeveral
Shitamachi MuseumUenoStory
Ota Memorial Museum of ArtShibuyaArt
Koishikawa Ukiyo-e Art MuseumBunkyoArt
Bicycle Culture CenterChiyodaTransport
Industrial Safety Museum & TheaterMinatoIndustrial
Meguro Parasitological MuseumMeguroMedicinal
The Art MuseumŌsakiArt
Prince Chichibu Memorial Sports MuseumShinjukusports
Ryōgoku Kokugikan Sumo MuseumSumidasports
Science Museum, TokyoChiyodaScience
Sompo Japan Museum of ArtShinjukuArt
Space Space GalleryKomaeArt
Suginami Animation MuseumSuginamiArt
Suntory Museum of ArtAkasakaArt
University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the ArtsUenoArt
Suginami Science MuseumSuginamiScience
Sugino Costume MuseumShinagawaFashion
Banknote and Postage Stamp MuseumShinjukupost offices
Daimaru MuseumChiyodaArt
Min-On Music MuseumShinjukuMusic
Museum of LogisticsMinatoTransport
Bunkyo Historical MuseumBunkyoStory
Princess Gallery Handbag MuseumTaitōFashion
Gas Science Museum, TokyoKodairaIndustry
Shinjuku Historical MuseumShinjukuStory
Sumida Heritage MuseumSumidaStory
Rainbow Sewer MuseumOdaibaScience
Meiji University MuseumChiyodaSeveral
JAXA iChiyodaScience
Museum of Advertising and MarketingShiodomeScience
Katsushika City MuseumKatsushikaScience
JCII Camera MuseumChiyodaTechnology
Matsuoka Museum of ArtShirokanedaiArt
Bunka Gakuen Costume MuseumShibuyaFashion
NHK Museum of BroadcastingMinatoAverage
Pen Station, TokyoChuoWriting
Beer Museum YebisuShibuyafood
Tokyo Fuji Art MuseumHachiōjiArt
TEPCO Electric Energy MuseumShibuyaScience
House of ShiseidoChūōFashion
Japan Football MuseumBunkyosports
Meiji Jingu Treasure MuseumShibuyaArt
Okura ShukokanMinatoArt
Kite Museum (Tokyo)Chūōsports
Shoto Museum of ArtShibuyaArt
Emperor Showa Memorial MuseumTachikawaBiographical
Paper MuseumKitaIndustry
Philatelic Museum, TokyoToshimaTreasures
Tobacco and Salt MuseumSumidaIndustry
Mitsuo Aida MuseumChūōArt
Japanese Baseball Hall of FameBunkyosports
Kobo GalleryChūōArt
Kyodo no moriFuchūOpen
National Museum of Modern ArtChiyodaArt
Setagaya Art MuseumSetagayaArt
Tobu Museum of Transport & CultureSumidaRailroad
Tokyo Metropolitan Art MuseumUenoArt
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of PhotographyMeguroArt
Watari Museum of Contemporary ArtShibuyaArt
Zoshigaya Missionary MuseumToshimaHistoric house

Ranking of Japan's best museums

This numbered ranking is the result of a poll with around 900 votes. It does not represent my opinion or the opinion of most people. It was just the result of an internet poll.

  1. Nara National Museum
  2. National Museum of Western Art
  3. Tokyo National Museum
  4. National Museum of Modern Art
  5. The National Art Center
  6. Mori Art Museum
  7. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
  8. Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art
  9. Inujima Seirensho Art Museum
  10. Ghibli Museum
  11. Teshima Art Museum
  12. Miho Museum
  13. Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum
  14. Ohara Museum of Art
  15. Oya History Museum
  16. Ken Domon Museum of Photography
  17. Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography
  18. 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art
  19. The Sand Museum
  20. Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots
  21. Omiya Bonsai Art Museum
  22. Mount Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall
  23. Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
  24. SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
  25. Yamato Museum
  26. Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
  27. Kyushu National Museum
  28. Towada Art Center
  29. Adachi Museum of Art
  30. Otsuka Museum of Art
  31. Aomori Museum of Art
  32. Tohoku History Museum
  33. Okinawa Prefectural Museum
  34. Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
  35. Sagawa Art Museum

The Most Popular Museums in Japan According to Google

Now let's share a list of popular Museums according to Google itself:

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
Name of the MuseumLocation
Tokyo National MuseumTokyo
Edo-Tokyo MuseumTokyo
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb MuseumNagasaki
Mori Art MuseumTokyo
Samurai MuseumTokyo
National Museum of Science and InnovationTokyo
National Science Museum of JapanTokyo
Fukui Prefecture Dinosaur MuseumKatsuyama
Teshima Art MuseumTonoshō
Himeyuri Peace MuseumItoman
Itchiku Kubota Art MuseumFujikawaguchiko
Railway MuseumSaitama
Sand Museum (Sand Museum)Tottori
teamLab ☆ PlanetsTokyo
Chiran Peace MuseumMinamikyūshū
Shikinen Sengu Memorial Sengu MuseumIse
Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human HistoryKitakyushu
Tokyo National Art CenterTokyo
Hiroshima Peace Memorial MuseumHiroshima
National Museum of Western ArtTokyo
Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb VictimsHiroshima
Takenaka Carpentry Tools MuseumKobe
National Museum of NaraNara
Kyoto Railway MuseumKyoto
National Museum of EthnologySuita
Tokyo National Museum HeiseikanTokyo
Fujishiroseiji MuseumNasu
Japanese Immigration History Museum in BrazilSao Paulo
Ainu Museum of ShiraoiShiraoi
Chihiro Art Museum AzuminoMatsukawa
Nezu MuseumTokyo
National Institute of Cultural HeritageTokyo
Gallery MarusanTokyo
Pola Art MuseumHakone
teamLab BorderlessTokyo
Tokyo National Museum of Modern ArtTokyo
Tokyo National Museum HyokeikanTokyo
The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation InstitutionKobe
Japan's shortest letter museum IppitsukeijouSakai
SCMAGLEV and Railway ParkNagoya
Ramen Museum of Shin-YokohamaYokohama
Tachineputa MuseumGoshogawara
Sapporo Beer MuseumSapporo
Benesse House (Casa Benesse)Naoshima
Tokyo National Toyokan MuseumTokyo
Inujima Seirensho Art MuseumOkayama
John Lennon Museum  Saitama

List of museums in Japan

Below we have a complete list of museums in Japan. We don't know if all museums are on that list, but most of the most popular and well-known are here. Let's not go into detail, this is just a loose list.

  • 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Adachi Museum of Art
  • Aichi Arts Center
  • Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum
  • Aizuwakamatsu Castle
  • Aomori Museum of Art
  • Arai Barrier
  • Asahi beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art
  • Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture
  • Asama Volcano Museum
  • Aso Volcano Museum
  • Asuka Historical Museum
  • Awa Odori Kaikan
  • Bandai Museum
  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Money Museum
  • Bansei Tokkō Peace Museum
  • Bizen Traditional Industry Hall, located in Imbe Station
  • Chiba Museum of Science and Industry
  • Chichu Art Museum
  • Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots
  • Confucius Shrine, Nagasaki
  • Cormorant Fishing House
  • Domon Ken Photography Museum
  • Eizō & Tōichi Katō Memorial Art Museum
  • Electricity Museum, Nagoya
  • Enkū Museum
  • Fujita Art Museum
  • Fukuchiyama Castle
  • Fukui Fine Arts Museum
  • Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
  • Fukui Prefectural Museum of Cultural History
  • Fukuoka Art Museum
  • Fukuoka Oriental Ceramics Museum
  • Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Fukuromachi Elementary School Peace Museum
  • Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Gifu Castle
  • Gifu City Museum of History
  • Gifu City Science Museum
  • Glover Garden
  • Gorōyama kofun
  • Gunma Insect World
  • Hachigata Castle
  • Hakone Open-Air Museum
  • Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum
  • Hamamatsu Castle
  • Hara Model Railway Museum
  • Hayashibara Museum of Art
  • Heijō Palace
  • Hida Minzoku Mura Folk Village
  • Hijiri Museum
  • Hikaru Memorial Hall
  • Hikone Castle
  • Hirado Castle
  • Hiroshima Castle
  • Hiroshima Children's Museum
  • Hiroshima City Ebayama Museum of Meteorology
  • Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Hiroshima City Museum of History and Traditional Crafts
  • Hiroshima City Transportation Museum
  • Hiroshima Museum of Art
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
  • Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum
  • Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of History
  • Hoki Museum
  • Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens
  • Honda Collection Hall
  • Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum
  • Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History
  • Idemitsu Museum of Arts
  • Iga Ueno Castle
  • Iga-ryū Ninja Museum
  • Ino Paper Museum
  • International Design Center Nagoya
  • Inuyama Castle
  • Ishikawa Prefectural History Museum
  • Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts
  • Ishinomori Manga Museum
  • Iwasaki Castle
  • Iwate Museum of Art
  • Izumo Science Center
  • Japan Coast Guard Museum
  • Japan Coast Guard Museum Yokohama
  • Japan Spinning Top Museum
  • Japan Ukiyo-e Museum
  • Japanese battleship Mikasa
  • John Lennon Museum
  • Jōkyō Gimin Memorial Museum
  • Kaichi School Museum
  • Kaimei School
  • Kakegawa Castle
  • Kamakura Museum of Literature
  • Kamakura Museum of National Treasures
  • Kaminoyama Castle
  • Kanazawa Bunko
  • Kanazawa Phonograph Museum
  • Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum
  • Kanazawa Yuwaku Yumeji-kan Museum
  • Kanrantei
  • Karatsu Castle
  • Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art
  • Kawara Museum
  • Kawasaki Medical School
  • Kishiwada Castle
  • Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art
  • Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts
  • Kiyosu Castle
  • Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall
  • Kobe City Museum
  • Kobe City Museum of Literature
  • Kobe Maritime Museum
  • Kokura Castle
  • Koromo Castle
  • Kumamoto Prefectural Ancient Burial Mound Museum
  • Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Kurita Museum
  • Kururi Castle
  • Kyoto Art Center
  • Kyoto City History Museum
  • Kyoto International Manga Museum
  • Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
  • Kyoto Museum for World Peace
  • Kyoto National Museum
  • Kyushu Ceramic Museum
  • Kyushu Historical Museum
  • Kyushu National Museum
  • Kōchi Castle
  • Kōsan-ji
  • Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum
  • Lalique Museum Hakone
  • Liberty Osaka
  • Little World Museum of Man
  • Main article: List of museums in Tokyo
  • Maizuru Castle Park
  • Marugame Castle
  • Maruoka Castle
  • Masamura Pachinko Museum
  • Matsue Castle
  • Matsumoto Castle
  • Matsurokan
  • Matsushita Museum of Art
  • Meiji Mura
  • Miho Museum
  • Minakuchi Castle
  • Miyanomori Art Museum
  • Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum
  • Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Nature and History
  • MOA Museum of Art
  • Modern Transportation Museum
  • Mogami Yoshiaki Historical Museum
  • Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum
  • Morohashi Museum of Modern Art
  • Saisei Kinenkan Museum Wall
  • Museum of Ehime History and Culture
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu
  • Museum of Japanese Art
  • Museum of Modern Art, Toyama
  • Museum of the Meiji Restoration
  • Museum of Tin Toys
  • Nagahama Castle
  • Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
  • Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture
  • Nagoya Castle
  • Nagoya City Art Museum
  • Nagoya City Museum
  • Nagoya City Science Museum
  • Nagoya City Tram & Subway Museum
  • Nagoya Noh Theater
  • Nagoya / Boston Museum of Fine Arts
  • Nara National Museum
  • National Museum of Art, Osaka
  • National Museum of Ethnology (Japan)
  • National Museum of Japanese History
  • National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
  • Natsumi Temple complex
  • Nawa Insect Museum
  • Nihon Minka-en
  • Nippon Origami Museum
  • Nishio Castle
  • Nissan Engine Museum
  • Noritake Garden
  • Number Nine Research Laboratory
  • NYK Maritime Museum
  • Odawara Castle
  • Ohara Museum of Art
  • Okawa Museum of Art
  • Okayama Castle
  • Okayama Orient Museum
  • Okayama Prefectural Museum
  • Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Okayama Prefecture Bizen Ceramics Museum
  • Okazaki Castle
  • Okinawa Prefectural Museum
  • Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum
  • Osaka Castle
  • Osaka Contemporary Art Center
  • Osaka International Peace Center
  • Osaka Maritime Museum
  • Osaka Prefectural Chikatsu Asuka Museum
  • Osaka Science Museum
  • Picture Book Museum, Iwaki City
  • Pola Museum of Art
  • Railway Museum (Saitama)
  • Reimeikan, Kagoshima Prefectural Center for Historical Material
  • Ryozen Museum of History
  • Saga Castle
  • Saga Prefectural Museum
  • Prefectural Saga Nagoya Castle Museum
  • Sagawa Art Museum
  • Saikai Pearl Sea Resort
  • Saikū
  • Saitama Prefectural Museum of the Sakitama Ancient Burial Mounds
  • Saitō Garden (Ishinomaki)
  • Saka no Eu at the Kumo Museum
  • Sakai City Museum
  • Sakamoto Ryōma Memorial Museum
  • Sakuma Rail Park
  • Sand Museum
  • Sanuki Kokubun-ji
  • Sapporo Beer Museum
  • Satohama shell mound
  • Science Museum of Map and Survey
  • SCMaglev and Railway Park
  • Sekiyado Castle
  • Sen-oku Hakuko Kan
  • Sendai City Museum
  • Shijimizuka website
  • Shiki Memorial Museum
  • Shikoku Mura
  • Shimabara Castle
  • Shimane Art Museum
  • Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo
  • Shimonoseki City Archaeological Museum
  • Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum
  • Shiogama Jinja
  • Shōsōin
  • Siebold Memorial Museum
  • Solar Ark
  • Sunomata Castle
  • Syusaku Endo Literature Museum
  • Tahara Castle
  • Taiho Sumo Museum
  • Tanabe Art Museum
  • Taro Okamoto Museum of Art
  • Tateyama Castle
  • Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art, Ibaraki
  • The Museum of Art, Kōchi
  • The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma
  • The Tale of Genji Museum
  • Tochigi Prefectural Museum
  • Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts
  • Toi Gold Museum
  • Tokorozawa Aviation Museum
  • Tokugawa Art Museum
  • Tokushima Prefectural Museum
  • Tomimoto Kenkichi Memorial Museum
  • Tosa Yamauchi Family Treasury and Archives
  • Toshiba Science Institute
  • Tottori City Historical Museum
  • Tottori Folk Crafts Museum
  • Tottori Nijisseiki Pear Museum
  • Tottori Prefectural Museum
  • Toyama Castle
  • Toyohashi City Museum Art and History
  • Toyoma Education Museum
  • Toyota Automobile Museum
  • Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
  • Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
  • Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum and Monument
  • Tōhoku History Museum
  • Uehara Museum of Modern Art
  • Uenohara website
  • Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum
  • Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park
  • Utsunomiya Museum of Art
  • Wakayama Castle
  • Wakayama Prefectural Museum
  • Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum
  • Yamagata Prefectural Museum
  • Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum
  • Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Yamanashi Science Museum
  • Yamate Museum
  • Yamato Museum
  • Yokohama Archives of History
  • Yokohama Customs Museum
  • Yokohama History Museum
  • Yokohama Museum of Art
  • Yokohama Port Museum
  • Yokohama Science Center
  • Yokohama Silk Museum
  • Yokosuka Castle
  • Yonago City Museum of Art
  • Yoshida Castle
  • Yoshinogari site
  • Yumeji Art Museum
  • Zuihōden
  • Ōgaki Castle
  • Ōita Prefectural Museum of History
  • Ōkōchi Sansō
  • Ōta-juku Nakasendō Museum
  • Ōtaki Castle (Chiba)
  • Ukatsuka Museum of Art
  • Ōzu Castle