Japanese sandwiches

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Sandwich (サンドイッチ) or sando (サンド) is a type of food that consists of two pieces of bread between which is placed ham, cheese, meat and any other ingredient of your choice. The Japanese have a wonderful way of doing this, they manage to transform this foreign food for the Japanese palate, making sandwiches that we never imagined.

Japanese bread is mostly white, incredibly soft and without crusts. The coverage and combinations of ingredients found in Japanese sandwiches range from the simplest to the most exotic.

In Japan we have a variety of sandwiches that are sold in restaurants, and large chains like Subway, Quiznos, McDonald. In addition several konbini (convenience stores) usually sell ready-made sandwiches in plastic packaging. In addition to the traditional sandwiches we know of ham, egg, mozzarella, hamburger and tuna, there are several other different flavors that we will analyze below:


Savory Sandwiches

Soseji Pan - A sausage sandwich very popular in Japan. The bread and sausage are baked together but it is eaten cold.

Kobe beef - Sandwich made with steak of the Tajima strain of the wagyu cattle. A very juicy and famous meat with a very salty price.


Yakisoba Pan - It is very common and loved by mutos, a sandwich stuffed with yakisoba. They can be found chilled in konbini (convenience stores) or hot and fresh on the street.


Spaghetti sandwich - Sandwich with a Neapolitan sauce, cheese and macaroni.

Mentaiko Sando - Mentaiko is a popular filling made from raw Pollock or cod roe marinated in a cold sauce that has an incredibly strong flavor.

Katsu Sando - A sandwich made with tonkatsu sauce or with own which is a fried and breaded pork chop. Katsu Sando is among the most expensive Japanese sandwiches. And it is often served in a box to make it look more chic.


Korokke - This sandwich is made from a Japanese dish inspired by French croquettes. Korokke is made by mixing cooked minced meat, seafood or vegetables with mashed potatoes or white sauce.

Ebi Furai Sando - Ebi Furai are breaded and fried shrimp.




Sweet Sandwiches

Peanut butter - Unlike peanut butter which is very famous in America, peanut butter looks more like whipped cream and is a very different experience.

Fruit sandwich - It is not very popular but there are. A sandwich made with assorted fruits and sweet cream.

Ichigo Sando - The idea is the same as the fruit sandwich, but it is made with strawberries and is quite popular in the strawberry season.

Dorayaki - They are sandwiches made with 2 slices of sweet pancakes, stuffed with red beans. It can be stuffed with something else, like nutella. 

Kit Kat sandwich - A fast food chain in Japan has created a sandwich consisting of 2 slices of bread, a kat kit and candied orange pieces. It's normal to put a chocolate bar inside the bread in Japan, Delish!

Cream sandwiches - It is quite logical that sweet sandwiches have creams, jellies, chocolates and sweets. But have you ever seen Teri-vani's terayaki sauce with vanilla cream?

Sanduiches doces


Of course, we don't mention even a third of the sandwiches that exist in Japan. Not to mention the countless types of bread that are stuffed that don't fall into the sandwich category like nikuman. You can get to know some of these breads by reading this article by clicking here.