List of Japanese verbs for English/English

In this article, we will present a large list of classified Japanese verbs, and their meanings in English and English. It is not always easy to understand the literal translation of a Japanese verb, so we will keep the meaning in English for those who are fluent in this language.

The verbs in the table are classified into Godan and Ichidan.

  1. Godan - Verbs ending in -u preceded by k, s, t, n, m, g or B, or by a vowel that is not and;
  2. Ichidan - Verbs ending in eru and iru, also include irregular verbs;

List of Japanese verbs

The table below has not been completely revised in English, it was literally translated from English, and some words did not become verbs, or it is not a verb in English. Just imagine such a word as a verb. With time when I study and review this table I will improve it.

Romaji Verb Hiragana verb in English English Verb Class
nonoshiru ののしる verbal abuse, curse verbally abuse, curse 1
takeru たける act violently act violently 1
tasu 足す たす add add 1
kuwaeru 加える くわえる add, include add to, include 2
mitomeru 認める みとめる admit, acknowledge admit, recognize 2
kotaeru 答える こたえる answer answer 2
tsuku 着く つく to arrive arrive 1
kokorozasu 志す こころざす aspire aspire to 1
osou 襲う おそう attack attack 1
haberu 侍る to participate in attend on 1
medatsu 目立つ めだつ attract attention, stand out attract attention, stand out 1
sakeru 避ける さける avoid, dodge avoid, dodge 2
yaku 焼く roasting, grilling bake, grill 1
kinjiru 禁じる きんじる prohibition, forbid ban, prohibit 2
abiru 浴びる あびる take a shower, take a shower bathe, take a shower 2
iru 居る いる be be 2
dekiru 出来る できる be capable be able 2
fukeru ふける be absorbed in be absorbed in 1
ikiru 生きる いきる be alive be alive 2
kikoeru 聞こえる きこえる be audible, able to hear be audible, able to hear 2
motozuku 基づく もとづく base be based on 1
kuramu 眩む くらむ be blind, get dizzy be blinded, get dizzy 1
umareru 生まれる うまれる born be born 2
oreru 折れる おれる be broken, pressure be broken, snap 2
kogeru 焦げる こげる burnt, charred be burned, charred 2
naoru 治る なおる be healed be cured, healed 1
kimaru 決まる きまる be decided, agreed be decided, agreed upon 1
makeru 負ける まける be defeated, lose a game be defeated, lose a game 2
kotonaru 異なる ことなる be different from be different from 1
chigau 違う ちがう be different, wrong be different, wrong 1
tariru 足りる たりる be enough be enough, suffient 2
mitsukaru 見つかる みつかる be found be found 1
tamagiru たまぎる feel scared be frightened 1
yorokobu 喜ぶ be happy, satisfied be glad, pleased 1
aburagiru 脂ぎる be greasy be greasy 1
aseru 焦る あせる be in a hurry, panic be in a hurry, panic 1
komaru 困る こまる Being in trouble be in trouble 1
okureru 遅れる おくれる be late, stay behind be late, lag behind 2
namakeru 怠ける なまける be lazy be lazy 2
nakunaru 無くなる なくなる be missing, disappear be missing, vanish 1
butch 間違う まちがう be wrong, make a mistake be mistaken, make a mistake 1
majiru 混じる まじる be mixed, if mixed with, join be mixed, get mingled with, join 1
tsugu 次ぐ つぐ be next be next 1
kutsugaeru 覆る くつがえる be canceled, capsize be overturned 1
kasanaru 重なる かさなる be stacked, the overlap be piled up, overlap 1
moteru もてる be popular be popular 2
mokaru 儲かる もうかる be profitable, make money be profitable, make money 1
mayou 迷う まよう be confused be puzzled 1
kanashimu 悲しむ かなしむ be sad, cry be sad, grieve 1
tamaru たまる be saved, accumulated be saved, accumulated 1
numeru ぬめる be slippery be slippery 1
bibiru びびる be surprised be suprised 1
odoroku 驚く おどろく be surprised, amazed be suprised, amazed 1
mieru 見える みえる be visible, able to see be visible, able to see 2
otoru 劣る おとる be worse than, lower than be worse than, inferior to 1
uramu うらむ hold a grudge bear a grudge 1
naru なる become become 1
kasumu 霞む かすむ become cloudy and cloudy become blurred, hazy 1
komu 込む こむ became full become crowded 1
shikeru しける become damp become damp 1
kageru become dark become dark 1
kawaku 乾く かわく become dry become dry 1
suku 空く すく become empty, without agglomeration become empty, uncrowded 1
katamaru 固まる かたまる become difficult, bunch become hard, bunch up 1
itamu 痛む いたむ become injured, damaged become hurt, damaged 1
kishiru misty become misty 1
hayaru 流行る はやる become popular become popular 1
tsuyomaru 強まる つよまる Become stronger become stronger 1
ikiru sensual become become sultry 1
nureru 濡れる ぬれる get wet become wet 2
hajimeru 始める はじめる start begin 2
hajimaru 始まる はじまる start begin 1
shinjiru 信じる しんじる believe, trust believe, trust 2
mikubiru belittle, despise belittle despise 1
hineru 捻る ひねる bend, twist bend, twist 1
mageru 曲げる まげる bend, twist bend, twist 2
kamu 噛む かむ bite bite 1
saku 咲く さく flourish bloom 1
fuku 吹く ふく blow, clean blow, wipe 1
noru 乗る のる board, ride on board, ride on 1
ibaru 威張る いばる ostentation boast 1
tagiru boil boil, seethe 1
kariru 借りる かりる borrow, rent borrow, rent 2
kowareru 壊れる こわれる pause break 2
kireru 切れる きれる break, cut, expire break, cut off, exhale 2
yabureru break, lose, be beaten break, lose, be beaten 2
sodateru 育てる そだてる raising a child, training bring up a child, train 2
yomigaeru brought back to life, refreshed brought back to life, refreshed 1
tateru 立てる たてる ramp up build 2
yakeru 焼ける やける burn burn 2
kau 買う かう purchase buy 1
yobu 呼ぶ よぶ turn on call 1
kamau 構う かまう care mind care about, mind 1
hakobu 運ぶ はこぶ carry carry 1
katsugu 担ぐ かつぐ carry on the shoulders of carry on one’s shoulders 1
hasamu 挟む はさむ capture and hold (between two things) catch, hold (between two things) 1
iwau 祝う いわう celebrate, congratulate celebrate, congratulate 1
kawaru 変わる かわる change change 1
kaeru 変える change change 2
or 追う おう chase, car chase, drive away 1
shaberu 喋る しゃべる gossiping chatter 1
daberu gossiping chatter 1
shiraberu 調べる しらべる check, investigate check, investigate 2
erabu 選ぶ choose, select choose, select 1
kuichigau 食い違う くいちがう confrontation, disagree clash, disagree 1
hareru 晴れる はれる clean, tidy clear up, tidy up 2
noboru 登る のぼる climb climb 1
shimaru 閉まる しまる close, be closed close, be closed 1
kuzureru 崩れる くずれる collapse cave collapse, cave in 2
kuru 来る くる come over eats 1
toreru 取れる とれる get out eat off 2
hazureru 外れる はずれる go out, go wide come off, go wide 2
hodokeru 解ける ほどける come untied, loose come untied, loose 2
mairu 参る まいる come / go (humble) come / go (humble) 1
nagusameru 慰める なぐさめる comfort, console comfort, console 2
iitsukeru 言いつける いいつける to command command 2
kayou 通う かよう commute commute 1
kuraberu 比べる くらべる to compare compare 2
seru to compete competes 1
korasu 凝らす こらす focused concentrate 1
tsunagu turn on, press connect, fasten 1
tsuzuku 続く つづく continue, follow continue, follow 1
tsuzukeru 続ける つづける continue, proceed continue, proceed 2
hiyasu 冷やす ひやす cool, refridgerate cool, refridgerate 1
kazoeru 数える かぞえる score count 2
wataru 渡る わたる to cross cross 1
kosu 越す こす cross, pass, move on cross, pass, move ahead 1
kudaku 砕く くだく smash crush, smash 1
naku 鳴く なく cry cry 1
kashiru curse curse 1
kiru 切る きる cut cut 1
odor 踊る おどる dance dance 1
omoikiru dare dare 1
kusaru 腐る くさる decay, go bad, be depressed decay, go bad, be depressed 1
itsuwaru 偽る いつわる cheat, lie deceive, lie 1
kimeru 決める decide, choose decide, choose 2
sadameru 定める さだめる decide, establish decide, establish 2
kazaru 飾る かざる decorate, display decorate, display 1
heru 減る decrease, reduce decrease, reduce 1
makasu 負かす まかす defeat defeat 1
tayoru depends on depend on 1
yoru depend on, rely on depend on, be based on 1
iiarawasu 言い表す いいあらわす to describe describe 1
kuzusu 崩す くずす destroy, break destroy, break down 1
horobosu 滅ぼす ほろぼす destroy, ruin destroy, ruin 1
shinu 死ぬ しぬ die die 1
horu 掘る ほる dig dig 1
hanashiau 話し合う はなしあう to discuss Discuss 1
iyagaru 嫌がる いやがる dislike, hate dislike, hate 1
waru split, break divide, break 1
wakeru split, separate divide, separate 2
yaru やる do, give do, give 1
suru する do do make 1
utagau doubt, suspect doubt, suspect 1
nomu 飲む のむ drink drink 1
kawakasu 乾かす かわかす dry dry 1
hosu 干す ほす dry air dry, air 1
taberu 食べる たべる eat eat 2
nijiru front edge edge forward 1
daku 抱く だく hug embrace, hug 1
hagemasu 励ます はげます to encourage encourage 1
owaru 終わる おわる end end 1
tanoshimu 楽しむ たのしむ enjoy, have fun enjoy, have fun 1
hairu 入る はいる log in enter 1
sugureru 優れる すぐれる excel, be excellent, be superior excel, be excellent, be superior 2
torikaeru 取り換える とりかえる to exchange exchange 2
dasu 出す だす extract, take out extract, take out 1
mukau 向かう むかう face in turn / head in the direction face, turn / head toward 1
nemuru 眠る ねむる fall asleep fall asleep 1
korobu 転ぶ ころぶ fall fall down 1
taoreru 倒れる たおれる fall fall down, collapse 2
nomeru fall forward fall forward 1
furu 降る ふる fall from the sky fall from the sky 1
horeru 惚れる ほれる to-fall-in-love fall in love 2
sagaru 下がる さがる fall, drop, hang fall, drop, hang 1
ochiru 落ちる おちる fall, crash, go down fall, fail, go down 2
chiru 散る ちる fall, scatter fall, scatter 1
ochiiru falling sink fall, sink 1
ochiiru falling sink fall, sink 1
hiru expel (from the body) fart, expel (from body) 1
kowagaru 怖がる こわがる fear fear 1
osoreru 恐れる おそれる fear, whether in fear of fear, be in awe of 2
meiru feel depressed feel depressed 1
shizumu 沈む しずむ feel depressed, sink feel depressed, sink 1
kanjiru 感じる かんじる feel feel, sense 2
ijiru deal with fiddle with 1
tatakau fight against fight against, struggle against 1
mitsukeru 見つける みつける meet find 2
katazukeru 片付ける かたづける finish, tidy up finish, tidy up 2
tsuru 釣る つる fish fish 1
omoneru flatter flatter 1
ukabu float, come to mind float, come to mind 1
nagareru 流れる ながれる flow, be called off flow, be called off 2
hoteru flush, feel hot flush, feel hot 1
tatamu 畳む たたむ fold fold 1
wasureru 忘れる わすれる forget forget 2
yurusu forgive, allow, approve forgive, allow, approve 1
narabu 並ぶ ならぶ form a line, equal form a line, equal 1
atsumaru 集まる あつまる collect, gather gather, assemble 1
atsumeru 集める あつめる gather, collect gather, collect 2
aogu 仰ぐ あおぐ look up, respect, fan of yourself gauze, look up, respect, fan oneself 1
eru 得る える get get 2
okoru 怒る おこる get angry get angry 1
kikaeru 着換える きかえる change get changed 2
kumoru 曇る くもる be cloudy get cloudy 1
you get drunk, sick sea get drunk, sea sick 1
koeru こえる get fat, grow fertile / cross over, exceed get fat, grow fertile / cross over, exceed 2
futoru 太る ふとる put on, put on get fat, put on weight 1
oriru 降りる おりる go out, go down get off, go down 2
tsukareru 疲れる つかれる Get tired get tired 2
okiru 起きる おきる stand-up get up 2
najimu 馴染む なじむ get used to, adapt to get used to, adapt to 1
nareru 慣れる なれる get used to, get acquainted with get used to, become familiar with 2
atatamaru 暖まる あたたまる warm up, warm up get warm up 1
ageru あげる あげる to give give 2
kureru 呉れる くれる give (the donor is not the speaker) give (the giver is not the speaker) 2
kaesu 返す かえす turn around, return (something to someone) give back, return (something to someone) 1
niramu 睨む にらむ shine on, keep an eye on glare at, keep an eye on 1
kajiru 齧る かじる gnaw, nibble gnaw, nibble 2
iku 行く いく go go 1
susumu 進む すすむ go forward, move forward go forward, advance 1
kuruu 狂う くるう go crazy, be out of order go mad, be out of order 1
deru 出る でる skirt go out 2
dekakeru 出かける でかける leave home go out, leave home 2
mawaru 回る まわる go round go round 1
grabbed 上がる あがる go up, go up go up, rise 1
kujiru gouge harvest gouge scoop 1
kojiru gouge, key gouge, wrench 1
nigiru 握る にぎる squeeze grasp 1
tsukamu grip grab grasp, grab 1
mukaeru 迎える むかえる greet, meet, welcome greet, meet, welcome 2
kubiru grip, strangle grip, strangle 1
kureru 暮れる くれる darken (sunset) grow dark (sunset) 2
shizumaru 静まる しずまる grow quiet grow quiet 1
shigeru grow thick grow thick 1
sodatsu 育つ そだつ grow, be raised grow up, be raised 1
guchiru grumble grumble 1
tobashiru gush gush 1
hotobashiru gush spurts gush, spurt 1
watasu 渡す わたす deliver hand over 1
kakeru かける way, sit, phone, risk hang, sit, telephone, risk 2
aru 有る ある have, there are have, exist 1
motsu 持つ もつ have, possess have, hold, own 1
tasukeru 助ける たすける help help 2
tetsudau 手伝う てつだう help help 1
kakureru 隠れる かくれる hide (yourself) hide (oneself) 1
kakusu 隠す かくす hide (something) hide (something) 1
samatageru 妨げる さまたげる prevent, obstruct hinder, obstruct 2
honomekasu 仄めかす ほのめかす suggestion hint 1
yatou hire hire, employ 1
butsukeru ぶつける hit against, play on hit against, throw at 2
butsukaru ぶつかる crash, shock hit, collide with, clash 1
utsu hit, shoot hit, shoot 1
kakaeru 抱える かかえる hold (in your arms), have hold (in your arms), have 2
herikudaru humiliate humble oneself 1
isogu 急ぐ いそぐ hurry hurry 1
fueru 増える ふえる increase increase 2
shimesu 示す しめす indicate, point indicate, point out 1
kurushimeru 苦しませる くるしませる inflict pain, torment inflict pain, torment 2
suu 吸う すう inhale, sip, smoke inhale, sip, smoke 1
maneku 招く まねく invite, wave to invite, beckon to 1
sasou 誘う さそう invite, seduce invite, tempt 1
yajiru to mock jeer at 1
tobu 飛ぶ とぶ jump, fly jump, fly 1
kau 飼う かう hold (a pet), raise, rear Keep (a pet), raise, rear 1
keru 蹴る ける kick kick 1
korosu 殺す ころす kill kill 1
shiru 知る しる to know know 1
warau 笑う わらう laugh laugh 1
fuseru 伏せる ふせる lay on his stomach lay face down 2
tsureru 連れる つれる drive lead 2
morasu 漏らす もらす leak, disclose leak, disclose 1
moreru 漏れる もれる escape leak, escape 2
katamuku 傾く かたむく lean towards, tilt lean towards, tilt 1
narau 習う learn learn 1
manabu 学ぶ まなぶ learn, study learn, study 1
nokosu 残す のこす leave behind, save leave behind, save 1
nokoru 残る のこる left over, remain left over, remain 1
kasu 貸す かす lend legend 1
nameru 舐める なめる lick lick 2
fuseru 臥せる ふせる to lay lie down 1
sovereign lie sprawled lie sprawled 1
konomu 好む このむ to like like 1
kagiru 限る かぎる limit limit 1
naraberu 並べる ならべる line up, list, arrange in order line up, list, arrange in order 2
kiku 聞く きく hear listen 1
kurasu 暮らす くらす to live live 1
sumu 住む すむ live, reside live, resides 1
miru 見る みる Look look 2
minasu 見做す みなす look, consider look upon, consider 1
yaseru lose weight, lose weight lose weight, get thin 2
otosu 落とす おとす lose, fall lose, drop 1
ushinau 失う lose, play with lose, part with 1
nakusu 無くす なくす lose, remove lose, remove 1
kawaigaru 可愛がる かわいがる love, be affectionate, tender love, be affectionate, tender 1
sageru 下げる さげる bottom, hang lower hang 2
machigaeru 間違える まちがえる make a mistake make a mistake 2
sawagu 騒ぐ さわぐ make a noise, be turbulent make a noise, be rowdy 1
karakau からかう make fun of, game jokes make fun of, play jokes on 1
koshiraeru 拵える こしらえる make manufacture make manufacture 2
kasegu 稼ぐ かせぐ make money, make a living make money, earn a living 1
tsukuru 作る つくる make, build, create make, build, create 1
au 合う あう game fit match, fit 1
jukusu 熟す じゅくす mature, ripen mature, ripen 1
hakaru measure, the plan, the plot measure, plan, plot 1
au 会う あう See more meet 1
tokeru melt, dissolve, come untied melt, dissolve, eat untied 2
dojiru どじる mess up mess up 1
mazeru 混ぜる まぜる mix mix 2
ugoku 動く うごく to move move 1
ugokasu move, operate move, operate 1
tochiru Muff lines muff lines 1
iru 要る いる need need 1
shiraseru 知らせる しらせる notify notify 2
okoru 起こる おこる occur, happen occur, happen 1
akeru 開ける あける Open open 2
aku 開く あく open, became vacant open, become vacant 1
hiraku 開く ひらく open, hold (an event, party etc) open, hold (an event, party etc) 1
minagiru overflow overflow 1
minogasu 見逃す みのがす ignore, let go overlook, let pass 1
taosu 倒す たおす knock down, knock down overthrow, knock down 1
nuru 塗る ぬる painting paint 1
awateru 慌てる あわてる panic, be disturbed panic, be flustered 2
mojiru parody, twist parody twist 1
wakareru 別れる わかれる part, separated, be divided, divorced part, separate from, be divided, divorced 2
yogiru goes through a fall, pass by, drop in 1
heru 減る へる pass pass through, go by 2
suggested 過ぎる すぎる pass, overtake pass, exceed 2
harau 払う payment pay 1
horobiru 滅びる ほろびる perish perish 1
kudoku 口説く くどく persuade, make advances (for a woman) persuade, make advances (to a woman) 1
sebiru pester for pester for 1
utsusu photography, copy, reflect photograph, copy, reflect 1
hirou 拾う ひろう catch, find pick up, find 1
hojiru pick, dig up pick, dig out 1
seseru catch, play with pick, play with 1
tsumoru accumulate pile up, accumulate 1
kasaneru 重ねる かさねる pile up, repeat pile up, repeat 2
tsumeru pinch pinch 1
tsuneru pinch pinch 1
kuwadateru 企てる くわだてる plan, scheme plan, scheme 2
ueru to plant plant 2
asobu 遊ぶ あそぶ Touch play 1
hiku 弾く ひく play (string instrument) play (string instrument) 1
chigiru pledge pledge 1
takuramu 企む たくらむ batch layout plot, scheme 1
mushiru Pluck, pick, tear pluck, pick, loom 1
sasu 刺す さす aim, sting, stab point out, sting, stab 1
migaku 磨く みがく Polish polish 1
omoiiru ponder, contemplate ponder, contemplate 1
nobasu のばす postpone, extend postpone, extend 1
nagasu 流がす ながす pour, let it flow pour, let flow 1
homeru 褒める ほめる praise praise 2
inoru 祈る いのる pray, wish pray, wish for 1
umu produce, give birth, lay eggs produce, give birth, lay eggs 1
mokeru 儲ける もうける profit, make money profit, make money 2
mamoru 守る まもる protect protect 1
kabau 庇う かばう protect, care protect, look after 1
hiku 引く ひく to pull pull 1
naguru 殴る なぐる punch, beat punch, hit 1
osu 押す おす push press push, press 1
shimau しまう Throw away put away 1
ireru 入れる いれる put in, let in put in, let in 2
noseru のせる put on top off, put on board put on top off, put on board 2
haku 履く はく put on, wear (on feet or legs - pants / shoes etc) put on, wear (on feet or legs - trousers / shoes etc) 1
oku 置く おく place put, place 1
kakageru 掲げる かかげる raise (the flag), take place raise (a flag), hold up 2
todoku 届く とどく reach reach 1
oyobu 及ぶ およぶ arrive, extend reach, extend to 1
yomu 読む よむ read read 1
najiru rebuke rebuke 1
uketoru receive, accept receive, accept 1
lived 貰う もらう receive, get receive, get 1
herasu 減らす へらす reduce, decrease reduce, decrease 1
kotowaru 断わる ことわる refuse refuse, decline 1
oshimu 惜しむ おしむ regret, be reluctant regret, be reluctant 1
oboeru 覚える おぼえる remember, learn remember, learn 2
nugu 脱ぐ ぬぐ to remove remove 1
hazusu 外す はずす remove, unscrew remove, unfasten 1
naosu 直す なおす repair, cure repair, cure 1
kurikaesu 繰り返す くりかえす repeat repeat 1
tanomu 頼む たのむ request, order, ask for favor request, order, ask favor 1
motomeru 求める もとめる order, search, buy, ask request, seek, buy, ask 2
sukuu 救う すくう rescue, save rescue, save 1
niru 似る にる resemble, be similar to resemble, be similar to 2
yasumu 休む やすむ rest, sleep rest, sleep 1
osaeru 抑える おさえる restrict, control restrain, control 2
kaeru 帰る かえる Returns return 1
modoru 戻る もどる come back, come back return, go back 1
ways 戻す もどす come back, put it back, vomit return, put back, vomit 1
azakeru ridiculous ridicule 1
minoru 実る みのる ripen, bear fruit ripen, bear fruit 1
hashiru 走る はしる run run 1
nigeru 逃げる にげる run away, escape run away, escape 2
kakeru かける run, gallop run, canter, gallop 1
takuwaeru 蓄える たくわえる save money, put away, shop save money, put aside, store 2
tameru ためる save, store, accumulate save, store, accumulate 2
iu 言う いう tell say 1
shikaru 叱る しかる swear, tell-off scold, tell off 1
sagasu 探す さがす search for search for 1
uru 売る うる sell sell 1
okuru 送る おくる send, see off send, see off 1
kizuku 気付く きづく sense, perceive, warning sense, realize, notice 1
hanareru 離れる はなれる separate from, let separate from, leave 1
have u shine shine 1
hikaru 光る ひかる shine shine, glitter 1
kagayaku 輝く かがやく shine, spark shine, sparkle 1
miseru 見せる みせる exposure show 2
shimeru 閉める しめる close shut 2
utau 歌う うたう sing sing 1
suwaru 座る すわる to sit sit 1
koshikakeru 腰掛ける こしかける sit (western style) sit in (western style) 2
soshiru slander slander 1
neru 寝る ねる sleep, go to bed sleep, go to bed 2
suberu 滑る すべる slide slip 1
kowasu 壊す こわす smash smash 1
nuru 塗る ぬる smear of smear on 1
toku resolve, untie solve, untie 1
hanasu 話す はなす speak speak 1
kobosu こぼす pour spill 1
koboreru こぼれる spill, burst spill, overflow 2
iifurasu 言いふらす いいふらす spread a rumor / story spread a rumour / story 1
shiku 敷く しく spread out, lay down spread out, lay 1
hiromaru 広まる ひろまる spread, have become popular spread, become popular 1
hiromeru 広める ひろめる spread, make popular spread, make popular 2
ganbaru 頑張る がんばる stay strong, try your best stand firm, try your best 1
miharu 見張る みはる stand guard, keep watch stand guard, keep lookout 1
kamaeru 構える かまえる to be prepared stand prepared 2
tatsu 立つ stand-up stand up 1
nusumu 盗む ぬすむ to steal steal 1
fumu 踏む ふむ to step step on 1
haru 張る はる stick, put something on stick, put something on 1
took 止まる とまる stop stop 1
damaru 黙る だまる stop talking stop talking 1
tomeru 止める とめる stop, tighten stop, fasten 2
yameru 止める やめる stop, give up, resign stop, give up, resign 2
tsuyomeru 強める つよめる strengthen strengthen 2
katameru 固める かためる strengthen, harden strengthen, harden 2
hagemu 励む はげむ strive, make every effort strive, make every effort 1
kurushimu 苦しむ くるしむ to suffer suffer 1
iidasu 言い出す いいだす We suggest, start talking suggest, start talking 1
kanau 適う かなう suit in accordance with suit, conform to 1
sasaeru 支える ささえる support support 2
kakomu 囲む かこむ surround, place surround, enclose 1
oyogu 泳ぐ およぐ swim swim 1
hikiukeru 引き受ける ひきうける take charge of take charge of 2
nugu 脱ぐ ぬぐ take off, remove (shoes, clothes) take off, remove (shoes, clothes) 1
kakawaru 関わる かかわる participate, affect take part in, affect 1
kakaru 掛かる かかる take, start, be hung take, begin, be hanging 1
toru 取る とる take, steal take, steal 1
iikaesu 言い換える いいかえる speak back, retort talk back, retort 1
oshieru 教える teach, show teach, show 2
yaburu tear, break, defeat tear, break, defeat 1
hiyakasu 冷やかす ひやかす tease, make fun of tease, make fun of 1
imashimeru 戒める いましめる tell-off, caution tell off, caution 2
neru temper, refine kneed temper, refine, kneed 1
tamesu 試す ためす test, try, taste test, try, taste 1
omou 思う おもう think think 1
kangaeru 考える かんがえる think think 2
omoitsuku 思いつく Think / enter your mind Think of / come into your mind 1
suteru 捨てる すてる throw away throw away 2
nageru 投げる なげる throw away throw away 2
shibaru 縛る しばる tie, bond tie up, bind 1
musubu 結ぶ むすぶ tie, knot, make a contract tie, knot, make a contract 1
sodateru 育てる そだてる to the rear, to raise to rear, to bring up 2
uwamawaru top, exceed top, exceed 1
ijimeru 虐める いじめる torment, intimidation torment, bully 2
ibiru torment, roasted torment, roast 1
fureru 触れる ふれる touch touch 2
sawaru 触る さわる touch or feel (with hands) touch or feel (with hands) 1
norikaeru 乗り換える のりかえる Traffic transit 2
yokogiru pass through traverse 1
damasu 騙す だます trick trick 1
kesu 消す けす turn off, delete turn off, erase 1
tsukeru 点ける つける Turn the light on turn on, light 2
hirugaeru turn wave turn over, wave 1
magaru 曲がる まがる in turn, fold turn, bend 1
nejiru 捩じる twist twist 1
yojiru twist, distort twist, distort 1
wakaru 分かる わかる I understand understand 1
uneru ripple undulate 1
kumu 組む くむ unite, all together unite, put together 1
hodoku 解く ほどく untie untie 1
tsukau 使う つかう use, operate use, operate 1
kieru 消える きえる disappear, leave, be extinguished vanish, go out, be extinguished 2
matsu 待つ まつ wait wait 1
okosu 起こす おこす wake (someone) up wake (somebody) up 1
aruku 歩く あるく walk walk 1
hoshigaru 欲しがる ほしがる want, wish want, desire 1
wow 洗う あらう to wash wash 1
nagameru 眺める ながめる clock view watch, view 2
kiru 着る きる dress wear 2
kaburu 被る かぶる use (on your head), put on wear (on your head), put on 1
katsu 勝つ win win 1
kareru 枯れる かれる wither wither 2
hataraku 働く はたらく job work 1
tsutomeru 勤める つとめる work for work for 2
kizukau 気遣う きづかう worry, consider worry about, consider 1
matsuru 祀る まつる worship worship 1
kizutsukeru 傷つける きずつける wound, damage wound, damage, harm 2
tsutsumu 包む つつむ package wrap 1
mogiru take wrench 1
sujiru wiggle wriggle 1
kaku 書く かく write write 1

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