Tsunoshima Island and the most beautiful bridge in Japan

Tsunoshima (角島) is a beautiful island located in southern Japan, in Yamaguchi province. The name Tsunoshima literally means Horn Island, for the cattle breeding in the region and the shape of 2 horns that the island has. On the island you will find a beautiful hill all grassed with a small herd.

The island is full of paradisiacal landscapes, parks, fishing villages, beaches, camps and a beautiful lighthouse. But another thing that draws a lot of attention is a beautiful bridge that gives access to the island. The crystal clear waters of Tsunoshima beaches attract thousands of tourists, surfers and divers who are enchanted by the beauty of the island.

Tsunoshima island is the most beautiful bridge in japan

Ohashi - The Tsunoshima Bridge

To reach this small island of about 4 km², and with approximately one thousand inhabitants, you have to cross the most beautiful bridge in Japan. The bridge is called ohashi and is about 1,780 meters long, and connects the city of Houhoku with Tsunoshima. The bridge spent 15 billion yen and opened in 2000.

The ohashi bridge is one of the longest bridges in Japan, the bridge spans a cobalt blue sea and makes a gentle arc around a small island called Hatoshima. The bridge offering spectacular views, where there are several TV commercials and other productions.

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Sights of Tsunoshima

The Tsunoshima Lighthouse - Another great attraction of this beautiful island is a lighthouse that was built on March 1, 1876, the last lighthouse made by the father of Japanese lighthouses, the British Richard Henry Burton. The lighthouse is made of stone and is 43 meters high. Next to the lighthouse there is a museum where you can learn about the history of Japanese lighthouses.


Next to the lighthouse there is a beautiful park with a large flower garden that leads to the island's coast. The island also has some exotic and bright plants and flowers, beautiful fields and rocks to sit and watch the sunset.

Next to the parking lot you can visit the fishing village, and take a short walk around the island by renting a bicycle. Finally, we will leave a video showing the beauty of the island.

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