Kakigori – かき氷 – Japanese Scratch Card

Kakigori - かき氷 - Japanese shaved ice

Kakigori (かき氷) is a shaved ice dessert that is very popular at beaches, festivals, events and cafes in summer. It is also common for families in Japan to have an ice pick and make homemade Kakigori.

Most Kakigori are sweetened with colored sugar syrups and condensed milk. In rare cases, it is seasoned with traditional ingredients such as kinako (Toasted and ground wholemeal soy flour) or anko (Sweet paste, made from red beans, or adzuki). It's the kind of dessert that hasn't changed much over the past 50 years and has a certain nostalgic feel to it. The flavors are endless, there are fruit, sweet and even colorless syrups.

Kakigori - かき氷 - Japanese shaved iceThe Origin of Kakigori

Even in the Heian period, around the 11th century, there was the Kakigori. At that time, ice was scraped with a knife into a metal bowl and consumed with syrup and syrups of various flavors. At this time, the Kakigori it was considered a luxury dessert, as it was made with ice from the mountains.

During the Meiji period, around the 19th century, the kakigori began to be more accessible to the public, with an even higher price, as part of the ice was imported from the United States. Until a food entrepreneur, Kahe Nakagawa, brought ice from Hokkaido to Yokohama.

In 1872, he opened the first kakigori in the area of Bashamichi in Kanagawa. The ice crushing machine was only invented around 1930. Thanks to this invention the Kakigori became one of Japan's most popular desserts.


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