Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san – Review and Trivia

Ijiranaid, Nagatoro-san (イジらないで) means “Don't play with me, Miss Nagatoro”, also known as 774. This is a Japanese webmanga, written and illustrated by Nanashi. The webmanga started airing in November 2017 on Magazine Poket (webmanga app). The webmanga started to be produced by Telecom Animation Film and had its first season on the air from April to July 2021.

Webmangas are works produced for the internet without profit, generally these works are produced by anonymous people. The webmangas are usually posted on anime forums, there those interested can comment, debate and chat about the manga released over there.

This practice began in the 2000s with the so-called fanfics or unofficial stories from anime and manga already existing. One example is Dragon Ball NX, which is an unofficial continuation of the saga, created by fans. But currently it is possible to release original stories that are attractive to the public, as is the case with Nagatoro.

Nagatoro - ijiranaide, nagatoro-san

Nagatoro plot

The adapted anime is a mix of romance and comedy. The protagonist Hayase Nagatoro practices bullying with Senpai (not her real name, but that's what Nagatoro calls him), she's a freshman high school girl. She actually secretly harbors feelings for Senpai.

Senpai, on the other hand, is a shy boy who avoids any social contact with other people as much as possible. He is a lonely boy and not even his family is mentioned. Senpai despite being the complete opposite of Nagatoro, he ends up getting involved and getting used to her games and even becoming friends.

Nagatoro is popular at school, is part of the 'nice kids' group, member of the swim club, fights and is very athletic. Her friends are Gamo-chan, Yoshi and Sakura. Maki Gamou or Gamo-chan is a high school student and Nagatoro's best friend. Gamo-chan is a confident, popular, motivated and very aggressive girl and the leader of the 'nice guys' group.

Nagatoro - ijiranaide, nagatoro-san

She and Nagatoro are friends and rivals, and since she knows that Nagatoro likes Senpai she likes to tease him and play unique pranks to help their relationship. Sakura is another friend of Nagatoro's. She is sweet and kind, though quite seductive, who dresses in a gyaru style and is part of a 'cool kids' group, along with Gamo-chan, Yoshi and Nagatoro herself. She already tries to be friendly with Senpai.

Other characters that make up the main cast are: Yoshi, Sana Sunomiya. Yoshi is also a friend of Nagator's, but not part of "nice guys", but helps if necessary. She is a very simple character and more childish compared to other girls. She often mimics or repeats her friends' gestures or last words and follows Gamo-chan, helping with whatever scheme she has in mind, especially taunting Senpai.

Sana Sunomiya she is part of the high school crowd, she starts as the president of the art club which is also integrated by Senpai. She later becomes a college student. Sana's personality is more serious and responsible. And she has a bit of a grudge with the "nice guys" group.

The Ijiranaide anime, Nagatoro-san

Ijiranaid, Nagatoro-san started as a webmanga and became an anime. The creator of the anime, Nanashi, started publishing on November 1, 2017, but the first volume of the manga was only released in March 2018, but in digital version.

The television adaptation of the manga, anime, was in 2020. The series will be directed by Hirokazu Hanai, by the Telecom Animation Film studio, with Taku Kishimoto in the scripts, Misaki Suzuki in the character design and Gin in the music composition.

The premiere took place on April 11, 2021 on Tokyo MX and other channels. The first season has twelve episodes and ended on June 26, 2021. On October 23, 2021, during a special face-to-face event for the anime, it was announced the second season, no release date.

Nagatoro - ijiranaide, nagatoro-san

Trivia from Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san

1 - Early chapters have been criticized for Nagatoro's taunts, normalizing bullying. However, the artwork and character development were well received;

two - As of November 2019, the manga has sold over a million copies in Japan and surpassed 1.2 million in July 2020;

3 - The protagonists of the series were featured in a cameo in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War – Dōjin Edition;

4 - To promote sales of the Nagatoro manga in Japan, some women cosplayed the protagonist and distributed paper shakers to everyone who passed in front of the store. They drew a lot of attention from men who bought a lot of manga to know what it was about;

5 - Nagatoro's birthday is April Fools' Day;

6 - Nagatoro is Japanese, but she has a darker skin tone because of the swim club.

Have watched or felt like watching Ijiranaid, Nagatoro-san?

New Season of Nagatoro-San

As mentioned in this article, a Season Two of Nagatoro-San has been announced, but that was probably already in the plans, as many studios initially plan 24 episodes but split into split leather.

A possible certainty of Nagatoro-San's third season can only be said after analyzing how far Season Two will follow the manga and also its success in Japan.

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