4 ways to find rare manga

Among the many elements of Japanese culture that have conquered Brazilians, manga is among the main ones. Comic books from the land of the rising sun have their own characteristics that snatch legions of fans around the world, whether children, teenagers or adults.

The main manga of the moment and the best sellers of all time are easily found in Brazil: even the large bookstore chains and the most popular e-commerces have satisfactory collections. Therefore, if you are still a beginner in reading Japanese comics, you shouldn't have great difficulties with successful titles.

If you are already passionate about manga, however, the situation is complicated: finding rarer titles in Brazil is not easy and requires a long job of mining. We talked to some of the main collectors in the country and made a list of efficient solutions to search for not so accessible stories:

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1. Secondhand bookshops

The second-hand bookstores, sources of books, records and other used objects so popular in Brazilian cities, also have a good amount of manga. There are some, especially in metropolises, who even specialize in Japanese comic books.

Finding manga in second-hand bookstores is hard work, since many of these stores do not have an online collection. Some tools such as the Virtual Bookshelf, however, can be quite useful and even facilitate purchases in distant cities.

Discover 4 ways to find rare manga
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2. Market place type e-commerces

E-commerces that work with the “marketplace” system, that is, multiple sellers place their products in a catalog and sell them through a single website, are great options for those looking for rare manga.

This is because many merchants present on these platforms, such as Mercado Livre, Amazon and Shopee, specialize in just one type of product. It is common to find those who dedicate themselves only to manga or Japanese culture.

According to the editors of monederosmart.com website, specializing in product reviews, the growth of marketplaces during the pandemic caused even more niche sellers to adopt the platform, which was instrumental in increasing the number of rare manga available.

3. Online groups and communities

Participating in communities of people who are fans of the same things you are is still one of the best ways to find rare and desirable products.

Social networks like Facebook and Amino are full of specific communities for fans of Japanese culture. Being there and interacting often helps you meet people who have rare manga and be the first to know when they want to sell them!

Discover 4 ways to find rare manga

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4. Specialized websites

It is also possible to find some websites specialized in anime and manga that have their own stores. They usually have quite satisfactory collections and some rare titles. The most famous cases are Taverna Geek and Mirane Comics.

If the manga you are looking for is not available in any of the options we have mentioned, maybe looking abroad is the last possibility. Visiting Japan is not easy due to the high ticket prices, but it can be very rewarding for anyone who is a fan of the local culture!

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