Trivia and possible sequel to Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland (今際の国のアリス) is among one of the most watched series on Netflix, it had 95% approval. The series was based on a 2014 Japanese thriller manga, it was officially finished in 2016. The manga has 18 tankōbon volumes and 87 chapters, is illustrated by Haro Aso. In late 2020 the series directed by Shinsuke Satō made its Netflix debut.

The series has so far 1 season with 8 episodes. In the main cast are: Kento Yamazaki, Tao Tsuchiya and Nijiro Murakami. Alice in Borderland tells of a group of friends living in a parallel reality in which they are forced to participate in several games, whoever loses the game loses his life.

Alice in Borderland Original Trailer from Netflix


A gamer and two friends are transported to a parallel version of Tokyo, where they need to participate in several deadly games if they want to survive. The gamer is Arisu, he is considered a loser and a bum by his parents. He spends most of his time playing either on the video game or on his cell phone. Arisu has two friends who aren't too different from them. When being chased by the police they run to hide in a bathroom, but when they leave they realize that everything has disappeared. That's just them.

The trio are transported to a parallel world, they and their friends are given a quest to complete. Unfortunately he ends up losing one of his friends in the first game. Games are logical thinking. On their cell phone they receive the mission and the time they have to execute, the person dies if they lose the game or if they don't finish on time, giving up is not an option. No information is given on how the game should proceed so it's more by deduction.

Alice in Borderland - Alice in Borderland

As Arisu is well used to the gaming world he can unravel most. At each stage of the game, new players appear and some have more experience than others and sometimes participate to help in some way the execution. As the game goes through the phase, it becomes more and more difficult and with more painful deaths, the number of players will also increase and die simultaneously.


More survivors are found in a place called "Beach", there is a partnership with other players and they wear beach clothes all the time. But the struggle for survival speaks louder and at some point they start killing each other. At no point in the series does there appear to be a justification for the game's existence.

The story of each of the characters in Alice in Borderland is not very well known, but as the story unfolds, some moments of them in the past appear. Each game is in a different setting, so they feel inside the game. Players also have a very similar clothing and hairstyle when choosing avatars in games.

Alice in Borderland - Alice in Borderland

5 Alice in Borderland Trivia

1 – Alice in Broderland's reference is Alice in Wonderland. During games it is common to use cards to determine the level of difficulty of the game;

2 – The term “border” from Borderland, which in English means border, refers to the games being held, apparently, only in Tokyo, and their objective is to get out of there;

3 – Before turning series. Alice in Borderland became anime;

4 – 3 were produced OVA's (Original Video Animation) that present the story and the characters;


5 – The protagonist is called Ryouhei Arisu and the surname is a translation for Alice;

Alice in Borderland - Alice in Borderland
Alice in Borderland anime

Can we wait for season 2?

Alice in Borderland made its Netflix debut in late 2020 and so far hasn't been commented on a sequel. But but a season 2 update was released during Netflix Festival Japan 2021.

A preview was shown with an interview of the protagonists of what can be expected from the series for 2022, with no release date yet. Actors Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya, who play Arisu and Usagi, respectively, spoke of their characters and the long-awaited escape. They claim to be working hard to maintain the standard of the series. The video shows all Japanese series releases from Netflix. Alice in Borderland's starts at 8 min 15. See:


Kento Yamazaki

He is a 27-year-old Japanese actor and model, born in Itabashi in Tokyo. His career began in 2010. He participated in 13 dramas, including Death Note, and 17 more movies. Kento is managed by Stardust Promotion.

Tao Tsuchiya

She is an actress and model, 26 years old, from Tokyo. His career began when he was cast in the starring role of the asadora Tide, shown by NHK on March 30, 2015 after auditioning with more than 2,020 women. She has already collected 16 film appearances and 17 television appearances. Tao has two awards, both for the Rookie of the Year category, from the Japan Academy Prize and Elan d'or Awards. The actress has also participated in the music video of singer Sia, Alive (2016).

Alice in Borderland - Alice in Borderland

What did you think of the series? Have you managed to deduce the reason for the existence of the game?