Korean Course - Kyoto Institute - Review

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Looking for a complete online Korean course delivered by a professional institution? In this article we are going to do a complete analysis and review of the Kyoto Institute Korean Course.

Discover now a very cheap online Korean course with more than 200 lessons and 60 hours of exclusive content with a unique and innovative learning technique using mnemonics and elements of the Korean culture.

What is the Kyoto Institute? Who are?

Kyoto Institute is more than a language school, it is a cultural experience. Located in Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro (RJ) since 2019, they are always innovating and working to offer the best in language teaching.

With highly qualified teachers, successful agile methodologies and cutting-edge structure, they promise to make you truly learn any language available at the Institute.

They are a reference in teaching Asian languages such as Korean, Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese) and are always expanding their horizons to also offer courses in German, English and Spanish.

Japanese course - Kyoto Institute - review
Kyoto Institute courses

Kyoto Institute Methodology and Proposal

The main differential of the Kyoto Institute Korean Course is its exclusive and simplified content through mnemonics. The course consists of video lessons and PDF handouts and Student Support.

It's not just a traditional course, they also have a gamification and ranking system to encourage students to participate in the community and watch the video lessons and give feedback.

As it is a large institution with a large team of professors, you can be sure that your questions will be answered promptly.

When I contacted the course it was around 9 pm and they quickly responded Whatsapp (okay it wasn't Support, but it shows the dedication of working late hours).

There are countless advantages of online courses, I always readily say that online courses are the best way to study, and the material itself is perfect and very good, but remembering that it depends on your effort.

The Japanese Course is taught by Professor Ana Colonetti, who lived and studied in the city of Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan. She brings several of her experiences, in the practice of learning!

YouTube video

My Opinion About the Kyoto Institute Course

I recorded a video making an honest analysis about the sales page of the Kyoto Institute course that caught my attention because it was very different from other online courses.

I found it interesting that they didn't appeal to scarcity and force people to buy the product on impulse, it was the key factor that made it the course I most enjoy working on.

YouTube video

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How much does the Kyoto Institute Korean Course Cost?

The Kyoto Institute's Complete Japanese Course is one of the most comprehensive and accessible. while the others great online japanese courses internet costs over 2000 reais, the Kyoto Institute course costs less than 600 reais (479 at the moment), and you can still get discounts.

The course lasts for one year, so if you want to continue watching the course and following new content after one year, you will need to renew your subscription.

The course can still be paid in up to 12 installments on the card. You still get 10% off if you use the coupon SKDESU10 at course checkout.

Remembering that the course is distributed by the Eduzz platform, a super reliable platform that offers an unconditional 7-day guarantee straight through the Eduzz platform (similar to Hotmart).

Japanese course - Kyoto Institute - review
Japanese Course - Kyoto Institute - Review

Kyoto Institute Korean Course Content

While many online Japanese courses do not show what they are going to teach, Kyoto's Japanese course is transparent and shows all the content available so far.

The Course currently has 6 levels with more than 200 classes and also includes a community within the platform, a social community and a gamification system.

There are more than 60 hours of classes in addition to bonus courses such as a Japanese course with anime and manga and an E-Book of mind hacks to learn a new language.

In short, the course basically also offers:

  • Complete and updated video lessons;
  • Own educational material in PDF.
  • Application of knowledge in real situations.
  • Flexibility of an online course;
  • Contents divided into small modules;
  • Visual Mnemonics;

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