How to study and learn Japanese faster?


Do you want to be fluent in Japanese in a few years? Looking for a Guide to Learn Japanese Quickly? In this article, we will talk about learning Japanese, its speed and how to get results quickly.

Studying Japanese can be a long challenge, especially if studied the wrong way. Some study Japanese for several years, even 7 years but are unable to maintain a dialogue or read a text correctly.

If you are one of those people who have been studying for many years and can't get out of square one, have you ever wondered why? I will try to explain why we all have this difficulty, not just with Japanese but with any language.

Online Japanese Courses

Many usually learn Japanese by taking courses and face-to-face classes. Teachers make their efforts to teach, but most students end up leaving the course without saying anything. Why does it happen?


Generally, those who take tuition courses online like to leave the responsibility of learning in the hands of others, and this almost never works. Usually the student goes to the course for a few hours, does not study at home, and then complains that the course is not good.

If you don't study alone at home in addition to regular classes, you will never achieve results. A language needs to be lived and used on a daily basis in order to truly learn it. Does that mean I can study alone?

Como estudar e aprender japonês mais rápido?
Criança Japonesa na Escola

Having a study group or a tutor is really necessary and will help you discover the path you should take in learning Japanese. The problem is that the Japanese taught in classroom courses are taught slowly.

That is, if you want results fast, it is best not to take any classroom course. Face-to-face courses only want your tuition. Think of the hours spent writing ideograms on paper that after a few days you end up forgetting.

I'm not saying that writing Japanese is unimportant, but the courses try to teach Japanese in the same way that Japanese learn at school. But they spend their childhood being exposed to material and conversations in Japanese and then they are put in school (speaking) and study until they are 18 years old.


Most of us here are not children, and we live in an environment with absolutely no exposure to the Japanese language, do you really think that taking a few hours a week will take you to fluency in a few years?

Thus, we must create priorities. If you want to learn to converse and read Japanese you should do just that, and automatically the rest will learn over time naturally. If you want to learn writing, first you need to learn to read and speak, as Japanese children do.

Como estudar e aprender japonês mais rápido?
Siga os passos para avançar rápido no Japonês!

How to study Japanese fast?

You must first learn the basics, read and write hiragana and katakana. You should stay focused on reading as much Japanese as possible. According to your level, grab a book or manga with furigana and read as much as you can every day. 

So all the words that you don't know, you write down and search, and the words that you find interesting, try to memorize them by putting them in some memory program spaced like anki.

Before I focused on reading as much content as possible, I was racking my brain trying to memorize kanji. Today I have been learning kanji without even studying them. It became much easier to examine and write them. If you strive to read and understand, you will quickly learn Japanese as a Ninja.

Como estudar e aprender japonês mais rápido?
Quer aprender japonês rápido como um Ninja?

Of course, just picking up a book and reading without understanding it will not lead to anything. Just like any student, you must learn grammar, particles, verbal endings and more. You should only prioritize reading and understanding, but like children in Japan, you should be exposed to as much Japanese content as possible.


You can expose yourself to the Japanese language by reading texts, listening to music, watching anime and dramas, researching articles on the internet and talking to other people who wish to learn Japanese ... Do you want to be exposed to Japanese content? Do as I do and paint your bedroom wall with the alphabet in hiragana and katakana! kkkkkkk ...

The fact is, you need to take steps to immerse yourself in the Japanese language. You can do this by accompanying Japanese celebrities, Japanese youtubers and Japanese teachers. You can also change the language of your computer and cell phone and use unconventional methods to put the language in your head.

Como estudar e aprender japonês mais rápido?
Muitos já são Ninjas

Where to start studying Japanese?

Don't you know how to study grammar? Don't you know what furigana is? Don't you know what Anki is? Have no idea how to study? Need some help? Our website publishes articles on the Japanese language weekly, so keep following.

I learned this method of reading and learning as much as possible from the Luiz Rafael's Online Japanese course. He uses this methodology, which in my opinion is the best and has helped me a lot. If you want to take Luiz Rafael's course, you must wait for the new class that is open twice a year. In the meantime, you can download the book Unraveling the Japanese Language written by him, just sign up on our website.

One of the first steps would be to read our Japanese Study Guide to get a basic sense of where to start, what articles to read and how to study. Remembering that we also have others Japanese courses that have unique study techniques.

Como estudar e aprender japonês mais rápido?
Portões Japoneses

Checklist - Tips for Studying Japanese Fast

Below we will leave a checklist for you to analyze the points that will make you learn Japanese faster:

  • Learn to read Hiragana and Katakana;
  • Escape from Romaji (romanization);
  • Study vocabulary already with ideograms;
  • Leave Kanji writing aside;
  • Consume material in Japanese;
  • Watch anime, read Japanese manga;
  • Read our Suki Desu website and other japanese sites;
  • Do some online japanese course;
  • Study every day;
  • Focus on studying what interests you;
  • Watch Japanese YouTube channels;
  • Make Japanese friends;
  • Listen to music in Japanese, transcribe your lyrics;
  • Change the language of your computer and cell phones;
  • Immerse yourself in the Japanese language;
  • Learn Japanese while sleeping;
  • Buy some books to learn japanese;
  • Make use of the website;
  • Have good habits;