Learning Japanese While Sleeping – Does it Work?

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In this article, we will introduce you to a strange method for learning Japanese. Have you ever heard of learning a language while sleeping? That’s right, in this article we will talk about learning Japanese while sleeping. Does it work?

The technique consists of sleeping listening to an audio in looping of phrases and words being pronounced in the language in which you are studying along with the English translation. Many find this technique absurd, but it really makes perfect sense.

The first time I heard this technique in action was while staying at a friend’s house in Japan. He was a former Japanese league player and trained students at a school in the Borussia Dortmund in Hokkaido.

Me and my friend Roberto Pedraça kept making fun of him and bothered, because even with a headset, I could hear all the phrases being repeated in English and German. It was very funny and hindered us to sleep.

Learning Japanese while sleeping - does it work?

Does Learning Japanese Sleeping Really Work?

It was only recently that I started to apply this technique using some videos that I found on YouTube and that will be at the end of this article. Researching the subject I realized that the results are better when it comes to memorization.

There are several techniques such as meditation, hypnosis, biokinesis and NLP, which consists of repeatedly hearing phrases to mark and work on your brain, both conscious and unconscious. Why would it be any different with languages?

As the study of NLP says, our brain works like a computer and does exactly what is said and heard. So there is nothing more normal than forcing our brain to pick up Japanese words and phrases while sleeping.

Studies reveal that more than half of the people who applied this technique achieved results and claim that their memorization of words improved in 40%, being a great alternative to be used with Anki.

Learning Japanese while sleeping - does it work?

Unfortunately, almost 70% of students who tried to learn new words while sleeping had no results. The technique works only to help improve the words you already know, in the same way as Anki.

If you are already advanced in Japanese studies, you may want to download the audios from the videos on YouTube in order to listen at night. It is possible to find 10-hour audios, but they are repeated, so just download a normal audio and put in looping.

When you have a base in the Japanese language, listening to audios while you sleep will help you to formulate sentences, use grammar correctly and improve pronunciation. It costs nothing to try this technique. This really works and has been scientifically proven.

Funny YouTube comments

Browsing videos to learn languages while sleeping, we find ironic, sarcastic and funny comments. Best of all is the memes that Brazilians invent. Let’s share a few:

It really works, there is only one problem, my Internet has been fluctuating ... Now I only speak English stuttering and randomly I speak "ifood" ..
Impressive before this audio I didn't know anything in English, now I can't sleep too lol.
Why sleep with ASMR when you can sleep and wake up bilingual
Until I learned but as I was sleeping I forgot
Learn Japanese awake already angry, imagine sleeping kkkkkk

Videos to learn Japanese while sleeping

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