Escorts and prostitution in Japan

Do you know how prostitution works in Japan? How to find companions? Prostitution in Japan is prohibited? In this article, we will see some curiosities and information about prostitution and its history in Japan.

Escorts and prostitution in japan

Is prostitution prohibited in Japan?

Since 1956 there has been a law banning prostitution in Japan, but people find loopholes and interpretations in the laws that allow the sex industry to thrive in the country, generating more than 2.3 trillion a year.

Japan defines prostitution as intercourse with an unknown individual in exchange for payment. To circumvent this, companies and brothels offer sexual massages and other services that do not involve sex as an excuse.


So it is common in Japan to have places where you pay to talk to a woman, pay to bathe or dance. There are bars where you pay to feel only the breasts of Japanese women, other places offer unusual services.

Of course, most official massage parlors offer full service in the dark. Especially because there is no way to supervise this well. Hundreds of suspicious places surround Tokyo neighborhoods and other cities.

The history of prostitution in Japan

The Japanese sex industry is called fuzoku [風俗] which can literally be translated into vulgar [風] style [俗] or simply as manners, customs and public dwelling. That word encompasses just about any indecent service.

Beware that the word fuzoku it also means nothing related to prostitution or sex. Another word that can also refer to the sex industry is mizu sobai [水商売] and also the word that refers to prostitution prohibited by law baishunfu [売春].

Escorts and prostitution in japan

Contrary to what some people think, geishas nothing to do with prostitution. In reality, becoming a geisha was a way for women to have a decent job and not indulge in prostitution, which was very strong at the time.

Women in Japan have lived in slavery for many years. Prostitution in Japan popularized with Chinese, Koreans, Europeans, Africans and other foreigners by buying young Japanese women and making them sex slaves on their boats.

In the Edo Period, the Tokugawa Shogunate limited prostitution to areas called yuukaku [遊廓] being the most sparing Yoshiwara in Tokyo, Shinmachi in Osaka and Shimabara in Kyoto. Prostitutes were called yujo [遊女].

Escorts and prostitution in japan

The deception of prostitution in Japan

One of the biggest misconceptions is that many of the prostitutes who work in Japan are not legitimate Japanese. In 2003 alone, over 150,000 non-Japanese women involved in prostitution in Japan were reported.

Many companies and massage parlors hire Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Thai women to work in these places. It turns out that many foreigners get involved with an Asian woman thinking she is Japanese.

Escorts and prostitution in japan

As prostitution is officially banned in Japan, many industries use sexual impulses to sell alternative things that don't feed their appetite but become as vicious as hostess where you pay to chat with girls.

Sex toys, erotic and animated videos, provocative banners, practically a lot of things are done to compensate for the surface of the country's prostitution and the false purity that the Japanese wish to present. Some even pay simply to have their ears cleaned with a cotton swab by a beautiful young woman.

Others end up addicted to the Snacks bars, places where skillful young waitresses use their words to seduce customers and make them spend more and more money in the false hope of having an evening with them.

Escorts and prostitution in japan

Prostitution in massage parlors

Massage parlors are quite successful in Japan. Some Japanese people work hard and need a place to relax, either inside an onsen or in a specialized massage parlor. There are different massage establishments throughout Japan, some unisex, others exclusive for women, etc.

Some of these massage establishments may offer the famous “sex massage” which consists of a massage that can include the genitals of both involved. Usually this service is usually booked over the internet at a hotel.

If you visit neighborhoods like Kabukichou you can find suspicious men inviting you to these places. They usually charge 10,000 yen for erotic massage and probably have their own establishments.

Escorts and prostitution in japan

It is unlikely that a massage parlor will freely advertise these services, but you can tell by the price and the provocative posters. Although erotic massage is not prohibited by the prostitution law, many industries use it to sell sex on the sly.

Usually when you hire a girl to do erotic massage, she can probably agree to have sex if you pay extra. She can also charge specific fees for each different thing you want. You will probably easily spend more than 20,000 yen for these services.

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How to find escorts in Japan?

As already mentioned, you can easily find dates without having sex just to have someone to talk to. If you want to find a companion to have sex, the easiest way would be to go to the red light neighborhoods and massage parlors.

The best way to find an escort is to search the internet for sites that feature these girls and make an appointment with them. You can also use Google Maps and search for [風俗店] (fuuzokuten) to find desired places.

Escorts and prostitution in japan

Be wary of strangers who offer these services on the street, especially in neighborhoods like kabukichou. I will not recommend any specific place, because I hate this type of practice, I am writing only to cure the curious.

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you liked, share and leave your comments. Be very careful where you go to Japan. Many are members of the yakuza or may end up taking you to jail (very rare).

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  1. Em uma viagem ao Japão, fui abordado à noite em Tokyo, mulheres oferecendo massagem, e em outra ocasião (numa tarde de sábado) um homem suspeito perguntou se eu não gostaria de conhecer uma casa de massagem. Não aconselho ninguém a conhecer, quer seja pela situação deprimente das mulheres, e pelo risco de se envolver em algo ligado à Yakuza.

  2. On a trip to Japan, I was approached à night in Tokyo, women offering massage, and on another occasion (on a Saturday afternoon) a suspicious man asked if I would like to visit a massage parlor. I don't advise anyone to meet her, either because of the depressing situation of women, and because of the risk of getting involved in something connected à Yakuza.