Is Amino Enslaving and Harming Websites?

Today I'm going to talk about the hottest community social network among Otakus called Amino. It is a very popular social network and application among teenagers that has grown thanks to the marketing of youtubers.

In this article I will explain why I hate this social network and how it has enslaved its users and harmed websites and content creators all over the internet. The article serves as an appeal to save Suki Desu from plagiarism committed on this social network.

Why I don't like Amino?

Maybe it's because I'm already 26, where I've even lost interest in Facebook and Instagram. Especially after seeing that documentary about social networks on Netflix, I was more disheartened by the way they influence us.

The addiction to social networks is so great that I even blocked the dials from my computer so I don't waste time arguing with Haters on gaming and tech blogs. Can you imagine my procrastination if you use amino?

I also found the social network a little confusing, it's very easy to get lost, but I believe that's the purpose of it. Amino also offers a bonus system, coins, to trap users in the social network and force them to do tasks for free.

I I already tried using amino, but I was confused at the time by the company providing lots of different applications one for each thing. This irritated and discouraged me from using the social network. Despite that's not the reason I don't like Amino.

Amino - the big threat from creators

Amino users harm websites

The main reason for my anger at Amino it is its users that strongly hinder the growth of Suki Desu, because of copying content and publishing articles. I'm not the only one harmed, I've already written about the Amino on my blog

Amino is an app/site where people write articles, often copied from other sites, and because of the domain authority, amino ends up hurting most of these other sites by ranking first on Google.

Imagine, I'm a content creator, I research hours to write an article, here goes some otaku from Amino, copy my article, play it on amino, then when they search for the subject on Google, the article on amino is in front of mine. Can you imagine the bullshit?

That's the main reason I hate amino so much! People who don't earn a penny keep copying my content and duplicating it on amino without even giving credits. To give you an idea, not even links Do-Follow amino provides.

Copied content stealing my positions

Amino is the main threat to Suki Desu's ranking. I've always focused on writing gigantic 2,000-word articles, but here goes the amino and copies everything and steals my position. All because of these teenagers stinky otaku.

Because of Amino's ranking and recent Google updates, my visits dropped from 10,000 to 7,000 daily. Guess who steals my positions? My own duplicate articles on amino. What makes me sadder is knowing that these teenagers don't earn anything for copying this article, it just hurts my website.

Some give credits, but credits are useless. Also because Amino's links are No-Follow, which means that no amino authority is passed to the domain's SEO (I'm talking technical terms).

Is Amino Enslaving and Harming Websites?

Amino is Slave Labor

Of course, Amino isn't the only one who takes advantage of people's lack, but personally he's the one I see most taking advantage of the time of teenage otakus. I like to say that Amino does slave labor with people.

Because of your system gamification (coins and rakings), users are drawn to writing articles and creating communities, spend hours uploading images and writing texts for these articles, all for coins and popularity in the community.

The person feels satisfied, happy, joyful to have a large community full of content on Amino. What she doesn't know is that thanks to these articles, Amino manages to generate more than 40 million visits per month, in addition to millions of dollars with ads.

Amino earns from its generated content, while also hurting the profits of other sites by allowing duplicate content on its system. Instead of writing on Amino, why not create a blog and generate your own income? I know Amino's range is greater, but stop being enslaved.

Amino - the big threat from creators

If I create my website, no one reads my articles

In 2008, blogging was popular among teenagers, but nowadays thanks to these large, authoritative social networks, any small and recently created blog is thrown into limbo, without visibility, so many dismiss the idea of having a blog.

Of course, if you apply SEO techniques and study strategies proposed in my marketing blog, you'll be able to quickly create a successful blog and still make money from it, without letting companies like Amino exploit your work.

I think it's more profitable for you to write for Suki Desu, your visibility will be great, and you'll be helping someone small and not a billion dollar company like Amino. Sometimes I usually even pay writers when I have conditions ... something Amino took me.

Have you noticed that internet sites, especially social networks, are the only ones that call their members user? Same drug user?

Amino - the big threat from creators

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

Amino is a good social network

It's not just because I hate the way the social network and its users harm me that I'm going to say only bad things about it. I remember a few years ago I always dreamed of a social network otaku, I even saw some initiatives, but none successful.

Amino has thousands of specific interest communities, millions of users who share the same taste as you. A community chat to interact in real time with other users, thousands of GIFs, Images and interesting content.

The most unpleasant thing is the fact that they copy articles from my site and from others, strongly harming the growth of Suki Desu. Otherwise, I have nothing to say about the social network, I just wish it would not rank its articles on Google, but I doubt they will, because the human greed it's big.

It's like the saying goes, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

What can you do to help?

I'm not here appealing to anyone to stop using Amino, I'm just warning you that copying Suki Desu content to your community on Amino only harms the site. So I hope you understand Suki Desu's position regarding content copied on Amino.

If you use this social network and come across an article copied from Suki Desu, I would be grateful if you asked the author to remove the content, I did it a few times and it worked. If you are the administrator or author of these articles, I would be grateful if you remove yourself.

I don't know how communities work, I spent little time on the social network, but I believe that as a community administrator, you should be responsible for managing the content that appears on it. Thus avoiding Plagiarism, which is a crime!

It is also the tip to stop spending your time in accurate working for a millionaire company. I hope in the near future have some system that attach you as much as the amino social network does. Without obliging them to write for free for coins ...

Of course, Amino is not the only threat, I know of other sites that only translate short articles and still get ahead of me on Google, all because of its great reach on Facebook. I think Google is giving the wrong priorities.

Pinterest is another popular site that tends to position itself before articles, but I don't complain about it because it just shares an image that points to the article directly on the site.

What have I been doing to get around Amino copies?

The company responds well to my complaints, I managed to delete several articles copied from the social network. Users and even authors are also helpful and delete the article, apologizing. I am very grateful to these people.

Also, I have contacted Google and reported these articles, some have already been removed from searches. The problem is that there are thousands of communities about Anime, Otaku and Japan on Amino, so many versions of the same article are copied.

Here's a tip if Amino is reading this article, that it add an option to report article (it may even have it, but I didn't find it). I've seen admins doing a good job opening a whistleblower section within the community.

I have some fear that this article will have a rebound effect, but I have measures to avoid these situations. I believe we can easily do away with copied articles. We recommend reading my article on Plagiarism on talking about why it's so dangerous.

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