How does otaku culture affect your tanners?

Today the article is a little more serious, because I will deal with how the otaku culture affects its tanners, that is, the way people react to addiction to the act of reading manga, watching anime, among many other varieties.

Article made on the author's own experiences. Before reading, know that we are just saying that everything in excess is bad.


How does your way of thinking and acting change?

Certainly things change and even you, what I'm going to say is my own experience and that of other people.

Right after I became an otaku, I felt very down, I would say I was becoming depressed, in a way I feel good, but the biggest problem was that I suddenly changed with other people, not that I care , but the side of wanting to keep up appearances has not changed, that certainly affects me, due to the loss of friendships and the distance of important people.


The world around you and around me changes. The way of looking at things changes. And it affected me because the world turned gray, wanting to see the sad side of things, creating impossible possibilities and the most beautiful side being exactly that.

The desire to live with other people disappears, and the only way to feel confident is through the computer screen. And you realize that you are different from others, because you want to be different and because you have changed, maybe people will become innocent or sensitive to your way of thinking, but they are just different opinions, right?

The desire to live a forbidden romance also disappears, and then a new ideal or goal appears in your life, not to fall in love, that is simple. It is a departure, mainly because there are not so many people who share the same ideal as you.

The hardest thing about all this is living a fantasy world, even if it is childish, something grows inside us and this is something that cannot be removed, I would say that this world is the same world of other people's dreams, we only have bigger ambitions.
Being different is good, dreaming makes you better, but an empty world makes you empty inside.


How does it affect you in social life?

Certainly, addiction brings several problems, even if it does not make the slightest difference in otaku. One of the biggest problems is becoming a hikikomori or one NEET.
You can simply exclude yourself from the society or not give news saying that you are alive, but this only affects you, because when this addiction ends or decreases, the only thing that will be losing is you, your friends can exchange you for others and not everything it will be how you want it.

You’ll also be missing out on a lot of opportunities, like the job you’ve always dreamed of, the chance to make new friends and have an affair with someone, or something that would change your life, exchanging experiences will make you see the world from the other side, if you want to, logical.

Bullying can also cause irreversible problems, but if you lock yourself in a room and watch anime, it can mean wasting your time, and somewhere there will be people who will accept you.


How to stop being isolated by some addiction?

  • Try to go out with different people or who have the same problem;
  • Flirt;
  • Try to get a job and have a fixed income;
  • Go for walks or something of interest;
  • Look for articles online that can help you;
  • Make this addiction a hobby, not something harmful to you;
  • Try to make addiction something common, where you can divide your time and do things you want;
  • Do not give up addiction, just make it something that is not needed in your life;