The fantastic Jaspion - Success and curiosities


The space monster investigator Jaspion, or just Jaspion, is one of the best known heroes of the tokusatsu genre, mainly in Brazil. In February 1988 the first episode of this series was broadcast on TV Rede Manchete in Brazil.

Its debut in Japan was in 1985, with the name of Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion (巨獣特捜ジャスピオン), produced by Toei Company, on TV Asahi, having 46 episodes. The original name “Juspion” comes from the combination of two words in English, "Justice" and "Champion". (Champion of Justice).

The story begins when a human boy, traveling with his parents in a spaceship is attacked. Only the young boy survives, being adopted by a sage named Edin, raising him as if he were his son, naming him Jaspion.

The fantastic jaspion - success and curiosities

Until an evil force called Satan Goss, which threatens to take peace from the universe. Jaspion then decides to fight the evil, and gets some equipment from his adoptive father, including his famous armor and the Daileon, a spaceship that turns into a fort giant robot.

Jaspion then travels across several planets, until you reach the land. There they find Satan Goss and his son MacGaren, who become the enemies of our hero. These villains wanted to take over the Earth and turn it into the monsters' empire. Thus begins the great journey of Jaspion and his allies here on earth.

Jaspion's success in Brazil

The series became a fever here in Brazil, surpassing all other productions of the genre shown here. This not only popularized the series, but also opened the door for new series of the genre to come to Brazil. The success was so absurd that even though it was broadcast on a small station, its audience was greater than that of Globo.

The fantastic jaspion - success and curiosities

Soon several thematic products in the series were a sales success. From backpacks, lunch boxes, toys, clothes, to comic books. These magazines were produced by Brazilian artists and brought unpublished stories of the character. Even though this popularity was not as great as in Japan, Jaspion has become one of the most famous “Metallized heroes" all around the world.

Other series of the type had already been broadcast here in Brazil as Ultraman, National Kid and Zillion, but none of these achieved the status that Jaspion achieved. After that, many other series of this style were brought to Brazilian TV. Here are a few:

  • Flashman - 1989
  • The incredible ninja Jiraiya - 1989
  • Flashman - 1989
  • Jiban the Steel Policeman -1990
  • Metalder, the Machine Man - 1990
  • Cybercop, the Policemen of the Future -1990
  • Gavan - 1991
  • Special Squadron Winspector -1994
  • Kamen Rider Black RX -1995

Among many others.

Some fun facts about Jaspion

  • Jaspion was brought to Brazil by a Japanese descendant who had a tape rental;
  • The series was rejected both by Globo and Sbt;
  • The rival of the hero called Satan Gosss, was totally inspired by the Darth Vader;
  • Jaspion’s main weapon is the Spadium Laserbasically a lightsaber
  • Jaspion's armor gave powers like super strength and speed, x-ray vision, optical sensor and more;
  • Jaspion's hair had to be changed several times over the course of the episodes, all to increase the acceptance of the eastern audience;
  • So successful that Brazilian TV changed the name of another series called Spielvan for Jaspion 2. Even though one has nothing to do with the other;
  • Jaspion was one of the pawns responsible for making the tokustasu become popular in Brazil.

Jaspion Villains and Megabeasts

Do you remember Jaspion's villains and mega-beasts? See a list below and try to remember by name ...

  • Aiger
  • Aqua Rocky
  • Badogres
  • Balloom
  • Boga
  • Brima
  • Deathchillas
  • Destran
  • Diagorth
  • Donges
  • I give
  • Dyna Seijin
  • Fake Miya / Ebizhol
  • Fuu
  • Gaios
  • Galactic Witch Gilza
  • Gamagorath
  • Gasler
  • Gelgon
  • Giga
  • Gilmarza
  • Hanedar of Beeze
  • Head Dorimar
  • Headstone
  • Iki
  • Jimushi
  • Ka
  • Kabegonta
  • Kidama
  • Kumoda
  • Mad Gallant
  • Magnadar
  • Majin
  • Marigos of Beeze
  • Moke
  • Moku
  • Namagerath of Dodo
  • Oceanking
  • Onideviler
  • Phodon
  • Phodon 2
  • Pirazar
  • Portsanky
  • Prawnzole
  • Rock Gorilla
  • Satan Gorth
  • Seablur
  • Shishion
  • Sodomon
  • Sui
  • Tetsugos of Peace
  • The 4 Deva Kings
  • The 5 Space Ninjas
  • The hirelings of Mad Gallant;
  • Zampa

Tokusatsu Jaspion songs

See some of the songs that became popular during the exhibition of this tokusatsu:

  • Pray ga Seigi da! Juspion, by Ai Takano
  • Powerful Fighter Juspion, by Akira Kushida
  • Itsu no Hi Heiwa ga, by BOBBY
  • Kyojuu Tachi Yo, by SPACE MINSTRELS
  • Ginga no Taazan, by Akira Kushida
  • I'm Juspion, by Henry
  • A Wolf In Space Juspion, by Henry
  • Neppuu Yarou Juspion, by Ai Takano
  • Ryuusei no Senshi, by Ai Takano
  • Chou Wakusei Sat Bokan Daileon, by Akira Kushida
  • Mabushii Aitsu, by Akira Kushida & Columbia Yurikago Kai
  • Space Wolf Juspion, by Ai Takano

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