Celeste - Review - Climbing your fears

In a world where games are increasingly becoming more of the same, indies they’re always innovating because they don’t waste too much time on graphics but invest in gameplay, innovation and history. At the beginning of 2018 came one of the great innovations in platform games called Heavenly! In this article, we will see a small review of this mandatory game for megaman fans.

The games of Megaman were famous for their extreme difficulty, but in recent years the capcom has hesitated to abandon the franchise or launching remakes of old games without any innovation. After the Mighty Number 9, many have lost hope in difficult platform games. Until Celeste came to break with 93 points in the metacritic.

Many have become accustomed to current games and end up despising indies, platforms and pixel games. I even saw some negative comments in the news about the game, these gamers have no idea what they are missing ... Celeste manages to be better than a lot of AAA (high budget games) fashion and generic launched every year.

Talking about Celeste

The game is simple and has simple jumping mechanics without any firearm. Celeste has a mechanic similar to Super Meat Boy, where you need to jump and grab the walls and pass the challenges. The game may not have a technological breakthrough, but it is well ahead in creativity.

Your objective is simple, to take the protagonist Madeline to the top of the mountain called Celeste. This unique style of platform can lead the player to anguish, fun, adrenaline, endorphins, anger, anxiety and many unexplained emotions.

Celeste - review - the megaman game we wanted

The character Madeline wants to climb this mountain located in Canada, but she has no idea why. Throughout her adventure she meets people and faces her own reflection, thus creating a story that addresses philosophical concepts, depression, fear, friendship, psychology, personality, traumas and choices.

The game has great dialogues and an epic soundtrack that totally matches the game's stages. Celeste manages to have a level of increasing difficulty almost perfect, managing to innovate each chapter with new mechanics. In this game you will die at least 3000 times until you clear the main story.

The game doesn't stop there, in addition to the main stages, you can unlock Side B and C, which are alternative versions of each chapter with a much more extreme difficulty that will make you die more than 10,000 times. There are also collectibles (strawberries) that will test your patience and give a replay factor in the stages (in case you miss one).

Celeste - review - the megaman game we wanted

The game is not short like the vast majority of indies, everything will depend on your skill, but you will have at least 10 hours of play and maybe spend more than 30 hours to do 100%. In addition the game has an arcade summer inside itself, it is so much content that it is worth every penny invested.

Celeste is one of the best of 2018

I consider Celeste one of the best games of 2018, not just among the Indies, but all games. In addition to all the information mentioned, for me Celeste is one of the few platform games that does not get boring and makes you reach the end with a smile on your face even after so much anger.

Celeste - review - the megaman game we wanted

I almost forget to talk about the game's art, which is magnificent, with incredible scenarios and a huge amount of challenges. Although the game seems to be difficult, its difficulty and learning curve is for all players. Anyone can be able to zero, even if they get a little irritated.

If you were looking for a game to match this year, with charismatic characters and above average difficulty, surely Celeste is the right choice. The game is available for Switch, PS4, PC and Steam. I hope you enjoyed this review! Share with friends and let's play! I'll end by leaving a very technical and detailed video about the game, its history and mechanics, but beware of spoilers.

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