Can ん(N) begin a Japanese sentence?

Have you ever wondered if there are any words or phrases in Japanese that start with hiragana ん (n)? The answer is YES, in this article we are going to look at some examples of words and phrases that start with this hiragana.

The ん is the only kana that doesn't have a vowel, and there are few words that start using this ん. Most of these words are usually slang, dialects or words borrowed from foreign languages.

Índice de Conteúdo

Slang and Dialects

ん な ば か な!

slang for そん なば かな

ん な わ け ね ぇ だ ろ う!

slang for そん なわ けね ぇだ ろう

Those 2 words are slang to put a strong emphasis on: "no way, it can't be like that!"

ん や ろ う 

Slang for: このやろう

Meaning: bastard, you...

ん と · · ·

Meaning: umm...

ん だ と?!

Slang for: なんだと!

Meaning: what the hell did you just say?!

んだ = What?

We noticed a certain similarity between the syllable "un" and the hiragana ん(N).

borrowed words

ん(N) is used at the beginning of foreign words like “Ngorongoro”, which is transcribed as ンゴロンゴロ. Some words originated from the Okinawan dialect like a word for miso, nnsu (written as ンース). 

The ん(N) is also used to create words that have Nwa, Nwi, Nwe, Nwo. See some examples:

  • んうぉ/んをンウォ/ンヲ = Nwoya District (ンウォヤ・ディストリクト Nwoya Disutorikuto)
  • んうぇ/んゑンウェ/ンヱ Nwenaing (ンウェナイング Nwenaingu)
  • んうぃ/んゐンウィ/ンヰ Nwisd (ンウィスド Nwisudo)

The ん also reminds us of the shiritori game whose objective is to form words that start with the kana that ends the inner word, whoever speaks a word ending with ん loses, since there are almost no words that start with ん, and it is forbidden to use slang and foreign words.

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