Jump into the river to become an adult


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Have you noticed that in the anime several characters jump off a bridge into the river to overcome something, let go of sadness or become an adult? In this article we will talk a little about this tale of jumping into the river with clothes and everything.

Researching any information on this subject did not lead to any results, but I do not believe that it is just an anime cliché. Several Japanese stories show teenagers in school clothes jumping in the river and getting wet.

Why do anime characters jump in the river?

Perhaps these events and legends of children jumping into the river from a bridge, happen due to the large number of rivers that circulate in all the cities of Japan.

Pule no rio para se tornar adulto

In the 1960s the government invested in various infrastructure and beautification projects in the city and the rivers with their sloping banks along with a trail pavement spread throughout Japan.

When we don't see 2 characters talking on the river bank, we see them entering the water with clothes and everything, or simply jumping off a bridge as in Shigatsu wa kimi in use.

This scene also takes place in Koe no Katachi, non non biyori and recently in Nande Koko ni Sensei ga. It was exactly because of the scene that I saw n

Do Japanese people also jump into the river from a bridge?

The mayor of Osaka warned football fans not to jump off the bridge in Dōtonbori just because the football team won the game. There were occasions when 500 people jumped into the river at once because of a victory.

Jumping into the river is a bit of a Japanese tradition that they don't even know. Since childhood, school students probably hear rumors and legends about jumping in the river with clothes on and everything makes them an adult or helps them to overcome problems.

Pule no rio para se tornar adulto

These stories and scenes in the anime end up influencing some children who have already jumped into the river out of nowhere, putting their lives in danger and leaving their parents super worried.

It was difficult to find any information about this cliché in anime or legends, since when searching for jumping into the river from a bridge in Japanese, I only found information regarding accidents and suicides.

The fact is that I have seen scenes of characters jumping from a bridge on the river several times, wearing clothes and everything. Have you also observed this scene in other films and anime? Remember, don't forget to comment and share the article.