7 animations that plagiarized/inspired by Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon was one of the first in the genre of mahō shōjo to incorporate a team of magical girls fighting together, rather than the lone magical girl. Since then, many manga and anime writers have adopted this formula. And they abused her.

Some of the authors didn't bother to change their characters' costumes, hairstyles, or weapons. Basically they just gave Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V in the Sailor Moon model.

Today, all kinds of mahou shoujo anime have become popular, but unfortunately many copy basically the same shape, style, clothes and story.

Check out below 7 animations that are an obvious copy of Sailor Moon:

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

7 animations that plagiarized/were inspired by Sailor Moon

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch is basically Sailor Moon, but instead of being guardians, the protagonists they are mermaids.

As in Sailor Moon, the main character needs to keep her true identity a secret. Furthermore, the main character, Lucia Nanami, looks a lot like Rabbit. She has the same hair color and style, and two of her other mermaids are having some of the same vibes. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter.

2. Pretty Cure

7 animations that plagiarized sailor moon

Pretty Cure comes from the same animation studio as Sailor Moon, TOEI Animation. The transformations are quite similar and even some scenes have identical frames.

Additionally, several characters such as Cure Caramel and Sailor Moon have striking similarities. Both shows revolve around a girl group from high school who fight for love, friendship and peace, who target evil spirits trying to take over the world.

3. Super Twins

7 animations that plagiarized/were inspired by Sailor Moon

Super Twins is a Filipino live-action that aired in 2007. When the teaser of this show debuted, it received so much criticism for being a Sailor Moon fraud that the production company changed the clothes because they were too similar to Sailor Moon's. Even so, it's hard not to see where the show got its "inspiration."

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4. Wedding Peach

7 animations that plagiarized/were inspired by Sailor Moon

Peach Wedding is about a high school student Momoko Hanasaki and your friends. They learn that they are legendary Love Angels who must protect the world from the evil Reine Devila and his minions.

This is very close to the arc of the 1st season from Sailor Moon. Not only that, but Momoko is given a magical pact by an ally, very similar to how Usagi was given her transformation brooch by Luna.

5. Tokyo Mew Mew

7 animations that plagiarized/were inspired by Sailor Moon

The protagonists are five girls in charge of protecting the world from threats. Unlike Sailor Moon, the girls' powers have been infused with the DNA of endangered animals.

That said, several of the characters' weapons and attacks bear a strong resemblance to their Sailor Moon counterparts. For example, the Rose Bell of Mew Ichigo is very similar to the Crystal Carillon by Chibi Moon.

6. Winx Club

7 animations that plagiarized/were inspired by Sailor Moon

Winx Club is an Italian animated series that ran for seven seasons. Not only is this show a copy of Sailor Moon, but it also borrows elements from the series. Harry Potter also.

In addition, Winx Club also features five heroines as its protagonists and a main character who is trying to obtain magical power.


7 animations that plagiarized/were inspired by Sailor Moon

WITCH is a show about five magical girls called Guardians of the Veil. Your task is to use a magic crystal to protect your world from evil beings from another dimension.

Sound familiar? Even one of the characters' attacks is remarkably similar to one in Sailor Moon. The fire attack Taranee is an obvious copy of the attack of King Manding Burning.

It is obvious that many other works were also inspired by Sailor Moon. Do you remember another one you copied in the face? We look forward to hearing your comments and shares.

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