Hakone - An experience around Mount Fuji


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In this article I will talk about 2 nearby sights for you to visit near Tokyo and near Mount Fuji. Let's talk about the hill script Hakone and the city of Gotemba and my experience in 2018 in this magnificent place.

Hakone [箱根] is a town near Mount Fuji, which is in the middle of mountains. In this city you have access to Mount Hakone, a giant volcano with a very long and unique cable car.

Hakone + gotenba - uma experiência ao redor do monte fuji

On the other side you will find Lake Ashi next to a pirate-themed boat trip. Followed by some tourist villages and other routes and neighboring cities that surround Mount Fuji. Hakone is not very close, but it provides one of the best views of this incredible Fujisan.

My journey to Hakone

It all started in Tokyo Shinjuku, where I took a train to Odawara and bought the Hakone Free Pass, which lasts 2 days and allows access to trains, buses, cable cars, cable cars and boats around Hakone for just 4600 yen (150 reais).

Hakone + gotenba - uma experiência ao redor do monte fuji

The train ride in the city of Hakone is pretty crazy, as the trains literally go up the mountain, needing to stop to change the trail and continue in a kind of Z to the top of the mountain.

In the city center we can access a beautiful park and garden (Gora Park) in addition to some local establishments. After taking a walk in the park I took the cable car that went up to the cable car.

Hakone + gotenba - uma experiência ao redor do monte fuji

Hakone is also famous for the numerous Onsen and Ryokans that circle the mountains. If you come to Hakone, be sure to get accommodation in the region to take advantage of baths in the hot springs of Japan.

Below you can see a video I recorded on Hakone trains, cable cars, cable cars and boats. I hope you like it, I'm not very good at recording things myself.

After the cable car I went all the way by boat to Hakone-Machi, another village next door, until at the end of the day I took the bus to Hakone. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't see Mount Fuji that day. Fortunately the next day in Gotenba I was able to see him through the Hotel window.

Hakone + gotenba - uma experiência ao redor do monte fuji

List of sights in Hakone

Hakone is a great place, mainly for the amount of tourist places and highlights that you can visit. We have already mentioned a few, but now I want to make a list with all the sights of Hakone and its surroundings.

  • Gora Park;
  • Open Air Museum;
  • Owakudani (volcanic zone);
  • Pola Museum;
  • Hakone Shrine;
  • Lake Ashinoko;
  • Hakone cable car;
  • Okada Museum of Art;
  • Hakone Tozan Railway;
  • Odawara Castle;
  • Hakone Arts Museum;
  • Botanical Garden;
  • Gora Park;
  • Narukawa Art Museum;
  • Gotemba Outlet Mall;
  • Choanji Temple;
  • Hakone Glass at Mori;
  • Detached Palace;
Hakone + gotenba - uma experiência ao redor do monte fuji

Getting to know the city of Gotenba

Gotemba is a city near Mount Fuji and Hakone, it was the city I stayed in after leaving Hakone. I stayed in a hotel with a large room in front of the train station where the daily cost only R $ 100.

The city of Gotemba is best known for its large shopping center called Gotemba Premium Outlets. The place has a beautiful view of Mount Fuji and has about 200 stores, 50 restaurants and a ferris wheel.

Hakone + gotenba - uma experiência ao redor do monte fuji

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to go on Outlet Gotenba. I ended up losing having a crazy idea of taking the train line that goes back to Odawara in hopes of seeing Mount Fuji. to my surprise i passed in the middle of many mountains without any decent sight.

There are thousands of places to visit near Hakone and Gotemba. The other time I had the opportunity to cross Japan's longest suspension bridge, the Mishima Skywalk. I hope you enjoyed these travel tips. If you liked it don't forget to share and leave your comments.