Why is there no black Japanese? Or does it have?

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It may be a strange question for the title of an article, but there are many curious people who search the internet about black Japanese. In this article, we are going to talk exactly about the rarity of black Japanese in Japan.

You can also read our other article about blacks in japan. I want to take advantage of the situation of this article to also talk about the breed of cattle called Black Japanese, probably one of the reasons people search for black Japanese on Google.

I'm even afraid to write about the colors of our skin, because some already use it to create intrigues involving racism. I hope you read this article as an information, there is no one better than another because of skin color, don't be irrational!

Why is there no black Japanese?

In order for us to understand your idea of whether or not to have black Japanese in Japan, we need to know the skin tone you are looking for. If you're thinking of slanted-eyed blacks in other Asian countries there are, even in Brazil we have the Indians.

It is not common to have black Japanese because the Japanese took time to westernize and open up to the world. For a child to come out with completely black skin they need to mix the genes a lot over several generations.

That's because a person most of the time will not pull the color from the father or mother, but from different ancestors. What defines skin pigmentation is the production of melanin. The more genes pigmentation the skin, the darker the person gets.

Why is there no black Japanese? Or does it have?
Ariana Miyamoto and Jun Soejima

Another big reason is the weather in Japan. Realize that blacks are located more in countries where the sun is stronger. If a generation of people live in the cold, their offspring will have whiter skin.

There are indeed blacks in Japan, mainly foreigners who marry Japanese. It's just that the child will hardly pull the color of the parents completely, it's like mixing coffee with milk. The Japanese are probably descendants of the Mongoloids and tend to have more yellowish skin.

We can see that the Chinese have a darker skin than the Japanese, this is because China has a warmer climate than Japan. Showing that skin color is nothing more than a protection for our body. Brunettes should be proud of their color!

The statement that “most Japanese people do not consider people of mixed race to be Japanese” is extremely outdated and dubious. There are many people with Japanese nationality who have dark skin.

Japan had a great samurai who was black. Journalists, runners, actresses, TV presenters, baseball and football/soccer players. Japan is more and more diverse than some imagine, there are many black Japanese.

Why is there no black Japanese? Or does it have?

Black Japanese - A breed of WAGYU cattle

Some people search for Black Japanese looking for information about the breed of Japanese beef cattle known by that name. This is one of the six breeds of cattle native to Japan, and one of the four breeds known as wagyu.

My aim is not to delve into talking about the ox, it is just to highlight it in this article for those intentionally looking into this species of wagyu cattle and beef. to talk about it we already have the article about wagyu beef that you can read by clicking here.

Don't think I'm crazy to mix these 2 subjects, but both use the keyword “black japanese or japanese black”. My main goal is to reach people everywhere and spread Japanese culture to them.

I hope that the question of the main readers that came from google has been answered. Don't forget to share and leave your comments.

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