Travel to Japan in 2022! End of COVID-19 Restrictions?

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After the COVID-2019 Pandemic Japan closed its borders for more than two years, and now in 2022 many questions are being asked. Will it be possible to travel to Japan this year?

Who can travel to Japan now?

Most travelers from Brazil, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated, will not be allowed to enter Japan today.

As per the latest updates after the arrival of the Ômicron variant, the Tourist visa remains suspended, most of the available visas require certificate of eligibility.

According to the website at the embassy, the latest January update says:

  • Temporary suspension of business visas;
  • Temporary suspension of new entries to Japan from all countries and regions;

The entry restriction does not apply to Japanese citizens, permanent residence permits, spouses or children of Japanese people, or anyone with a special entry permit.

Japan even reopened its borders for work and study at the end of 2021, but due to the Ômicron variant this was kind of prolonged or uncertain. It is always a good idea to contact the embassy for information on this subject, as entry is possible with a certificate of eligibility.

Japan Visa Categories Released During the Pandemic

During the pandemic without the total closure of borders, Japan allows the issuance of the following visas:

  • Spouse or child of a Japanese citizen;
  • Persons with a Certificate of Eligibility (not all cases);
  • Approval of the relevant Ministry;

To learn more, we recommend reading our article on Japan visa categories.

Travel to Japan in 2022! Will Covid-19 leave?

When will the tourist visa in Japan be released?

Many would like to know the answer to this question, but this is very uncertain. When Japan started to loosen the entry of foreigners, came the new variant. We hope this doesn't happen again.

I personally have hopes that the tourist visa will be released in 2022, at least until the end of the year, but some believe that only in 2023 will the visa be released.

Vaccination in Japan is almost complete, more than 80% of the Japanese population has been vaccinated as of the writing of this article. We believe that soon things can get better.

Unfortunately, this pandemic has greatly delayed the evolution of the visa, many countries like Brazil still do not allow the issuance of a Digital Visa, something that Japan started to implement in 2020. We are hopeful with this possibility when Japan releases tourism.

Travel to Japan in 2022! Will Covid-19 leave?

Requirements to Enter Japan in 2022

Due to the Pandemic, Japan visa is getting more and more complicated. Below are some of the requirements to enter Japan in 2022:

Signature of Oath in Writing

Since January 2021, the Japanese government has required travelers of any nationality (including Japanese) to sign a “written oath” when entering the country.

In the document, the traveler undertakes to follow the rules of quarantine and prevention, including:

  • Have performed a PCR test up to 72 hours before the flight to Japan;
  • Do not use public transport for 14 days;
  • install the LINE app on a mobile device, through which you must keep the health center with jurisdiction over your place of residence or accommodation informed about your physical condition;
  • Install a Japanese government contact tracing app with people infected with coronavirus;

The new rules emphasize that failure to comply with the “oath” can lead to publication of personal information, detention (under the Quarantine Act), or, in the case of foreigners, deportation under the Immigration Control Act.

Those who do not sign the “oath” will be required to remain for 14 days in a quarantine facility designated by the Japanese authorities.

Presentation of COVID-19 Test Certificate

A test certificate COVID-19 must be issued directly on the Japan Ministry of Justice website or must contain the following information in English:

  • Personal Data – Name, passport, nationality, date of birth and gender;
  • Test Content – Type of test, result and date of sample, result and issue;
  • Medical Institution Data – Name, physician, address, stamp and signature of the physician;

Travelers from Brazil must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test done within 72 days before departing for Japan. The test is presented in the country of origin, another test will be carried out in the country of destination.

Possible other accepted tests include RT-PCR, LAMP, TMA, TRC, Smart Amp, NEAR or CLEIA.

Proof of Vaccination against COVID-19

As of this writing, Japan does not prohibit unvaccinated travelers from entering Japan, but does require a 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

Fully vaccinated visitors with approved vaccination certificates do not need to be quarantined. So, stop being fussy and vaccinated… Being afraid of vaccinating is the same thing as saying being afraid of flying, but drove car which is much more dangerous.

Travel to Japan in 2022! Will Covid-19 leave?

How is Japan working in 2022?

Mandatory use of a mask practically everywhere, most Bars and restaurants close earlier around 8 pm, some locations still remain unavailable despite the low number of cases in the country.

It is recommended to wear face masks in all public spaces and public transport. Private companies and workplaces may set their own policies or guidelines.

It's amazing to see how Japan is quite strict with the pandemic, having a very low number of deaths and cases. The country registered until January 2022 a total of 1.77 million cases and 18,399 deaths from covid-19.

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