7 Types of Chinese Haircuts

Orientals are quite versatile when it comes to haircuts. Chinese women, like women around the world, also care a lot when it comes to hair care. That's why, today, we've brought you some types of Chinese haircuts, so you can adhere to a more alternative style, from a country on the other side of the world.

Chinese women have the great luck to be born with beautiful long, black and silky hair. That's why there is a range of hairstyles, born on that side of the world, that occasionally invade Tupinikim lands and end up taking the taste of women. 

Types of Chinese Haircuts

-Beach Hair:

It's a mistake to think that Chinese women are just adept at more classic and straight cuts and hairstyles. In China, more and more women are betting on bolder looks, such as the beach hair, which, despite not having been born in these lands, were widely disseminated throughout the world there. 

-Medium haircut:

Chinese women are increasingly embracing bolder looks, such as spiked and fringe hair. The brighter look is also a great choice in eastern lands, and is being embraced more and more by Brazilian women. 

-Color asymmetric bob: 

Colored hair is a fad among oriental women, especially among Chinese women. In it, the messy look is valued, and the colored tips give it a charm and an extra rebellion. Pastel shades, like pink, are a great choice for this cut. For those who want to thin their face a little, of all types of Chinese haircuts, this is the most suitable.

7 types of chinese haircuts

-Asymmetric bob with straight bangs:

The fringe is a big trend among Chinese women, and that is why it could not be left out of this list. To do this, just pull the ends of your hair, and keep the bangs a little closer to the eyebrows. But if you want to ensure a more rebellious look, just peek at your bangs. 

-Braid with bangs:

This is the perfect oriental look for those who are more daring. In it, you can make some braids in front of the hair, keeping the natural volume at the back of the hair, but coloring the ends with some more striking color, such as a shade of blue for example. 

-Top Knot with Mohawk:

Is there anything more oriental than a hair bun? Well, in this cut, the volume of the sides of the hair comes to the fore, and the top is tied in a beautiful braided bun, very messy, but that carries a lot of charm and elegance. Maybe it's possible to make a simple pineapple coke, in case you are a more modest woman. 

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-Messy Bob:

Now we are talking about an oriental classic. In this cut, the ideal is to bet on a straight fringe, very retro, and unravel all the rest of the hair. The most disheveled look guarantees a more modern look for any woman. 

Those were all our indications of Chinese haircut types. We hope you enjoyed it. 

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