Fun facts about Yahoo in Japan

Yahoo! JAPAN Corporation (ヤフージャパン) is a Japanese internet company formed as a joint venture between the US internet company Yahoo! and the Japanese internet company SoftBank. Its headquarters are located in Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo.

Yahoo! JAPAN was founded on April 22, 1996. The company's profit is 92.174 million yen (FY 2010) and turnover is 292.423 million yen (FY 2010). The official website is the 2009 the site had over 1.9 billion daily hits, in 2010 the search engine migrated to Google and in 2020 it became the most used in Japan.

Yahoo has practically all over the world and although it is standard it changes some things in relation to one country to another. Here in Brazil, for example, the logo is purple. But Yahoo! Japan is red in color since its release. But the page design was changed in 2013. In April 2016, it was announced that the Yahoo! JAPAN would always be SSL, always HTTPS, (secure version of data transfer) until the end of March 2017.

Yahoo - yahoo in japan

How did Yahoo come about?

Yahoo! was developed in the United States in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo. They were university students at the Stanford institution. The objective when developing the platform was to catalog interesting internet sites, initially the plan was to be for own use. However, Yahoo! it ended up gaining popularity among people outside the university.

Nowadays it's impossible to say that you don't know Yahoo! and in addition to being a site for research and information, it has internet products and services. In 2016, Yahoo! was purchased by Verizon Communications, becoming its subsidiary through Oath Inc. 

Platform in Japan

Initially Yahoo! Japan was developed only for computers, because at that time there was no such thing as easy access by mobile phone today. But after 2010 they now have the mobile version of the site with personalized services. In 2000, Yahoo Search Technology (YST), a mechanism originally developed by Yahoo! U.S.

In the year 2009, Yahoo! United States dropped YST and moved searches to Microsoft's Bing, but Yahoo! Japan preferred to continue using Google because it has a solid search engine in the Japanese environment. Ad distribution systems are also linked to search even today. Yahoo has also partnered with Twitter to provide real-time information to twetts. The “Yahoo! Search” ended on March 31, 2019.

Yahoo - fun facts about yahoo in japan

The main services offered by Yahoo! Japan are:

Yahoo Auctions: one of the biggest internet auctions in Japan.

Yahoo Shopping: shopping portal and store openings.

Yahoo Travel: travel product sales.

Yahoo Loco: service that collects map information and regional information, it is called “Japan's largest geoservice”.

Yahoo Finance: Japanese stock , tax and real estate data . You can register a specific company and an inventory fluctuations report will be created. Since August 2012, Japan's free service updates stock prices in real time.

Yahoo kids: searches sites for children.

Yahoo! Search: search/search.

Yahoo! Calendar: calendar to register and activate date reminders.

Yahoo Mail: free courier service.

Yahoo! Chiebukuro: A knowledge community and knowledge search service where users share what they know on electronic bulletin boards.

Yahoo! Research:  service where you can get a reward (T point) when the target monitor answers the questionnaire.

Yahoo! Bookstore: e-book sales site operated by Yahoo! JAPAN . It's different from Yahoo! Books

GYAO!: Internet TV / video streaming service operated by Yahoo! Japan in cooperation with GYAO Co., Ltd. The service is paid.

Yahoo! Mobage: geared towards games.

Yahoo! Automobile: provides data on some commercial vehicles, particularly passenger cars launched after 1990. Comments from registered users are also published. m 2013 was integrated into the “carview”.

Yahoo! News: news in partnership with newspaper companies. 

Yahoo! Premium: membership system that offers benefits such as the ability to use various paid services such as listing Yahoo! And bid on specific categories (real estate, automobiles, etc.) and increase your Yahoo Points acquisition rate by paying a flat fee.

Yahoo! Box: online storage service, free up to 5GB.

Yahoo! toto: sales site for sports promotion lottery (soccer lottery such as toto and toto BIG) 

Yahoo! Browser: Browser app with many functions like auto optimization function, voice reading function and QR code reading function. Available for Android only.

Yahoo! film: provides information about the movie.

Yahoo! Kisekae: User can change their Yahoo!

LIVE Basket: service for live distribution of national basketball games. 

Yahoo! Job Catalog: provides company research information and employee word of mouth. Job catalogue.

Yahoo - fun facts about yahoo in japan

New updates

According to The Japan Times, the latest update on Yahoo! Japan has been closing comment sections in case of defamatory posts. The new function was launched on October 19, 2021. It makes use of artificial intelligence called the Z Holding Corp unit so that no user sends or receives comments of this type.

Early in the change, Yahoo Japan deleted posts it deemed defamatory and suspended posts by users who repeatedly violated the site's comment policy. Online defamation has been an increasingly discussed topic in Japan after the possible impact of negative comments on the princess mako's wedding with common boyfriend Kei Komuro may have caused the development of a complex post-traumatic stress disorder. The marriage came under fire due to a financial scandal involving Komuro's mother.


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