Amazon - The largest online store in Japan and the world

Do you know the Amazon of Japan? In this article, we will write a complete guide that will answer almost any question regarding the Japanese Amazon, in addition to telling you a little about its popularity and some curiosities.

Amazon is one of the most famous online stores in the world and has only just arrived in Brazil in a few years. Before we had access to his books and ebooks, but nowadays we can buy just about anything.


Amazon Brasil is a great partner of the site. Every time you buy something from Amazon do Brasil through the reference links on our website, you help our website to grow. So we leave this incentive! This is one of the reasons for writing this gigantic article referring to Amazon from Japan, Brazil and the world!

Amazon Prime - The best combo

Before we talk about Amazon's trajectory in Japan, I want to remember that Amazon Prime arrived in Brazil offering the free shipping combo, prime video, music, books and games for just 10 reais a month.


That's right, you pay an alternative to netflix, spotify and bookstore for only 10 reais. This is really the cheapest service I found to take advantage of the great catalog of films and series, free shipping and a music application at once.

And if you want to subscribe to the annual plan, you pay only 89 reais saving about 25% of the monthly plan. Amazon Prime is the real killer of Netflix. You can subscribe to Amazon Prime on the buttons below:

What is Amazon? How did you get to Japan?

Amazon appeared in the year 1994 in the USA. This company is one of the first and largest e-commerce companies in the world. Currently she works in several areas such as Cloud, Streaming and even artificial intelligence.

Amazon arrived in Japan in 1998 as Amazon Japan Inc. It registered the first domain of the Japanese site in 2000 as and the president and CEO at the time of the website was Junichi Hasegawa.

Amazon - the largest online store in japan and the world

Currently, Amazon occupies the first place of the largest online store in Japan. This first place is undefeated, since Amazon Japan's sales are 10 times higher than the second place Yodobashi Camera.

The Japanese version of Amazon offers many exclusive products available only in Japan. Fortunately it is possible to buy products imported from Japan on Amazon USA and some sellers from Amazon Japan do shipping to Brazil.


How does Amazon work in Japan?

Japan's Amazon works like any other country. The site has the same international layout, and you can change the language from Japanese to English. The services offered by Amazon are much more successful in Japan than in Brazil.

For example, it is common to find people in Japan using Fire TV, Prime Video or your personal assistant Alexa Alexa on Amazon Echo. Not to mention that Japanese people like to read, so books are used a lot on Kindle.

Amazon - the largest online store in japan and the world

Amazon purchases within Japan are often astronomically fast. It may happen that you buy a product in the store and arrive the next day or who knows less. The store also uses the Marketplace system, where anyone can sell their stuff.


All of this is possible thanks to more than 13 distribution locations spread across Japan, as well as other locations from other companies that co-store Amazon products. All this for a cost starting at 152 yen (+ -5 reais).

Amazon Kindle Unlimited - books for free

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon service that is also available in Brazil. With it you have access to several free ebooks and digital books, including manga, light novels, Japanese books and Japanese learning books.

We encourage Suki Desu readers to register and download Kindle Unlimited through our Amazon link, so we earn a small commission and you get a few free months to read all the thousands of books provided by Amazon.

Amazon - the largest online store in japan and the world

You can read Japanese books, manga and other books of interest to you on Amazon Brazil itself. If you want to have access to the entire Japanese book library, just access the settings of the application already downloaded and change the region to Japan.

You can use this service both on a Kindle device and in the applications for Android and iOS. Depending on the situation, you may need to use a VPN to view content exclusive to some Amazon services.

To start using Amazon Kindle Unlimited just access the site by clicking here, enter a book and select the option.

Fire TV - No more TV BOX and chromecast

Many buy those devices called TV BOX or Google Chromecast to turn their TV into a Smart TV. With these devices you can access Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and thousands of other applications and Games.


The big problem is that the TVBox runs a poorly optimized Chinese version of Android, while the chromecast only works entirely with a smartphone. The option I use is the Apple TV, which I think is very good, but it is very expensive in Brazil.

A Fire TV da Amazon faz praticamente tudo o que a Apple TV faz, e às vezes melhor, tudo isso custando menos de 300 reais. Existe também uma opção mais robusta chamada Fire Tv Cube que vem com a Alexa e permite controlar sua casa e TV por voz.

With the Fire TV cube, you can simply control your entire television instead of using a remote control. So I believe that Fire TV is a much better option than a Google Chromecast, TVBox and Apple TV that neither browser has.

Amazon offers a variety of services like video streaming with Amazon Prime, a strong competitor to Netflix. In Japan and other countries you also have Amazon Music Unlimited, a strong competitor to Spotify.


Fire TV Stick | Basic Edition


  • The Fire TV Stick allows you to easily access Prime Video, Prime Music, Netflix and more than 4,000 apps and games in more than 100 countries. Additional fees may apply. Plus, access millions of sites like YouTube, Facebook and UOL with Firefox and Silk browsers.
  • The Fire TV Stick comes with an exclusive remote control to watch and play whatever you want.
  • Connect your Fire TV Stick to start watching in minutes.
  • Faster and more fluid streaming: the quad-core processor and dual antenna guarantee better stability than a standard Wi-Fi.
  • It has 8 GB of storage (storage for content and operating system) and 1 GB of memory to run apps and games.

Fire TV Stick Basic Edition allows you to easily access Prime Video content, Netflix and more than 4,000 apps and games in more than 100 countries. Plus, access millions of sites like YouTube, Facebook and UOL with Firefox and Silk browsers.

The Fire TV Stick Basic Edition comes with an exclusive remote control to watch and play whatever you want. Connect your Fire TV Stick to start watching on ...

How to buy on Amazon from Japan

The biggest problem with buying products on is the high freight and also the fact that not all sellers provide an option to send the product out. Despite the high freight price, its delivery is very fast.

To buy from Brazil on Amazon Japanese, you need an international credit card. With it you can buy books to study Japanese and manga without any fear of taxing the recipe. Although it is possible to buy many books directly from Amazon do Brasil.


There is not much secret to buy on this site in contrast to other stores, if you do not know how to shop online at amazon, we recommend doing a research and having a certain experience before making international purchases.

Amazon - the largest online store in japan and the world

The only thing that will change is that you will need to make a new registration, since Amazon does not use global registrations. We also recommend changing the language of the site to English, thus making your life easier.

When buying the product, you will need to enter your address. Click in "Add an International Address“, Thus indicating that you want to add an international address. When filling out, do not put special characters and accents.

Make sure that all data is filled in correctly. It is only possible to buy from Brazil on Amazon Japan using international credit cards Visa and Mastercard. Don't forget to convert the value of the product and shipping correctly, in addition to shopping with other places to find out if it's really worth it.

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you liked it, share and leave your comments. For those who like Games, another store we recommend is the Play Asia.