"Ai no Katachi" by MISIA ft. HIDE/GReeeeN - Translating Songs

In this article, we will translate and dismember the music Ai no Katachi (アイノカタチ) by singer MISIA together with Hide and GReeeeN.

This romantic song is very popular in Japanese playlists of 2018. A single of this song was released on August 22nd in celebration of 20 years of their debut album.

The song name Ai no Katachi [愛の形] literally means the shape of love... You can listen to the music video for the song "Ai no Katachi" by MISIA below: 

Before we start translating the song, let's leave an index for those interested who are just wanting to read the lyrics of the romanized or Japanese song that is at the end of the article.


Now it's time to translate the song ai no katachi into English, sentence by sentence by sentence, word by word, ideogram by ideogram. Remembering that this translation is done literally and may not make much sense in English.

I'm not going to put the romanization in the words I translated, because there's already a romanization under the sentence. In fact we strongly recommend stay away from romanization. If we romanize everything you won't learn Japanese.

Sometimes song lyrics want to convey different ideas in a single word, this makes Japanese music beautiful and romantic. So don't get stuck on literal translation and try to understand details of each word. Music will only make sense if you think like a Japanese.

あのね いつの間にか 気づいたんだ 愛に もし カタチがあって
Ano ne itu no manika kidzuitanda ai ni moshi katachi ga atte
I realized a little while ago that love has its shape
  • あのね - Wait, look here, I'll say, I'll say;
  • いつの間にか - before realizing, before knowing;
  • 気づいたんだ - I noticed, I noticed, I recognized;
  • もし - if, case, supposing;
  • カタチ - form;
  • あって = exists, verb aru;
それがすでに わたしの胸に はまってたなら
Sore ga sudeni watashi no mune ni hamattetanara
If this was already embedded in my heart
  • それが - yes, actually, now that we speak;
  • すでに - already, too late
  • わたしの – In my (pronoun I + possession particle);
  • 胸 - literally chest, can refer to the heart;
  • はまってた – to fit in, to be fit, to enter, to fall into (verb 嵌まる in the past tense);
きっとずっと 今日よりもっと あなたのことを知るたびに
Surely, every time I get to know you more than today
Every time, always, I know you better than today;
  • きっと - certainly, without a doubt, certainly;
  • ずっと - forever, continuously;
  • 今日 - today;
  • より - from, since, than, except, more;
  • もっと - more, even more;
  • あなたのこと - about you, things about you;
  • 知る - to know, to know;
  • たびに - every hour, every time, always, occasionally;
そのカタチはもう あなたじゃなきゃ きっと隙間を作ってしまうね
Sono katachi wa mō anata janakya kitto sukima o tsukutte shimau ne
I'll definitely make a difference as long as that shape is already you
  • そのカタチ - this form;
  • もう - now, soon, still, until now, already;
  • あなたじゃなきゃ - I must be yours;
  • きっと - certainly, without a doubt, certainly;
  • 隙間 - rift, crack, gap, break, weak point;
  • 作って - produce, manufacture, make, prepare (作る);
  • まう - finish, do, complete;
あのね 大好きだよ 
Anone daisukdayo
Hey, I love you
  • あのね - hey;
  • 大好きだよ - I love you very much (大 - big);
あなたが心の中で 広がってくたび
Anata ga kokoro no naka by hirogatte ku tabi
You are in my heart spreading forever;
  • あなたが - About you;
  • 心の中で - In the middle of the heart;
  • 広がって - spread, extend, reach, fill;
  • たび - number of times
愛が 溢れ 涙こぼれるんだ
Love overflows and tears spill out
Love is overflowing and tears are spilling
  • 愛 - love;
  • 溢れ - overflowing, flooding;
  • 涙 - tears;
  • こぼれる - spill [零れる or 溢れる];
これから沢山の 泣き笑いを 知るたびに増えていくの
Korekara takusan no nakiwarai o shiru tabi ni fuete iku no
Now that I know, a lot of laughter and crying will increase
  • これから -after that, from now on;
  • 沢山 - many, a large number, sufficient;
  • 泣き笑い – smile while crying and laughing, sadness and joy;
  • 増えて - increase, multiply;
  • いく - some, many, several;
飛び出たとこ へこんだとこ 二人になってく
Jumping place, stumbling place, becoming two
Leaping from the oppressed place, to become two people;
  • 飛び出た - stand out, jump out, run away;
  • とこ - short for ところ place
  • へこんだ – drowned, sank, be forced, oppressed [凹む];
  • 二人 - two people, together;
  • なってく - become [なる];
時にぶつかり すり減って そして また 埋めあっていけばいい
Tokini butsukari surihette soshite mata ume atte ikebaii
Sometimes it wears out but then fills up again;
  • 時に - by the way, sometimes
  • (ぶ)打つかり - collide, bump, push;
  • すり減って - wearing down, reducing;
  • そして - and then, like that, now, finally
  • また - again, also, yet;
  • 埋めあって - burying, filling [埋める];
  • いけば - proceed;
  • いい - good;
I love you.
Are you favorite or lovable
そばにいないときに ほら 胸が痛くなって
When you're not here, my heart starts to ache
When you're not near me, my chest hurts;
  • そばに - by my side, close;
  • いない - is not;
  • ときに - when, sometimes;
  • ほら - look at me, here, see;
  • 胸 - chest or heart;
  • 痛くなって - it hurts, it becomes painful, it hurts;
あなたのカタチ 見える 気がしたんだ
I had a feeling I could see your silhouette
あのね 大好きだよ
何万回も 伝えよう 温かく増えた想いは
Nan man-kai mo tsutaeyou atatakaku fueta omoi wa
Say it a thousand times, feelings warmly rose
  • 何万回も - tens of thousands of times;
  • 伝えよう - let's transmit, tell, communicate;
  • 温かく - warmly, warm feeling;
  • 増えた - increase, multiply;
  • 想い - desire, feeling, thought, love, affection;
全部 アイノカタチです
It's all forms of love
Every love has its shape
  • 全部 - all;
  • アイノカタチ - 愛の形
  • です - Verb to be, affirmation and confirmation!
ずっと ずっと 大好きだよ
あなたが心の中で 広がってくたび
愛が 溢れ 涙こぼれるんだ

(Repeat of chorus)
星の数ほどの中 ただ一人のあなたが 心にいるんだ
As many stars are in the sky, you are the only one in my heart
Among countless stars, only one of you is in my heart.
  • 星 - stars;
  • 数 - numbers, quantity, several;
  • ほど - degrees, extent, limits;
  • 数ほど - so many, countless;
  • 中 - in the middle;
  • ただ一人 - only one person;
  • 心にいるんだ - in the heart;
あのね あのね ずっと 大好きだよ
I love you so much, you know.
Hey hey, I'll always love you!
大好きだよ ああ ありがとう
Daisukdayo ā arigato
I love you, thank you!

Lyrics of the song Ai no Katachi - Romanized

For those interested in just reading the song or singing, we'll leave the romanized lyrics below:

Ano ne itu no ma ni ka kizuita'n da ai ni moshi katachi ga atte
Sore ga sudeni watashi no mune ni hamattetanara
Kitto zutto kyou yori motto anata no koto wo shiru tabi ni
Sono katachi wa mou anata ja nakya kitto sukima wo tsukutte shimau ne

I love you, you know
Anata ga kokoro no naka by hirogatteku tabi
Ai ga afure namida koboreru'n da

Kore kara takusan no nakiwarai wo shiru tabi ni fuete yuku no
To the place where we leaped, the place where we stumbled, let's go together.
Toki ni butsukari surihette soshite mata umeatte ikeba ii

I love you
When you're not here, my heart starts to ache
Anata no katachi mieru ki ga shita'n da

I love you, you know
Nanmankai mo tsutaeyou atatakaku fueta omoi wa
It's all in the shape of love

I love you so much forever and ever
Anata ga kokoro no naka by hirogatteku tabi
Ai ga afure namida koboreru'n da
Hoshi no kazu hodo no naka tada hitori no anata ga kokoro ni iru'n da
Ano ne ano ne I've always loved you
I love you so much, thank you

Lyrics of the song ai ko katachi - japanese

Below you can find all the lyrics of the song ai no katachi [MISIA ft. HIDE/GReeeeN] in Japanese:

あのね いつの間にか 気づいたんだ 愛に もし カタチがあって
それがすでに わたしの胸に はまってたなら
きっとずっと 今日よりもっと あなたのことを知るたびに
そのカタチはもう あなたじゃなきゃ きっと隙間を作ってしまうね

あのね 大好きだよ
あなたが心の中で 広がってくたび
愛が 溢れ 涙こぼれるんだ

これから沢山の 泣き笑いを 知るたびに増えていくの
飛び出たとこ へこんだとこ 二人になってく
時にぶつかり すり減って そして また 埋めあっていけばいい

そばにいないときに ほら 胸が痛くなって
あなたのカタチ 見える 気がしたんだ

あのね 大好きだよ
何万回も 伝えよう 温かく増えた想いは
全部 アイノカタチです

ずっと ずっと 大好きだよ
あなたが心の中で 広がってくたび
愛が 溢れ 涙こぼれるんだ
星の数ほどの中 ただ一人のあなたが 心にいるんだ
あのね あのね ずっと 大好きだよ
大好きだよ ああ ありがとう

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