50 reasons why you should study Japanese

Some wonder, why learn and dedicate yourself to a difficult, different language that is only spoken in one country? In this article, we will cite some reasons why to study this language.

Let's start with some interesting reasons, and end with some short and fast reasons, totaling a total of 50 reasons. Of course, there are more reasons involved, connected with Japan and its culture, but we will mention only 50.

50 reasons why you should study Japanese

Reasons to learn Japanese involving personal satisfaction

1 - Differential - The majority of the population only engages in English, learning the Japanese language, you will be differentiating yourself from the rest of the population, in a sense this can be very good.

2 - Knowing New Culture - By learning the Japanese language, you will get closer and closer to this rich and diverse culture.

3 – English is harder than Japanese - Of course, learning Japanese will be more difficult than learning any language that uses the Roman alphabet, but imagine a simple language without many spelling rules, it is called Japanese.

4 - Make new friends - A new language opens several doors to socialize with people from another culture.

5 - Cursing people in another language - Despite Japanese name-calling not being as offensive as ours, you will be able to offend others without them understanding, this is unique.

50 reasons why you should study Japanese

6 - Marry a Japanese - Learning the language makes it easier to find a spouse.

7 - Helps to learn another language - By learning Japanese, you can learn some words in English and other languages, since Japanese has many words of foreign origin.

8 - Be happier - Surely learning a new language will make you excited and happy.

9 - Slow down aging - It has been scientifically proven that learning a new language delays brain aging.

10 - Respect of the Japanese - They are very happy when someone struggles to learn their language, especially those who speak it fluently.

Reasons to study Japanese involving a career

11 - Getting attention - Due to the difficulty of the language, many people will admire your efforts, will consider a very intelligent person to learn something so complicated.

12 - Increase your knowledge - Learning a new language, for sure

13 - Career Opportunities - With a new language, it is possible to open many doors to the professional world.

14 - Interpreter - It is possible to earn a lot of money by interpreting for tourists, etc.

15 - Teacher - It is possible to profit a lot by teaching classes, some charge 40R$ per hour.

16 -Gain Independence - Learning Japanese will make you independent.

50 reasons why you should study Japanese

17 - Japanese cuisine - Of course, learning the Japanese language will bring you closer to Japanese cuisine.

18 - Making Exchanges - Learning this new language, you can earn an exchange, or pay one.

19 - Learn new and unique words - There are thousands of words in the Japanese language, with different meanings that do not exist in any other language.

20 – Improves English - It seems strange, but when studying Japanese, you will also be studying your language.

21 - Speaking fast - Although the Japanese use more words, Japanese people talk at an extremely fast speed.

22 - Change the way of seeing the world – Studies prove that when you learn a new language, you change your personality when you speak that language. The way of the person changes a lot, you gain a new vision of the world.

Reasons to study Japanese involving skills

Let’s finish by sharing a list with more reasons for you to study Japanese, totaling 50 reasons for you to dedicate yourself to the famous language. You can start by downloading our books by registering on the form at the beginning of each article.

  1. Chat with a Japanese;
  2. Syllabic alphabets;
  3. Teach others;
  4. Listening to Japanese music and understanding;
  5. It creates a different view of the world;
  6. You can get a scholarship in Japan;
  7. Saying I love you in Japanese;
  8. Watch Anime without subtitles;
  9. Watch Dorama without subtitles;
  10. Watch Tokusatsu without subtitles;
  11. Watch movies and any TV program;
  12. Read books;
  13. Read manga;
  14. Read Light Novel;
  15. Sing Karaoke;
  16. You will learn that Sayonara is not goodbye;
  17. You will understand that Japanese and Chinese are not the same;
  18. You will know that Japanese people do not speak flango pastry Yes it is Furango Pasuteru.
  19. It increases your memory;
  20. Learn to read Ideograms;
  21. Learning to Write Ideograms;
  22. Understand what the Japanese say;
  23. Access websites in Japanese;
  24. Play games in Japanese;
  25. Play Visual Novel;
  26. New topics to talk about;
  27. Discover that Japanese is not a difficult language;
  28. He loses years of his life learning Kanji. (Very Fun);
  29. Thousands of other reasons and opportunities related to the country Japan;

Learning new and strange words

Another advantage and reason for studying Japanese are the new words and expressions that you don’t even know existed. See some below:

Bakkushan: She is a beautiful woman. But only when viewed from behind, not from the front.

Aki ga tatsu: The literal translation of this expression is "the autumn breeze has started", but its most melancholy meaning is the cooling of both parties involved in a loving relationship after the end of the passion.

Hikikomori: is an invented term that designates behavior of extreme domestic isolation. Hikikomori are young people (15 to 29 years old) who stop studying and working to be supported by their country / family.

Itadakimasu: You must have seen people talking in movies / anime ”Itadakimasu”Before eating or after eating. The word is something like receive something from a superior, in this case, the “Gods” and literally this phrase means: “I receive / I accept”, but the proper translation is as if it were our “Good appetite” is a little confusing.

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