Floating tea stalk – A sign of luck

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Did you know that there is a Japanese tradition that believes that a tea stalk floating in the middle of the cup is a sign of luck?

In this article, you will learn about 茶柱が立つ (Chabashira ga tatsu, standing tea stalk).

茶柱: 乱志&流三の落語徘徊

Green tea and the sign of luck

The Japanese are usually superstitious in the smallest details of life. Over-consumers of teas, especially green tea, the Japanese believe that if the tea stalk stands upright (i.e. “tatsu” meaning "to lift") floating in the liquid, this translates to a sign of good omen, luck, fortune and good omen.

The Japanese expression is composed of the word tea (茶, ちゃ = cha), the word pillar or stalk (柱, はしら = hashira) and the verb 立つ (たつ, tatsu = to rise, to stand).茶柱が立つ (ちゃばしらがたつ, chabashira ga tatsu).

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