Floating tea house - A sign of sorte

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Did you know that there is a Japanese tradition that believes that a tea stalk floating in the middle of the cup is a sign of luck?

In this article, you will learn about 茶柱が立つ (Chabashira ga tatsu, standing tea stalk).

茶柱: 乱志&流三の落語徘徊

Green tea and the sign of luck

The Japanese are usually superstitious in the smallest details of life. Super consumers of teas, especially green tea, the Japanese believe that if the stem of the tea stands up (that is, "tatsu" meaning "raise") floating in the liquid, this translates as a sign of good omen, luck, fortune and good omen.

The Japanese expression is composed of the word tea (茶, ちゃ = cha), the word pillar or stalk (柱, はしら = hashira) and the verb 立つ (たつ, tatsu = to rise, to stand).茶柱が立つ (ちゃばしらがたつ, chabashira ga tatsu).

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