The 5 best gambling manga

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Whether online or not, gambling manga is a big hit. They present emotion, psychological terror while combining drama and passion. In short, all the feelings you need to produce a good manga.

Fans of anime and gambling, in this article we will introduce you to the 5 best manga with gambling or gambling themes. It doesn't necessarily involve casino or money, often even a simple sport can have the thrill of luck.

Liar Game

Liar Game is a super famous manga in Japan. Created by Shinobu Kaitani, this game-themed work was so successful that it even won a television drama.

“Congratulations, you just won 100,000,000 yen by registering for Liar Game! “. It was through this message, written on an innocuous card, that Nao Kanzaki saw his life change dramatically. The young woman, who is still naive, ends up getting involved in a game of lies and deceit.

As its name suggests, the Liar game is a one-on-one competition where players are asked to show their talent of lying to win the game. This is then completed when a player manages to get their opponent's money within a month.

Liar Game is a manga where suspense, pressure and tension mix. The anime follows several games involving intelligence and lies, but which our protagonist manages to solve and make everyone win.

Recommendation and review – liar game


Better known as Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji, this work is about gambling and life or death games. One of the strengths of this manga is that it develops a realistic synopsis of many who watch (having debt). This contributed greatly to its success.

Having just finished his studies, Ito Kaiji settles in Tokyo to find a steady job. After some events he ends up owing money on behalf of a friend.

In order to repay a large sum of money owed to a stranger named Endo, the manga hero will board the floating casino named Hope. This one gives the hope of winning a big jackpot in just one night. This is how Kaiji will plunge into a crazy adventure.

Kaiji and the world of betting – recommendation

Gamble Fish

Appearing on screens in 2007, Gamble Fish is also one of the many manga developed around the gambling theme. 15 years after its release, this work continues to seduce the public.

As for its synopsis, it differs slightly from that presented by other anime.

In fact, Gamble Fish tells the story of a young student who has just arrived at a very famous rich school. Uninterested in the goals of this establishment, young Tomu launches a crazy challenge to everyone: turn a 100 yen coin into several billion yen thanks to betting over the period of a few months.

The game must meet only one condition: the value of the bet must be double that of the previous game. The school's students will then embark on this game, determined to shut up young Tomu. 

The 5 best gambling manga

The Legend of the Gambler: Tetsuya

Shinjuku is a city where people have little money to buy the basic necessities to survive. Some turn to gambling in hopes of multiplying their assets.

Tetsuya, the hero of the manga, visits the Mahjong halls where he crushes all his opponents. His success will be interrupted when he meets Boushu-san, an extremely talented player. 

The 5 best gambling manga

One Outs

One Outs is an anime and manga about one of the most popular sports in the world: baseball. But, if you believe that this is the only theme developed by this work, you are wrong.

In fact, this 25-episode anime also develops gambling. The synopsis says it all!

Hiromichi Kojima, a star drummer on a baseball team, travels to Okinawa to start a new story in his life. He meets Toua Tokuchi, the undisputed champion of a baseball-derived betting game called "One Outs".

Baseball – Understanding Japan's Most Popular Sport

After a few tries, Tokuchi is convinced that Kojima would be a good player in "One Outs". He then offers him to join his baseball team and sign his One Outs contract. But the latter will differ from the usual contract because the new recruit will receive 5 million yen for each opponent eliminated, but lose 50 million yen for every point they concede.

In short, if you are passionate about manga and gambling, kill two birds with one stone by watching one of the best manga about gambling at the moment. You have been presented with a ranking of the best manga in this category. So, if in doubt, start with the works on this list.

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