Japanese words guide for tourists


Say you plan to travel to Japan, but you know almost nothing about Japanese? You can be fluent in English, but that won't help much. It is certainly necessary to know some words in Japanese, for this we made this basic guide to help you increase your vocabulary and try to survive in Japan. We will divide this guide into categories.

Orders and Questions

When you are in Japan, you will need to ask a lot of questions, where is that? What does that mean? Someone speaks Portuguese? The words in the table below can help you understand and know how to ask these questions.

ですかdesukaOr just か - kaUsed to ask questions
どこdokoWhere place / thing + doko + desuka = (thing) where is it?
どう ​​してdoushiteBecause?
どう ​​したdoushitaWhat happened?
だれdarewho dare + desuka = Who is it? (he / you)
ここkokoOn here
いくらikurahow much (price)ikura + desuka = How much does it cost?
Guia de palavras japonesas para turistas

What can I ask? For that, we need to know the name of some places that tourists usually look for.

トイレtoireWC toire doko desuka? = Where is the bathroom?
fukuLocker room
大学daigakuSchool / College daigaku wa koko desuka? = Is this the university?
本屋honyaBook store
ie / uchiHome / My Home
コンビニkonbiniConvenience Stores
温泉onsenHot Springs

Sometimes you may experience some difficulty or need help, here are some emergency words.

助けてtasuketehelp-meHELP! Help!
わかりませんwakarimasenI do not knowFormal = nihongo (wo) wakarimasen = I don't know Japanese
わからないwakaranaiI do not knowInformal = Wakaranai + eigo + onegai = I don't understand, English please
やめて!yamete!Stop this!A pervert appears ...
だめladyCan notDo not do it!
危ないabunaiDangerousIf you hear that, look around
危険kikenDanger, dangerA more extravagant Abunai
くださいkudasaiPleaseTasukete + kudasai = Help me please!
おねがいonegaiPleaseKudasai is used after -te and onegai is used for orders
ありがとうございますarigatougozaimasuThank you so muchGozaimasu makes the word more formal and polite
すみませんsumimasenexcuseWhen stumbling over someone on the street
ごめんなさいgomennasaiexcuseWhen to trip and annoy someone (like a kak yakuza)
合コン gōkon

Words related to alimentação

Everyone loves food, no one can live without it! So now let's talk a little bit about food!

おなかすいたonaka suitaI'm hungrycasually: はらへった (Hetta hara)
食べますtabemasuEattabemasen or tabenai = Do not eat
飲みますnomimasuDrinknomimasen = Do not drink
美味しいoishiiTastydelicious, very good
不味いmazuiBadit doesn't taste good
いただきますitadakimasuThanks for the foodused before meals, see more.
ごちそうさまでしたGochisousama + deshitaThanks for the foodused after meals

Words you should know

The most basic Japanese words like greetings, good morning, thank you, etc.

おはようございますohayou (gozaimasu)Good Morningspeak only ohayou is informal
こんにちはkonnichiwaGood Afternoon / Hi
こんばんはkonbanwagood eveningwhen meeting
お休みoyasumigood eveningwhile sleeping
ではまたdewamataSee you later
また明日kill ashitaSee you tomorrow
さようならsayounarabyegoodbye is different bye
じゃねjyaneGoodbyesome say bai bai (very informal)
watashiIOther ways of speaking me.
kareHecan mean boyfriend
彼女kanojoShecan mean girlfriend
たちtachiPlural formLeave plural pronouns 私たち watashitachi = We

There are some interesting rules about pronouns or sentence formation that we will not go into in detail.

Guia de palavras japonesas para turistas

What can help me now?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, you need to learn many things, such as numbers, verbs, adjectives, food, etc. So let's leave a list of articles with vocabularies below for you to learn and survive in Japan.

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