Questions to chat in Japanese

Have you tried to chat on social media with some Japanese, but you can't remember interesting questions to keep a conversation going? You may even be at an advanced level of Japanese, but if you are not conversational, you may be lost without knowing what to ask.

Thinking about it, we have separated some questions for you to ask in a conversation with native. These are introductory and common questions to ask someone you are just getting to know or want to talk to.


The Japanese are simplistic, they can talk about any common topic that you would find strange to talk to a person. In Brazil we already have the habit of meeting someone and asking everything about the person's life, it is not usually so in Japan.

You should take it easy and ask quiet questions and maybe even talk about bread. Answering questions can be easy, but asking them is not so simple, especially when we are not familiar with Japanese grammar.

Questions to chat with a Japanese


Questions to generate topic in Japanese

Let's skip all those questions that everyone knows as good morning, good afternoon, how are you, it's a pleasure… If you don't know these words, we recommend reading the following articles before continuing on this one.

What do you do in your spare time?
- 暇の時に何するんですか?
- Hima no toki ni, nani surun desu ka?

What's going on?
- 何してるの?
- Nani shiteru no?

What are your hobbies?
- 趣味はなんですか。
- Shumi wa nan desu ka?


What ah wrong?
- Doushitan desu ka?

How's the weather?
- 天気はどうですか。
- Tenki wa dou desu ka?

Are you hungry?
- お腹が空いていますか。
- Onaka ga aite imasu ka?


What is it?
- これは何ですか。
- Kore wa nan desu ka?

Where do you live?
- どこに住んでいますか。
- Doko ni sunde imasu ka?

What is your job?
- 仕事は何ですか。
- Shigoto wa nan desu ka?

How old are you?
- 何歳ですか。
– Nan sai desu ka?


How tall are you?
- 身長はどのくらいですか。
- Shinchou wa dono kurai desu ka?

Shall we go out (have fun) someday?
- いつか遊びにいきませんか.
- Itsuka asobi ni ikimasen ka?

What are you doing?
- 何をしているんですか.
- Nani wo shite irun desu ka?

Questions to maintain a conversation is a very complex thing to write, since there are thousands of questions to ask a person. I hope you enjoyed this short article, if you have any questions, just comment below. Thanks for sharing!