Tsuchinoko – Yokai that looks like a fat snake

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One of the most popular things in Japanese mythology is the yokai. The famous spirits and creatures that inhabit the land with us. There are thousands of them, and in this article we are going to talk about Tsuchinoko [槌の子].

In Japanese folklore, Tsuchinoko is a snake-like being. His name can be literally translated as “son of the hammer” or “son of dirt”. This name, “tsuchinoko” is prevalent in Western Japan, including Kansai and Shikoku.

Tsuchinoko - Yokai that looks like a fat snake

In the northeastern region of Japan, however, that name no longer applies as much. In this region, this creature is known as bachi hebi. The nomenclature may be different, but the creature is the same. So let’s stop talking about names and start talking about the creature itself.

Curiosity: The Pokemon Dunsparce was inspired by this Japanese yokai. 

How is a Tsuchinoko?

Tsuchinoko is described as being 30 to 80 centimeters long and very much like a snake. However, it has a central circumference that is much wider than the head or tail. Yes, we can compare this appearance to a snake when it eats something big and gets swollen.

Tsuchinoko - Yokai that looks like a fat snake

In addition, Tsuchinoko has similar fangs and poison to those of the vipers. Some reports also describe tsuchinoko as being able to jump up to 1 meter away. And it doesn’t stop there, he still has the ability to take another leap while still in the air.

According to legend, some tsuchinoko have the ability to speak and a propensity to lie. They also have a taste for alcohol. The legend records that sometimes the Tsuchinoko swallows its own tail thus managing to turn like a wheel.

Very peculiar things gathered in a creature just a few inches long.

Have you seen any Tsuchinoko?

This is a question that is very difficult to answer positively. After all, this is a yokai, a creature of Japanese folklore. But it is quite easy to mistake a swollen snake for food for this creature. Perhaps this is where rumors about these beings are seen.

Tsuchinoko - Yokai that looks like a fat snake

But seriously, we have many interesting creatures in the Japanese folklore. And it’s always good to learn more about them, you never get bored about this. And as has been said before, we have other articles here on the website that talks about other yokai.

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