Takamagahara - The High Sky Plain


Not long ago, we talked about the Yomi, which is the world of the dead. Now let's talk about the other half called Takamagahara [高天原] or takama-ga-hara, better known as “Plain of the High Sky”.

This is a place in Japanese mythology. We can already imagine a sacred place by name, right? Yes, he has a connection with the gods of mythology. However, there is no other way to get there unless you leave this plan.

One would imagine that people prefer this takama ga hara over yomi. It is as many say, everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. But anyway, we will talk a little about how it is treated in Japanese culture.

Takamagahara [高天原] is written with the ideograms [de] of high [天] of sky and [原] of plains or fields. 
Takama-ga-hara - the plain of the high sky

Takamagahara - The High Sky Plain

In the city of Shinto, Takamagahara, or we can also call Takama no Hara, is the home of the heavenly gods. The place besides being sacred and highly venerated by his followers is very desired in some cases.

He is like the opposite of Yomi, the two seen by appearance are like good (Takama-ga-hara) and evil (Yomi). Each with its beginning and its rules. Many believe that this world can be connected to Earth through a bridge. Ama-no-uki-hashi, that is, “Floating Bridge from Heaven”.

In that case, individuals are allowed to visit Earth. Unlike Yomi in which its door is sealed with a huge stone. Then you come to ask me: But what is there? Well, it's a beautiful question.

Takamagahara - the plain of the high sky

There is the house of ama-tsu-kami and dekuni-tsu-kami. According to Shinto, “love”It is practically an elevated and very sacred place. And that is where the Kotoamatsukami gods are concentrated.

Many tried to explain the descent of the gods through allegories. To demonstrate the migration of peoples there, but it is clear that not everyone managed to understand. It is very likely that, from the beginning, they referred to a higher world in a religious sense.

There is a Shinto myth that explains these legends a little. During the moment of creating everything, light and pure elements branched out to form skies (Ame). And that heavy and cloudy elements branched out to become earth (Tsuchi).

Takamagahara - the plain of the high sky

Finally, Ame became the home of ama-tsu-kami or better known as gods of the sky. While Tsuchi became home to the dekuni-tsu-kami or we can call them gods of the earth. The ama-tsu-kami did not say that she came down from heaven to pacify and perfect this world.


After you read the article about Yomi, you can already know what your options are. Speaking of which, it is good to start thinking about your actions so as not to take risks in the end. Remembering that these places are very important for any culture.

So it is not good to make light of any of them. Be it the yomi with its sealed entrance or Takamagahara with its freedom to make a return visit. As with any culture, they deserve respect and recognition.

Have you ever imagined you dying and going to spend the rest of your time in this place? He is very different from Yomi and has more freedom, and also does not leave the individual suffering in such a dark and dark world.

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