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After the Internet fever of the game, thousands of clones and similar games were launched for Smartphone. In this article, you know several of them.

Click on the game name to access the Download page.

For Android

Dot Muncher - a game based on the principle of big points that eat smaller points. Try to create the biggest point possible, avoiding being eaten by bigger points. It can be played Offiline.


Mitosis: The Game - A more beautiful version of with its own server, it is worth playing. Here you are a cell, looking for smaller cells to absorb and grow.

Nebulous - This one has its different points. There are black holes that can make you grow or divide.

Last Star - The last star, a beautiful and spatial version of the game

Kula - Another slightly different version of, with some skins.


For Windows Phone

There are thousands of clones, unfortunately most are redirected to the official website of that supports on cell phones because it is done in HTML5. - This is the first unofficial native implementation of for Windows Phone. It works with original servers, so you can play with other players around the world. Mobile - A simple shortcut to the website.

Announcement - A simple shortcut to the website.

For IOS - A simple application that accesses the website.

Online Blobbers - A version of for IOS on amazon.


Mitosis - IOS version of the Mitosis Game.

Turbo Dot - Similar to Dot Muncher.

These were some of the clones launched for Smartphones and Tablets. There will probably be thousands of clones in a short time. For Android, just take a look this page.

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