Bongo Cat – The meme of the cat playing instruments

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In 2018, the Bongo Cat, a very nice meme of a cat playing songs using a bong. How did this viral meme come about? What's your origin? What has the internet created using the cat playing bongo and other instruments? In this article, we will see everything about the Bongo Cat and also the keyboard cat!

It all started on May 7, 2018 when twitter user @ditzyflama replied the gif of a cat hitting a @strayrogue table. @Ditzyflama took this gif edited and placed bongos accompanied by the famous soundtrack “Athletic” from Super Mario Bros World. In a short time the tweet gained more than 3800 retweets and 7,000 likes.

Soon after the video was uploaded to YouTube and generated thousands of views, different versions of Bongo Cat were created with several other songs and instruments. Even pages dedicated to Bongo Cat were created on Facebook and social networks.

Original Bongo Cat Video:

Bongo Cat vs Keyboard Cat

Some people make a strong connection between the bongo cat and another meme called keyboard cat which consists of a famous video of a cat playing the piano that appeared around 1980. It is very likely that the video of the cat playing the piano was strongly inspired by the creation of GIF or the memes of the cat playing Bongo.

The original cat named Fatso passed away in 1987, and after many years the original breeder found another cat named Bento to do commercials in 2010. Some claim that the GIF may have been a tribute to the cat Bento, who unfortunately died March 17, 2018 with 9 years old.

Even though there is no link between the Bongo Cat memes and Keyboard Cat, it is undeniable that their similarities also serve to explain the current viralization of Bongo Cat on the internet. Apparently people love cats playing instruments. I always knew that cats rule the world!

Bongo cat - the cat meme playing instruments

Bongo Cat videos

When writing this article I thought I would find cats playing real bongos. I believe that anyone who has a cat and a bong has played around with having the cat tap its paws on the bong. But unfortunately the internet is so infested with animations of cats playing bongos that I can't find any real videos.

The best thing about this meme is that it managed to gather several other memes and songs that have stood out in recent times. We can see several videos of bongo cat with music from games, anime, memes and classics. Maybe that's one of the big reasons why the meme spreads so quickly.

I hope you enjoyed this short article talking about cats that play instruments. We appreciate the comments and shares, to finish we will leave a compilation of videos of cats playing bongo below:

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