The best Japanese dictionaries - List

Everyone who wants to learn a language will need a dictionary, either digital or in book form. So what is the best Japanese dictionary for you to acquire or use? In this article, we are going to do a little search and recommend some dictionaries for Japanese students.

The Japanese language is somewhat complex, requiring dictionaries focused on ideograms, romanized or kana. One of the easiest ways is to use an online dictionary, what we recommend is the famous, where we have even written an article talking about it.


There are also electronic dictionaries that are complete but cost over 1000 reais. I think it is unnecessary since there are paid apps for mobile devices that can replace this electronics. I know that the electronic dictionary has several advantages that these applications don't have, but I don't believe it is worth it.

The big problem is that many prefer to have a book at home to read and consult without using the internet. I just want to remember that dícíonarío is a research tool and not a study. Using too much dictionary to try to memorize words is a delay in learning Japanese. There are several types of dictionaries, some focusing on useful words, vocabularies, topics and without mentioning the patterns to consult.


The best Japanese dictionaries - list

The best physical Japanese dictionaries

In terms of standard Japanese dictionaries we have the famous Michaelis which is available in multiple languages. It tends to be practical and complete, in addition to being large in size. There is a Japanese-English and English-Japanese version. I can't say what the priority is, but if possible it's good to have both dictionaries.

The dictionaries of Michaelis are the main options of the few standard Japanese dictionaries in the Brazilian market. Some resort to apps or other conversation guides, but they are incomplete and do not have all the words, especially the words we are looking for.

Another well-known, but expensive and rare dictionary is from Noemia Hinata. This and Michaelis' are the best known and purchased in Brazil. In addition to these we have a visual pocket dictionary that also has the English language, making it a good option.


The standard English dictionaries are running out. It only remains to talk about the differentiated dictionaries focused on vocabulary. We have one by Thomas P. Koziara with 20,000 words.

Another Japanese dictionary is one that has 3 different summers focused on useful words in common use. Another recommendation is a built-in English-Japanese Conversation guide with a concise 1500-word dictionary. We can also cite another topic-focused vocabulary book.

Before making any choices, we recommend viewing the book's description, reviews, and stock to avoid potential problems. There are few materials in English, which makes it difficult to create our dictionary list. Let's also leave the only book in English focused on kanji that I found.


If you want a kanji-focused material, we recommend reading our RTK article.

English Japanese Dictionaries

To finish the article I will leave some English-Japanese dictionaries for you. I can also leave other related materials and books written entirely in Japanese as illustrated dictionaries, etc. I hope you enjoyed the article! If you want to share with friends, thank you!