Sutanpu - Tourist stamps and train stations in Japan


Japan already uses seal / stamp to sign the name, but today we are going to talk about stamps that serve as a collection and are found in several tourist places and train stations. The famous sutanpu スタンプ are found in various places in Japan, temples, stations, islands, onsen, cities, parks, gardens, shops, konbini, etc.

These stamps are for you to register, collect and remember the place you visited. These stamps are also believed to be a good marketing strategy. They can be of any size, color and shape. Some are stamped in the traditional way, placing the stamp on the cushion and stamping, but there are stamps that look like a giant stapling machine, or that already have the built-in cushion.

There are several different types of stamps, some are launched to celebrate a special occasion, sometimes even go to championships to see who collects more stamps. The good thing is that these stamps found in tourist spots can replace a souvenir or postcard. In most of these places you can find blank sheets, or you can buy a postcard and stamp it for your friends.

In most castles and museums you will find one or more stamps of different sizes or shapes. In the Osaka aquarium you can find stamps of marine animals all over the place. Sometimes you find these stamps in the most unlikely places possible.


Eki Sutanpu - Train stations stamp

These stamps are usually large and represent something that stands out in the place or neighborhood. As there are more than 9,000 train stations in Japan, it is believed that there may be more than 5,000 stamps. Remember that these stamps are updated, some have limited editions, etc.

In most stations the stamp is usually at the entrance or in some prominent place, but each station is different from the other. It can be both outside and inside the station, you can ask an officer where the stamp location is saying: “駅スタンプはどこですか - Eki sutanpu wa doko desuka?“. It may happen to be inside a department of the station like Ticket Office. It is good to ask, does this station have no stamp?

I want to collect!

The first place I found a stamp was at Sky Tree, unfortunately I didn't have a notebook, so the first thing you need to do is get a notebook. Despite having several bookstores on site, the notebooks without a line I found are expensive and weird. I found the perfect notebook in a 100 yen store, and then I put a lot of stickers to hide the notebook logo.

I went to different stations in Tokyo and got several stamps, I had to leave most stations, but I didn't spend because I used JRPass. I found some stamps that have nothing to do with location, anime characters, fish, buildings, etc. I made a video of my little stamp book and I'll leave it for you to watch below:

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