Do you know Beppu? The city of the Onsen?

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Beppu (別府市) is a city located in Oita Prefecture. It is a tourist city with the largest number of hot springs in Japan. The city was built from the ground up to attract tourists and was one of the most sought after spots in the 19th century.

The city has 126 thousand inhabitants, and has an area of 125 km², is known for its large number of onsen, providing varied medicinal baths and unusual walks. In this article, we will see a little of the city, its attractions and reasons to visit it.

Steam in Beppu City

Beppu is a place full of steam. The main reason for the city’s fame is that it has the largest volume of thermal waters in the world, resulting in a lot of steam. Beppu has 2,909 thermal openings within the city limits. This is about 10% of all thermal openings in Japan. If you look at the city from outside on a cool day you will see steam coming from half the buildings in the city.,
Do you know beppu? The city of onsen?

The University from Beppu

The city also has a university known as Asia Pacific University. A very rare school. with almost half of foreign students. Unlike the most cities in Japan, which are full of elderly people, the city has a youthful and tourist atmosphere.

Do you know beppu? The city of onsen?

Sand Baths

Beppu has so much thermal water that it literally bubbles up black sand on the city’s beaches. The city has a service that will dress you in a yukata and bury you in the warm sands of Beppu beach. The beach bath has been enjoyed by visitors for centuries. Several onsen in the city they developed similar baths using hot sand.

Do you know beppu? The city of onsen?

Onsen food

Several restaurants and attractions in Beppu use hot springs to cook a variety of foods. Locals consider it healthy because the food absorbs the rich minerals from the hot springs. The water itself onsen it is also used as an ingredient in a wide variety of snacks and desserts that are sold in local gift shops.

Do you know beppu? The city of onsen?

Monkeys in Beppu

Takasakiyama’s monkey park features 10% of all of Japan’s snow monkeys. You will come across over 1500 monkeys.

Do you know beppu? The city of onsen?

Tourism and Nature

Beppu is also full of somewhat strange tourist attractions, such as theme parks and museums.

Beppu is also surrounded by mountain trails. The best of them lead to hot springs deep in the forest. They are naturally a konyoku. (natural hot spring, without sex division.)

Do you know beppu? The city of onsen?

Hell - Jigoku meguri

Yes, here is the hell known as jigoku meguri, are extremely hot thermal springs that look like hell.

Do you know beppu? The city of onsen?

In addition to these reasons, the city has several others. For a better experience, nothing better than paying a visit to this great city, as this is impossible for some, see this video showing a little of the hot springs and hell.

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