Phrases we hear in Japan’s stations and trains

Riding a train in Japan is wonderful, everything organized and practical, elevators in almost all stations, not to mention little songs that play when leaving and getting on a train. However, have you ever stopped to think about what the phrases and dialogues that are announced inside the train mean? In this Japanese article we will try to translate and help you understand what is spoken at train stations.

Of course, it is not necessary to be an expert in languages to know that most of the time the next station is announced, but we will see all the details of the phrases and announcements made in the train stations. Remember that we will only address the phrases and announcements made by the speaker at the train stations, if you want to know vocabulary and phrases to catch trains read this another article by clicking here. 

The video below shows some announcements that are carried out at stations and inside trains.

Phrases heard on trains

When we are on a train, we usually hear the following phrases:

kono densha wa XXX iki / yuki desu.
This train goes to XXX…

(XXX) Name of stations, example: Ueno, Tokyo and Shinagawa…

tsugi wa Tokyo desu.
Next (stop) Tokyo, it's Tokyo.

Approaching / Coming soon / Logo Tokyo.

Chūōsen, chikatetsu Ginzasen, shinkansen norikaedesu.
(If you wish) The central line, the Ginza metro or shinkansen, this is your transfer.

the deguchi wa migi / hidari gawa desu.
The exit is on the right / left side.

ashimoto ni, go chu-i kudasai.
Watch your feet. Be careful where you step.

Kyou mo JR wo goriyō kudasaimashite, arigatō gozaimasu.
Thank you very much for always (today) using JR.

You can sometimes hear this phrase from companies other than JR, or in slightly different words.

JR 線ご利用お客様はお乗り換えです. (ください)
JRSen go riyō okyakusama wa norikaedesu. (kudasai)
Dear customers using the JR line, please download here.

Doa ga shimarimasu, go chūi kudasai.
The doors are closing, please be careful!

Hakusen / Kiiroisen made sagatte omachi kudasai.
Please wait behind the white / yellow line.

Abunaidesukara, kiiroi sen no uchigawa made osagari kudasai.
Because it is dangerous, please stay before the yellow line.

Mamonaku ichiban sen ni juuji sanjuppun hatsu Odawara iki no ressha ga touchaku itashimasu.
The 10:30 train to Odawara had arrived on line 1 soon.

Those were some of the phrases we learned in this article. If you want to complement the article with other phrases just leave your comment.

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