Get thin with the Japanese Fukutsuji method

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Many people live in a fight with the scales. Maybe, to have that long dreamed thin waist. Many turn to methods like crazy diets, gyms and exercise. Others are more radical. They seek expensive and even dangerous surgical procedures. Even using these many alternatives, the expected results may not be achieved.

In Japan, people are generally of lean nature. Even so, many resort to specialized products and techniques not so common for us Westerners. One of these techniques promises to give you a slim waist. They claim that this procedure can reduce the waist by up to 9 cm in 5 minutes. The best, without leaving the house and with just a towel. This same technique can even correct posture and hip problems. This method is known as Dr. Toshiki Fukutsuji.

Lose weight with the Japanese fukutsuji method

Knowing the Fukutsuji Technique

The Japanese doctor called Dr.Toshiki Fukutsuji was the creator of this method. He specializes in reflexology, shiatsu and acupuncture. This procedure has been expanding not only in Japan, but also around the world. Even, several youtubers and bloggers have tested this method also known as towel exercise. This Doctor, theorized that the accumulation of fat in the abdomen happens mainly due to bad posture.

This exercise basically serves as a body stretch, making the bones return to the right place. And the more the exercise is repeated, the better results will give. The method, in addition to repositioning the bones, strengthens the abdominal muscles. It also eliminates the fecal cake trapped in the walls of the intestine. This means that in the first days of losing a lot of weight. Consequently, exercise distributes body fat, improving appearance.

The technique is very simple, just lie on a rolled towel. This one must be well tied, with a string or elastic, so it doesn't open. Support your lower back on the towel, and lift your arms back. With your hand facing downwards and place your feet together. Just stay in this position for 5 minutes a day and you will already notice the effects.

Fukutsuji Technique Step by Step

  1.  Roll a towel into a cylindrical shape and secure it with a ribbon, string or rubber band;
  2. Lie with your back on top of the towel, in a flat and firm place;
  3.  Fit the lumbar region on the towel, at the height of the navel;
  4. Spread your legs, leaving your feet at shoulder height, letting your toes touch;
  5. Stretch your arms above your head, turn your palms down and touch your little fingers.
  6. Stay in this position for about 5 minutes. Slowly complete the exercise without sudden movements

For best results, repeat the exercise 3 times a day. What did you think of this method? Have you ever heard of it? Really works? Leave your comments and share with friends

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