The 10 Richest People in Japan and the World

Hello everyone, everything good? How much do you think the richest man in Japan has in his account? To answer this question, we prepared the list of the 10 richest people in Japan. And we will also put some information about the 10 richest people in Japan.

Japan does not have the strength of the USA when it comes to net income, in this regard there is no country that surpasses the powerful United States and its population that has the addiction of capitalism in its blood. But that doesn't mean Japan doesn't have its rich people.

As curiosity is what moves the world, we will give the answer to the question at the beginning of the article and we will at the end of it, compare the richest in Japan with the richest in the world, and also put the list of the 10 richest of the world.

The 10 Richest People in Japan and the World

Forbes - Research Source

Forbes – Before going to the list, I will introduce Forbes, from which I based the information. Forbes is a US business and economics magazine. The magazine features original articles and reports on finance, industry, investment and marketing. It also makes and disseminates materials related to technology, communications, science and law and even games.

It is also known for its lists, especially in which it ranks the richest people in the US (known as the Forbes 400) and the world, among others. And it is from your research data that the article was prepared.

Japan's 10 Richest

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rankname of the richest Net worth
#1Masayoshi Son$21.9 B
#2Tadashi Yanai$19.3 B
#3Nobutada Saji$18 B
#4Takemitsu Takizaki$17.6 B
#5Akira Mori$6.6 B
#6Shigenobu Nagamori$5.5 B
#7Hiroshi Mikitani$5.4 B
#8Keiichiro Takahara$5.2 B
#9Akio Nitori$4.8 B
#10Hideyuki Busujima$4.6 B
The 10 Richest People in Japan and the World

The 10 richest people in the world

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rankname of the richest Net worth
#1Jeff Bezos$112 B
#2bill Gates$90 B
#3Warren Buffett$84 B
#4Bernard Arnault$72 B
#5Mark Zuckerberg$71 B
#6Amancio Ortega$70 B
#7Carlos Slim Helu$67.1 B
#8Charles Koch$60 B
#8David Koch$60 B
#10Larry Ellison$58.5 B
The 10 Richest People in Japan and the World

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The richest man in the world

Now as promised let's analyze the two richest in each table. And after we take a look I will put some information about them, but only superficial information and nothing to compromise anyone, after all they are billionaires and tend to watch over their personal safety.

So for starters let's go with the richest man in the world, the guy who founded the giant Amazon and revolutionized e-commerce. The president of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is the first person with a net worth of more than $$ 150 billion in the three decades that Forbes has tracked the wealthiest Americans.

He owns 16% from the colossal e-commerce Amazon, which he founded in a Seattle garage in 1994. Bezos studied at Princeton and worked at a hedge fund before leaving to sell books online. His other passion is space travel: his aerospace company, Blue Origin, is developing a reusable rocket that Bezos says will carry passengers.

  • AGE: 54
  • SOURCE OF WEALTH:, Self Made
  • RESIDENCE: Seattle, Washington
  • CITIZENSHIP: United States
  • MARITAL STATUS: Separate
  • EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts/Science, Princeton University

If you were curious about the history and wealth of some of the people mentioned in the list, we recommend the following readings:

The Richest Man in Japan

Masayoshi Son is considered the richest in Japan and he is the CEO of the telecommunications corporation and Internet call SoftBank. The company's annual revenue is US$ 81 billion (2017). Softbank invested $$ 35 billion in 100 deals in 2017, including investments in office leasing company WeWork and company Uber.

In December 2016, at Trump Tower, Son pledged that SoftBank would lead a $$ 50 billion investment in US companies and create 50,000 jobs.
Son's Vision Fund's investors include Apple, chip company Qualcomm, manufacturing company Foxconn and the family office of billionaire Larry Ellison.

The 10 Richest People in Japan and the World

SoftBank acquired Sprint Nextel, a US mobile phone operator, for US$$ 22 billion in 2013.

  • AGE: 61
  • SOURCE OF WEALTH: internet, telecom, Self Made
  • RESIDENCE: Tokyo, Japan
  • EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts/Science at the University of California, Berkeley

We don't know how long these people's wealth will last or if they will drop in rankings. Until the year 2018 the Amazon giant is still the global leader. And he's about 100 billion dollars ahead of the richest man in Japan. As I said at the beginning of the article, Japan doesn't have the economic strength that the US has.

But that's all for this article. This subject does not bring us benefits, but only kills curiosity, and therefore there is no point in discussing the facts too much. If you have any questions, suggestions, criticism, just leave your comment. Furthermore, thanks to you, my dear reader, for reading this article so far and until the next one.

List of the richest Japanese

To complement the article, let's add a 2015 list showing the 50 richest Japanese in Japan and their heritage. Because it's an outdated list, things can be quite different these days, but it's still useful.

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NoNameAgePatrimony Source
1Tadashi Yanai & family66US$21.1 billionFast Retailing
2Masayoshi Son57US$13.9 billionsoftbank
3Nobutada Saji & family69US$10.9 billionSuntory
4Hiroshi Mikitani50US$10.5 billionRakuten
5Takemitsu Takizaki69US$8.8 billionKeyence
6Keiichiro Takahara84US$5.4 billionunicharm
7Han Chang-Woo & family84US$4.9 billionmaruhan
8Kunio Busujima & family90US$4.4 billionSankyo
9Masatoshi Ito91US$3.8 billionSeven & I Holdings Co.
10Akira Mori & family78US$3.8 billionMori Trust
11Masahiro Miki59US$3.5 billionABC-Mart
12Shigenobu Nagamori70US$3.1 billionNidec
13Yoshiko Mori74US$2.8 billionMori Building Company
14Yasumitsu Shigeta50US$2.1 billionHikari Tsushin
15Kinoshita brothers
US$2.1 billionaccompanies
16Takao Yasuda [ja]66US$2 billionDon Quijote
17Akio Nitori71US$1.9 billionNitori
18Naruatsu Baba37US$1.7 billioncolopl
19Minoru & Yuji Otsuka
US$1.7 billionOtsuka Corporation
20Kanazawa brothers
US$1.6 billionSanyo Bussan
21Hiroko Takei & family
US$1.6 billiontakefuji
22Tada brothers
US$1.6 billionsundrug
23Yusaku Maezawa39US$1.5 billionZozotown
24Kenji Kasahara39US$1.07 billionmix
25Katsumi Tada69US$1.5 billionDaito Trust Construction
26Hirokazu Sugiura & family64US$1.4 billionSugi Holdings
27Chizuko & Michio Matsui
US$1.3 billionMatsui Securities
28Kazuo Okada & family72US$1.3 billionUniversal Entertainment Corporation
29Soichiro Fukutake69US$1.2 billionBenesse
30Yoshikazu Tanaka38US$1.1 billionGREE, Inc.
47Yoshiyuki Sankai56US$1.1 billionCyberdyne Inc.
32Kazuo Inamori & family83US$1.1 billionKyocera
33Nobutoshi Shimamura & family89US$1.1 billionShimamura
34Shoji Uehara87US$1 billionTaisho Pharmaceutical
35Hiroshi Ishibashi68US$980 millionbridgestone
36Yoji Sato & family69US$965 milliondynam
37Masayuki Ishihara66US$950 millionheiwa
38Hajime Satomi73US$925 millionSega Sammy Holdings
39Muneaki Masuda64US$910 millionCulture Convenience Club
40Ryoichi Jinnai88US$900 millionpromise
41Masahiro Noda76US$870 millionObic
42Yasuhiro Fukushima67US$850 millionSquare Enix
43Susumu Fujita42US$780 millionCyber Agent
44Kagemasa Kozuki74US$750 millionKonami
45Yoshitaka Fukuda67US$740 millionAiful
46Yoshiko Shinohara80US$680 milliontempstaff
47Masatoshi Kumagai51US$670 millionGMO Internet
48Satoshi Suzuki61US$650 millionPola
49Tetsuro Funai88US$630 millionFunai
50Kentaro Ogawa & family66US$600 millionZensho

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