Platform sandal: the darling that leaves women in the heights

In Japan it is very common shoes like Geta made of wood or other traditional Japanese shoes made of straw. In this article we will share a new fashion trend that was heavily inspired by Japanese culture, the famous platform sandals.

Platform sandal: the darling that leaves women in the heights

Platform sandal never stopped being a trend. Even so, she promises to invade the catwalks, shop windows and women's looks with more force. Ideal for the woman who doesn't want to get out of the heels, it not only lengthens the silhouette, gives charm, maintains the posture, but also guarantees stability in the step and gives a show of comfort.

This type of footwear that emerged in the 90s and generated shiver, remains on the radar of fashionistas and the fashion world who are always creating new versions of this iconic sandal. Check everything until the end of this text.

Platform sandal: the darling that leaves women in the heights

Platform sandal: discover the different models

Platform sandals get their name because they are usually high with thick and structured heels, unlike thin or block heels. Even so, this sandal loved by women can appear in different versions.

The platform split between the front and the back, which is coming back in full force. It has the highest heel in the back and the lowest in the front, known as Anabela.

The most traditional is the straight and one-piece platform sandal, also known as flatform. The taller versions need to be used with caution to avoid turning your foot, especially on rougher terrain.

Top trends in platform sandals

The platform sandal promises to invade the looks even more. The classic models are still on the rise, but some versions promise to rock:

Colored platform sandal: versions with colors in pastel tones, light like pink, lilac and blue will be on the rise. The neon colors that are present in all the pieces should also be applied to the platform sandals.

Platform sandals with laces: ankle ties, with ribbons, braided style, with ropes in natural materials and mixed colors should be a hit.

Platform sandal: the darling that leaves women in the heights

Tractored platform sandal: this sole that imitates the variations of the tractor tire – hence the success of the name –, should also invade the platform sandal. In addition to squandering style, it also guarantees comfort and stability in the step.

Platform sandal: tips to enhance the look

The platform sandal can be an ally to highlight the biotype of each body. Those who love wearing platform shorts can explore this look for an elongated effect on the legs, combining it with a flat blouse or inside the shorts. For those with longer legs, the tip is to wear the longer top outside of the shorts.

Platform sandal: the darling that leaves women in the heights

Platform sandals also form a perfect marriage with flare pants, also known as bell-bottom pants, pantaloons and pants with wide hems, paying attention only to the length of the leg. pants be in the exact measure. This model is also perfect to wear with long dresses.

Another important tip is to use a platform in harmony with the dress. Different colors such as a light dress and dark sandals can give an elongated winter effect to the silhouette.

Now that you've found out about the darling platform sandal, access the platform at Shafa and choose your new favorite pair.

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