100 Reasons to Love and Travel in Japan

There are more than 100 reasons to visit the Japanese land, discover and appreciate Japanese culture. Japan offers an endless diversity of attractions, and In this article, we'll cite reasons to love and travel Japan.

When you choose a place to travel, what do you look for? Landscapes? Culture? Story? Technology? Stores? Cooking? Something different? If so, in this article I will try to show you why Japan is the best destination for you!

Why visit and travel to Japan?

Located about 18,000 kilometers, Japan is not usually the target of travelers, especially the first trip. Some believe that distance, language and investment are high compared to trips to Europe or America.

The reality is that going to the other side of the world can be cheaper and more fun than trying to go to a neighboring country or even walking in some states in Brazil. I have come across several people spending 10 thousand BRL to make a trip for weeks inside the country, but it is expensive to visit Japan.

It is obvious that if the person is looking for group travel packages of 7/15 days he will end up finding exorbitant prices of 30,000 reais. Only Japan is a country so easy to get around that you can survive 1 month with just 10,000 including the ticket.

If you are a carefree person with financial conditions and prefer to stay in a luxury hotel and rent cars. In Japan you will not spend more than in Brazil or another country. Now I just need to say why Japan should be your destination.

Japan is the best destination for your trip

Japan is different from the usual

When someone travels, she wants to get out of sameness and de-stress, learn new things and venture out. I personally see the USA and most countries in Europe as a civilized Brazil. Even though each country has its prominence, I can't see anything as different and as booming as Japan.

Japan breaks all the paradigms that you are used to. A country where every street corner you can be surprised by something new and never seen in your life. If you are looking for adventure and want to discover new things, Japan is undoubtedly the best destination for your trip.

Japan is the best destination for your trip

Every day I find something interesting about Japan that surprises readers and audiences on this site. I can spend my whole life writing that I will always come across some unique tourist spot, unknown food, bizarre, culture and styles. Just read a little of our website to know the wonders that Japan has to offer.

We are not saying that Japan has the best things in the world, just that in terms of quantity you will never tire of exploring the country in its entirety. Whether visiting castles, temples, islands, mountains or simply walking through gardens, parks, towers, museums and on city streets.

Japan is the best destination for your trip

Japan is all in one place

Some go to the USA just to go to parks like Disney or Universal, in Japan you can also visit these parks and the exclusive Disney water park. Some go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, the Tokyo tower is similar and taller, not to mention the giant Sky Tree.

Some visit forests and zoos to see wild animals, in Japan you can visit places with foxes, deer and monkeys walking freely among the population. Some go to the US to shop, and in capitalist Japan you get some things even cheaper and some unique items.

Japan is the best destination for your trip

Some visit Italy to eat pasta, in Japan in addition to sushi you will come across thousands of pasta, whether Italian or Japanese. In reality Japan is a country of multiple cultures and options for you to be totally lost and to venture deeply on your journey.

Japan is the best destination for your trip

Reasons why Japan is a great destination

I love making lists, so I thought I’d list below some reasons that might make you choose Japan as your next trip destination:

Contrast between traditional and modern - Japan manages to be both technological and traditional with a nature present even in the gigantic Tokyo, which has already been voted the best city in the world and the best destination by several annual rankings.

Traditional and historic sites - Japan is full of historical and ancient monuments, castles, museums, thousands of Shinto shrines and more than 1600 Buddhist temples.

Japan is the best destination for your trip

A country full of mountains and nature - Some question how a country that inhabits more than 126 million people can be so green and full of mountains. Japan’s 80% is formed of mountains and nature. Not to mention the volcanoes that provide several natural hot springs.

Food is cheap and unique – With less than 30 BRL you can eat in a fancy restaurant and sometimes even pay for an all-you-can-eat barbecue. Whether in restaurants or convenience stores, you will be lost with the immense variety of food that goes far beyond sushi.

Japan is the best destination for your trip

Japan is a real contrast of people, sub-cultures and completely different things living together in harmony. Despite mentioning a few things, I will make that generic list of things you can do in Japan:

  • Be moved visitor Hiroshima;
  • Meet the Samurai, Ninjas and Geishas;
  • Enjoy the Japanese gardens;
  • Sleeping in a Capsule Hotel;
  • Ride a bullet train;
  • Climb Mount Fuji and take pictures of it;
  • Go to a hot spring to bathe naked;
  • See fashion, cosplayers, lolitas, punks;
  • Tasting real Sake and Sushi;
  • Use a technological bathroom with a jet of water;
  • Observe the punctuality and organization of things and be jealous;
  • Enjoy the cherry blossoms;
  • Have a feeling of personal security;
  • Visit places full of cats, monkeys, rabbits and deer walking freely;
  • Visit the famous island of Okinawa;
Japan is the best destination for your trip

Traveling to Japan spends less and gets more out of it

According to website budgetyourtrip, we made a list of expenses in some countries, see that in Japan the expenses are much lower. Remembering that it is an American average, I myself spent much less and enjoyed it a lot. I only spent about 150 BRL a day and my trip was very great. The table is in dollars!

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
SpendingJapanAustraliaUSA / USAFranceArgentina
Average cost per day124$195$226$142$109$
Japan is the best destination for your trip

Note in the table that it is much more expensive to travel to the United States than to Japan. Without wanting to compare too much, let’s make a quick list of total expenses per day in each country below:

  • Portugal - 90$;
  • England - 111$;
  • Mexico - 40$ | Cancun - 112$;
  • Ireland - 100$;
  • Thailand - 70$;
  • Canada - 129$;
  • Italia - 150$;
  • Kenya - 1150$;
  • Spain - 132$;
  • New Zealand - 132$;

Not to mention Japan’s ability to withdraw money from ATMs located in convenience stores across Japan.

Japan is the best destination for your trip

How I made my trip to Japan

In just 25 days I was able to visit 14 Cities, 8 Shops, 5 Castles, 5 Towers, an island full of rabbits, 2 aquariums, 4 parks, 3 gardens, 6 museums, 4 mountains, 2 cable cars, a city full of deer , hot springs and thousands of restaurants. I still feel like I could have done more, in addition to failing to do several other adventures by being alone.

Everything was done in a hurry, I got the visa, bought the ticket and in less than a month I left for Japan to stay a month and spent less than 10,000 reais. If I summarize the expenses I had, it would be:

  • 4,000 BRL in transit (via emirates, in the USA you can find up to 2,500);
  • 2,000 BRL of accommodation (about a month in a hostel);
  • 100 BRL per day for food and transportation (within the city);
  • R $ 1400 14-day JR Pass (useful for getting from one end of the country to the other);
100 reasons to love and travel in japan

That's right, a shy 21-year-old, traveled for the first time alone without having any practice in the language. Some are afraid to travel to places they don't know, since I felt safe when getting on the plane and leaving Brazil. Some think that the language will be a difficulty, everything is so easy that I rarely had to deal with conversations.

Still not convinced that Japan is one of the best destinations? Want to plan your trip or don't know how? Finally, we will leave some useful articles for you to know more about Japan and prepare your trip. I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for the comments and shares.

100 reasons to love and travel in japan

Reasons to visit Japan

Festivals -  Japan has many and the best festivals - More than 100,000 festivals take place in Japan each year.

Explore Areá Urbana - Most visitors are fascinated with Japan's cities and neighborhoods, Tokyo alone has more than 50 neighborhoods.

Hot Springs - It is one of the most popular activities in the country. The hot springs are considered a way to renew and connect with nature.

Night life - Japanese people enjoy life. Restaurants, bars, inns, izakaya and clubs are full every night of the week.


Ginza Shop - Ginza is the largest luxury shopping area in Asia. If you go to Tokyo - Ginza is a good choice.

Ryokan - These are traditional Japanese hotels. They have Japanese-style rooms. Ryokan offer the charm of ancient Japan.

Kaiseki - they are traditional Japanese meals with various dishes. Kaiseki is an excellent culinary culture.

Karaoke - Karaoke is a fun experience for couples, friends or large groups.

Japanese Villages - Japan is a highly urbanized society. However, the vast majority of Japan is rural. Japan has dozens of charming towns and villages that are well worth a visit. Consider including Nara, Hakone, Atami, Nikko, Furano, Hakodate, Mount Koya, Kamakura or Shirakawa-go in your itinerary.

Sushi - There is a big difference between Western and Japanese sushi. Experiencing Japanese sushi is highly recommended. Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between cheap and expensive sushi.


Withdraw / Sake - It is possible to taste traditional Japanese rice wine (sake) in almost any restaurant and bar in Japan. It is also available from vending machines.

Acarde Games - There is no doubt about it - Japan has the best game rooms in the world.

Harajuku no Sunday - This area is known mainly as a meeting place for teenagers, and is the location of the department store Laforet, which works with most of the famous youth fashion brands. On Sunday, it becomes a completely different place, full of cosplay, fashion styles, karaoke and some events.

Kabuki - It is the traditional Japanese theater, which incorporates dance in performances. She is known for her elaborate costumes and makeup. All male and female roles are played by male actors.


Juice - Sumo is an exclusively Japanese sport that I don't even need to detail.

Snowboarding and Skiing - Japan has excellent snowboarding and skiing in the winter.

Barbecue or picnic - It is a Japanese summer tradition to have barbecue next to rivers and picnics in parks.

Pachinko Salon - Pachinko is a form of Japanese casino. There are pachinko salons across the country. Pachinko is big business in Japan - the best thing is that people don't bet money, they just play for fun or to exchange prizes.

Temples and Shrines - Japan has about 85,000 temples and 95,000 shrines. Many have beautiful architecture, nature and culture.


Shiatsu Massage - Massage is very popular in Japan - Japanese massage (Shiatsu). Massage like this is all over Japan - hotels, department stores, shopping streets and entertainment areas.

 Photography 額隠 – 神秘的日本白布 Japan is a photographer's dream. This is among the most photogenic spots in the world.


Concerts - Japanese Cities are filled with bustling concert halls large and small. Japan is a popular country in pop, classical music and also a home for artists from all over the world. Japanese music is very worth checking out.

Izakaya - They are Japanese bars that offer food and drink in a social environment. They range from quiet places to the wildest. It's worth visiting even if you don't drink, due to the social environment and the food.

Shinkansen (bullet train) - It is the best way to travel in Japan. They are mess-free, cheap and fast compared to cars and planes. Japan's train system is the most efficient in the world. Shinkansen are rarely late. When they delay, the average delay is usually less than 20 seconds. Bullet trains have a 45-year history in Japan.

Purikura - They are Japanese photo booths that use computer algorithms to change the look. Purikura are popular with teenage girls in Japan. In some places it is only possible to enter men accompanied by a girl.

Cooking your own food in a restaurant - Various types of Japanese restaurant involves cooking your own food at your table. These include okonomiyaki, monjayaki, yakiniku, nabe and shabu-shabu. Cooking food in a group is considered a social and fun activity.

Baseball games 額隠 – 神秘的日本白布 Baseball games are quite popular in Japan and have a very fun atmosphere.

Driving in Japan - It's a unique experience, the traffic is completely clean, quiet, some places allow you to venture out, especially on the country's highways it can feel like a desert, and a great adventure, just be careful not to get lost.


Ramen - They are cheap and tasty. Although ramen is cheap there is a big difference in quality and taste from one store to another.

Music Festivals - Japan has several music festivals in the summer that are worth checking out. These include Summer Sonic and Fuji Rock.

Japanese Castles - Japan has already had around 5000 castles. Today, more than 100 remain in one state or another, it is possible to see its modern architecture and its grandeur.

Tokyo Skyline - There are several towers in Tokyo where you can have beautiful views, including the 2nd largest tower in the world, Skytree.

Christmas lighting - Christmas is not a holiday in Japan. Christmas is considered a romantic day. Couples go out to dinner or to exchange gifts. Even so, Japan is well lit and decorated that rivals any other country in the world.

Japanese garden - There are thousands of Gardens spread across Japan, each with its own look and history. Interesting gardens can be found in temples, parks, ryokan and restaurants.

Konbini - Convenience stores in Japan they are among the most efficient companies in the world. Each corner has a Japanese convenience store where you can find everything. The service is excellent. For example, employees who are stocking shelves will run to the front of the store if they notice a customer in line, to open an additional cashier. Convenience stores are a good example of Japanese efficiency and excellence in customer service.

Bunraku - It's a Japanese puppet theater. It has been held in Japan since the 17th century. The best place to see a show is the Bunraku National Theater in Osaka.

Otaku / Akihabara's Stuff - Japanese pop culture fans and otaku will enjoy shopping in Akihabara Tokyo.


Stay in a Pension - Japanese guesthouses offer unique accommodation (often at a fair price). and it's a great way to get to know the places.

Beaches - Japan is also full of excellent beaches. They are crowded in the summer. Some beaches are popular with families. Others are crowded with teenagers and surfers.

Geisha 額隠 – 神秘的日本白布  They are Japanese women who study the ancient tradition of art, dance and singing. The geisha from Japan makes several performances throughout the year, and you should know.

Thematic parks - Japan loves theme parks. Japanese roller coasters are among the highest in the world, fastest and steepest. For example, the steepest roller coaster in the world is currently Takabisha in Fuji-Q Highland in Yamanashi prefecture (near Tokyo), and don't be afraid, they are made to withstand earthquakes, so there's no danger of falling.

Ninja Villages - Several Japanese cities, including Koka city in Shiga prefecture, have Ninjas houses. Ninja houses typically have passageways, traps, mazes, training rooms and Ninja artifacts. Recommended for history and Ninjas fans. 

Auto Shows - Japan is a paradise for car enthusiasts. Tokyo offers a large number of car showrooms that are open to the public. The city also has major auto events, such as the Tokyo Motor Show and Tokyo Auto Salon, which attract car lovers, the press and members of the automotive industry.


Yukatas - Japanese Yukata are cheap and easy to use. Ryokan provide yukata for guests. If you attend a Japanese summer festival or firework display it is highly recommended to wear yukata.

Yakiniku - These are restaurants that offer customers raw meat, seafood, vegetables and a table with a hot charcoal grill. It's like having a barbecue party in a restaurant.

Japanese Tea Ceremony - it is a cultural activity that is rich in tradition and aesthetics. The tea with snacks are also excellent. The Tea Ceremony is a popular pastime in Japan. People take classes or participate in clubs in schools, temples, tea houses and private residences to learn how to properly conduct the Tea Ceremony. Various festivals and events also offer the tea ceremony. So you have the opportunity to see and chat with a Geisha and Maiko.

Japanese supermarkets - Most Japanese supermarkets have thousands of items that are not available anywhere in the world. It is interesting to take a look.

Products and sweets, food
Products & Sweets, Food

Manga Cafe 額隠 – 神秘的日本白布 Japanese Internet cafes have large manga libraries. As a result, Internet cafes are called manga manga in Japan. Most manga cafes have comfortable seats and free drinks. Other services include video games, DVDs, magazines, light foods, showers and massage chairs.

Yakitori - (literally: grilled chicken) These are restaurants that offer a wide variety of chicken and vegetables on a spit. These small places or stands tend to fill up with drunks.

Japanese Islands - Japan is full of islands, there are more than 6,000 islands, like the most famous Okinawa and small islands full of cats and rabbits. (See the 7 small islands to visit.)

Yakatabune - These are Japanese boats designed with an interior resembling a traditional Japanese house with small tatami tables, etc.

Museums - Japan has several museums, including memorial museums of peace in Hiroshima, and several others.

100 reasons to love and travel in japan

Become a geisha - There are specialized locations in Kyoto that turn tourists into Geishas or Maiko for as little as 10,000 yen.

Wagashi - They are traditional Japanese desserts. They are available in convenience stores, family restaurants, department stores, supermarkets and traditional Japanese restaurants.

Otaku Events - Japan has several cosplay, video games and anime events for Otaku and fans of Japanese pop culture.

Electronics store - Japanese electronics stores offer incredible varieties and prices.

Fast Food - Japan has thousands of unique Fast Food snacks to try.

Shukubo - Japan is full of temples, and some of them have opened doors and offer lodging to tourists, it is a unique opportunity.

Bento - They are Japanese lunchboxes, a true culinary art.


100 yen stores - It is like the 1.99 stores here in Brazil, but with a unique variety of products, there are infinite quality things that you are totally lost.

Japanese Sweets - Japan has a unique variety of sweets and flavors, in addition to launching thousands of limited editions a year.

Capsulas Hotels - Made to assist workers who miss the last train, a unique accommodation experience.

Hiking and Trails - About 70 percent of Japan's area is covered by mountains. Japan has hundreds of hiking trails and mountain climbing locations.

100 yen shops

Odaiba - An artificial island in Tokyo Bay full of attractions and shops for entertainment and leisure.

Souvenir Shop - Souvenir shops are everywhere in the world, but in Japan there are thousands everywhere and with endless varieties of products.

Beauty salons - Doing your nails and hair in Japan is among the best in the world, in addition to great service and a different experience.

Autumn leaves - In the fall Japan becomes a paradise, many of Japan's temples, shrines, parks, gardens and avenues have a unique appearance, full of colors.

Events - Japan has hundreds of festivals and events each month, it is difficult for you to visit Japan and not witness any events.

Hanabi - These are fireworks shows in Japan that usually involve a small outdoor party before the show. You can find people wearing yukata and some small snack stands.

Yokohama fireworks

Anime and Manga - Japan has a giant animation industry that is successful all over the world, one of the factors that attracts foreigners to learn about Japanese culture.

Japanese Language - The Japanese language is among the 10 most spoken in the world, and has attracted many foreigners to learn that language, there are many factors that make this language very interesting.

Games Industry - Japan is a major game manufacturer, there are also countless visual novels, outside of which Nintendo and Sony are located in Japan.

Technology - Japanese technology is known worldwide, and attracts thousands of onlookers.

Education - Japan is known worldwide for having a good education, not only in schools but on a daily basis.

Cleaning - Japan is clean, it has an excellent waste separation and recycling system, in addition to the population's willingness to keep everything clean.

Kawaii - When you are in Japan, you will be surprised by the excess cuteness in everything.

There are thousands of other reasons, over time, we will update this huge list. Leave your comment, about something that drew you to culture and Japan.

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