Gaijin Hunter - Japanese who love foreigners

Gaijin Hunter [外人はハンター] is a term used to label Japanese people who are obsessed with foreigners. An inverted version of the terms weeaboo where Japanese people like absolutely everything about foreign culture and foreigners.

It doesn’t matter if you are ugly or beautiful, boring or cool, the Japanese Gaijin Hunter will chase and love you. She will want to walk with you, take pictures, show you off as a trophy and more.

These hunters can be men or women, they can be interested in a relationship or just friendships. There are several types of Gaijin Hunter, but all have the objective of getting closer to foreigners, something that can be cool, but it can become boring.

What is a Gaijin Hunter?

What exactly makes a person a Gaijin Hunter? Do not confuse ordinary people of these natural hunters. A Gaijin Hunter is obsessed and thinks only of foreigners, most of the time ignoring his own culture.

Gaijin Hunter also has goals. Some just want to train their English, these are called English Vampire. These vampires approach people on the street with the aim of speaking and training their English. They are passionate about the language and are fully dedicated to it.

Gaijin hunter - Japanese people who love foreigners

These foreign hunters also seek them out in order to have sex and then discard them. Others just want to take advantage of gifts and food, or show it off with their friends.

Some have more ambitious dreams like marrying a foreigner and leaving Japan because they don’t like their country at all. Others want to have foreign children. It doesn’t matter if it is male or female, these hunters have ambitions.

It is normal to have interests when dealing with foreigners. The difference between a hunter and an ordinary person is in the attitude and way of acting. You will know how to differentiate when you meet one. Most of the time it is very explicit in the person.

Gaijin hunter - Japanese people who love foreigners

A Gaijin Hunter will do crazy things to capture you. To this day I remember two Japanese women on the train smiling at me and spreading their legs showing their panties. Maybe they are just perverted girls, but I don’t fall for them. Instead of hunters, they could just be scammers who call the police to cause riots.

How to avoid Gaijin Hunter in Japan?

First of all, if you are in Tokyo, stay away from Roppongi. This place is packed with Gaijin Hunters, especially at nightclubs. Some places in Shinjuku should be avoided as well.

Gaijin Hunters tend to frequent places that are frequented by westerners. Avoid restaurants, bars and places that offer discounts to foreigners or is made especially for english speakers and foreigners.

Gaijin hunter - Japanese people who love foreigners

Avoid speaking English or another language, use only Japanese in Japan or keep quiet. If you are speaking another foreign language you will come across a Gaijin Hunter who is always waiting to attack the prey.

If you are using English, then you will not have much of a social life outside of the gaijin crowd and gaijin hunters. If any Japanese insists on speaking English with you, they are probably trying to train your English and are famous English Vampire!

If you think of meeting Japanese women in relationship apps, know that this is the place that has the most Gaijin Hunters. If you start to dating a japanese, try to find out about her past to see if she isn't obsessed with foreigners.

Gaijin hunter - Japanese people who love foreigners

Not that it’s a bad thing, but foreign-obsessed girls date you mainly for that, not because they love you. The danger of dating a Gaijin Hunter is that you are replaceable. I myself have come across several friends in relationships with Japanese who are possible hunters of foreigners.

If the Japanese says that haafu (mixed children) are beautiful, she is probably a Gaijin Hunter and just wants to have her child. If you are a descendant of Japanese, don’t worry, most hunters prefer native foreigners.

Lies about the Gaijin hunters

Much of the Gaijin Hunter is a myth perpetuated by white men who have a fetish for Japanese women and say they love them. You know that moment when you think a girl likes you, but it’s really just a friend zone? That’s right!

Gaijin hunter - Japanese people who love foreigners

When it comes to Gaijin Hunter people have the impression that there are thousands of girls obsessed with foreigners. These people are not uncommon, but they just have different fetishes like many people.

Sometimes these girls prefer a European, a black or maybe someone who knows the English language. It's just people with different tastes like the Brazilians, who end up getting excited when it comes to finding what they like.

Not to mention that many Japanese like to associate with foreigners because they do not have good experiences with their own people. In the same way that many foreigners who like Japanese women tend to be rejected by their own race.

Gaijin hunter - Japanese people who love foreigners

Despite talking so much about these hunters, you can live for decades in Japan and never come across these people.

Do I need to be afraid of hunters?

I don’t think so, in fact, it’s not even good to label people with that term. Many Brazilians go to Japan with the same goal, to hunt Japanese. Whether for a relationship or just to train the language and immerse yourself in the culture.

Even in Brazil we have the famous Japanese hunters who cannot see an Asian and are desperate trying to talk in the native language or make friends. I myself am one of those hunters.

Gaijin hunter - Japanese people who love foreigners

In the same way that we talked to Japanese people to train our language, you don’t have to be afraid or victimize yourself with the Gaijin Hunter, doing that is kind of hypocrisy. Many complain about these hunters’ obsession, but they are the same.

Okay, Japanese people take things seriously or exaggeratedly as we saw in this article. Just don’t be overly afraid either… Although I personally believe that many readers will be looking for these gaijin hunters when they are in Japan.

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