Little World – Discovering countries without leaving Japan

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In the city of inuyama in Aichi Prefecture near Nagoya there is a gigantic park called Little world Museum of man. In this park you are able to see the whole world without leaving Japan in just one place.

We already have an article talking about some villages, theme parks and resorts that draw inspiration from other countries and regions. This time we are talking about a single place that takes you on a journey through several countries in the world.

Little world - discovering countries without leaving japan

This time we are going to fail in detail about Little World or ritoruwaarudo [リトルワールド] which literally means small world. A museum/park full of replicas and constructions from several countries, mainly from Europe and Asia.

The Story of Little World

Little World was founded in 1970 as an anthropological museum and amusement park. Buildings representing a total of 22 countries were constructed, apart from some buildings representing parts of Japan such as Okinawa and Hokkaido.

Little world - discovering countries without leaving japan

In this open museum, people can visit these buildings full of objects and representations of their countries, and can even wear traditional costumes from France, Germany, Korea, Okinawa and other countries.

The museum also holds different exhibitions, events, concerts and other projects representing different countries. It is also possible to try the local cuisine of some countries or buy products that originated in that country.

Little world - discovering countries without leaving japan

Little World attractions

There are more than 12 square kilometers of park in a walk of about 2.5 kilometers to walk through 33 buildings and 22 countries. All this not to mention a gigantic exhibition/museum that is right at the beginning of the Little world.

In addition to all the buildings and countries mentioned, you can also access this museum exhibition with more than 6000 objects extracted from more than 70 countries. Historical objects and that tells the whole story of the human race.

Little world - discovering countries without leaving japan

The museum's exhibition is separated by 5 themes that are evolution, technology, language, society and value. Near the entrance of the place you also have access to a gift shop and a restaurant called World Bazaar Café with food from all over the world.

By walking through all regions you can experience meals from Taiwan, Germany, Okinawa, Peru, Indonesia, Africa, Italy, France, India, Turkey, Thailand and Korea. You can, for example, eat jacare meat at the African restaurant or eat a cheese from France.

Little world - discovering countries without leaving japan

You will find themed stores with products originating from each country from buildings in Okinawa, Taiwan, Peru, Indonesia, Germany, Alsace, France, Italy, India, Nepal, Africa, Turkey, Korea and Japan. You can find jewelry, offerings from the gods, dolls, food, as well as thousands of wines and beers.

The place also has a bus that runs everywhere, vending machines, places to get stamp stamps for your stamp collection notebook.

Little world - discovering countries without leaving japan

My Little World Experience

Without a doubt, the Little World park is proof of how great the Japanese are, who managed to once again put the fragment of different countries and their cultures in just one place. At Little Word you can appreciate architecture, clothes, music, typical dishes and even the smell of each country.

Little world - discovering countries without leaving japan

I accessed Little World via a bus from Nagoya Station. There are several ways to get to the park, the site offers some routes and prices for buses or other means of transport.

I was invited by some friends to go to Little World at the last minute, and I ended up arriving early. Upon arrival I paid about 1700 yen to enter the park. I walked alone through the museum exhibit while my friends didn't arrive.

Little world - discovering countries without leaving japan

The amount of historical objects that represent the evolution of our society spread throughout the exhibition is incredible. One of the most interesting museums I've visited, and to imagine it was just the beginning.

During this tour I visited a place where they got me wet simulating a windstorm. Dress up a Panda and a Chinese Girl head, visit a house full of dolls and toys. I bought products from Germany and ate alligator and snake meat.

Little world - discovering countries without leaving japan

It was one of the most fun places I've visited, and I can't explain my entire experience with text, so the photos in this article are totally original and taken by me. I hope these photos show some of my Little World experience.

Have you ever had the chance to visit this place? What did you think of Little World? Already added to your travel list? If you liked the article, don't forget to share and leave your comments. What do you think about reading about the small towns in japan?

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