Name of kitchen utensils in Japanese

Japanese cuisine is known for its precision and attention to detail, reflected not only in the ingredients and techniques, but also in the utensils used. Each tool has a specific role in the preparation of dishes, and knowing them is essential for those who wish to delve into Japanese culinary arts.

In this guide, we present a comprehensive list of the main kitchen utensils in Japanese, accompanied by their translations and their respective romanizations. This list will be useful for both Japanese cuisine enthusiasts and those who are beginning to explore this fascinating gastronomy.

Get ready to discover the names and uses of tools ranging from the most common, such as knives and spoons, to the most specific, such as tea strainer and electric rice cooker. Let's start this culinary journey!

This list of words is also useful for those who live in Japan, want to cook, buy kitchen products, but don't know the name of anything in Japanese.

Suihanki - rice cooker and its countless possibilities

List of Kitchen Utensils in Japanese

  1. 茶碗 chawan - tea bowl bowl
  2. mizukiri - draining rack strainer
  3. setomono - dishware dishware
  4. Bladed weapons - utensils
  5. Plate. dish
  6. mizusashi - water pitcher jarro
  7. yakan - watering can kettle
  8. houchou - knife Knife
  9. receiving container shrimp
  10. saji - Spoon
  11. 茶瓶 chabin teapot
  12. 急須 - kyusu teapot
  13. スプーン - spoon Spoon
  14. ナイフ naifu - Knife Knife
  15. お箸 ohashi - chopsticks chopsticks
  16. Can opener - can opener
  17. へら - hera spatula
  18. オーブン (oobun) - Oven oven
  19. tenpi - Divine Fire oven
  20. 電子レンジ denshi renji - microwave microwave oven
  21. 冷蔵庫 - refrigerator refrigerator
  22. コーヒーメーカー - Coffee maker coffee machine
  23. Electric kettle electric pot
  24. 炊飯器 suihanki - Rice cooker rice pan
  25. denshi jaa - Electric jar electric rice cooker
  26. Home bakery bread machine
  27. トースター toaster toaster
  28. オーブントースター - Toaster oven toaster oven
  29. フードプロセッサー - Food processor food processor
  30. ミキサ mikisaa - Mixer blender
  31. ホットプレート hot plate electric plate (grill)
  32. nabe - pot pote
  33. Pressure cooker pressure cooker
  34. steam cooker steam pot
  35. やかん yakan - kettle kettle
  36. frying pan - fryer
  37. はかり hakari - scale scale
  38. しゃもじ shamoji -shamoji uma colher de arroz plana
  39. houchou - knife rice ladle
  40. バターナイフ (batta naifu) - Butter knife butter knife
  41. フォーク fooku - Fork fork
  42. スプーン - spoon Spoon
  43. This term is already in Japanese and does not need translation. measuring spoon
  44. measuring cup measuring cup
  45. Can opener - can opener
  46. コルク抜き koruku nuki - Corkscrew corkscrew
  47. nabetsukami - pot holder oven mitt
  48. お玉 (otama) - ladle shell
  49. フライ返し furai gaeshi - Furai Gaeshi spatula
  50. 茶こし chakoshi - Tea strainer tea strainer
  51. awadateki - (untranslatable) egg beater
  52. こしょう入れ koshou ire - Peppercorn grinder pepper shaker
  53. mizukiri dai - water draining board colander

Questions to buy kitchen products in Japanese

Kono nabe wa doko de kaemasu ka?

Where can I buy this pot?

Kono houchou wa dono kurai no nedan desu ka?

How much does this knife cost?

Osara no setto wa arimasu ka?

Do you have a set of dishes?

Kono chawan wa denshi renji de tsukaemasu ka?

Can this bowl be used in the microwave?

Motto ookii furaipan wa arimasu ka?

Do you have a larger frying pan?

Kono koohii meekaa wa tsukaiyasui desu ka?

Is this coffee machine easy to use?

Osusume no houchou wa dore desu ka?

Which knife do you recommend?

Kono kyuusu wa Nihonsei desu ka?

Is this teapot made in Japan?

Denki potto no hoshou kikan wa dono kurai desu ka?

What is the warranty period for this electric pot?

Suihanki no tsukaikata wo oshiete itadakemasu ka?

Can you teach me how to use the rice cooker?

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