Do Japanese people eat only with chopsticks?

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Everyone knows that in Japan and other Asian countries chopsticks (箸) are used, which are 2 sticks made of wood, bamboo, ivory, metal or plastic to eat. Only that leaves some doubts like: Do they eat everything with chopsticks? Don’t they use cutlery? How do they do it? In this article, we will analyze and answer these questions.

Nobody knows for sure the real origin of chopsticks, but it is a very old instrument and used by several countries even outside Asia. The fact is that this instrument is not difficult to handle, and it becomes a kind of very practical and simple forceps.

How do the Japanese manage to eat with Hashi?

You must imagine that chopsticks are practical for eating pasta like pasta, picking sushi, leaves and some other foods. However, how do the Japanese manage to eat rice with Hashi? Firstly, it is clear that the Japanese separate their food in bowls instead of using a single dish as in Brazil.

The Japanese rice it is usually sticky, so it will not fall out of the chopstick when you pick it up. Even though it is sticky, Japanese rice is not like Brazilian rice. It is sticky but gives the impression that it is loose, in addition to being very tasty. I don’t like porridge rice but I had no problems with Japanese rice.


It is much easier to shave the rice bowl with a chopstick than with a fork, the Japanese eat to the last grain, the shape of the bowl and the chopsticks help a lot to accomplish this. In the case of wet dishes like soup, one simply drinks straight from the bowl or a spoon is served at the table.

When the Japanese are eating something like fried rice and some other dishes, it is very normal for the Japanese to use cutlery. Especially when the cuisine is native to another country, like an Italian restaurant. That is, Hashi is not used at all times. Trying to eat western rice with chopsticks is the same as trying to get flour from them.


What are the advantages of Hashi?

It is much easier to pick things up with chopsticks. Since you are good at using them, eating a salad is much easier than with a fork. Eating pasta is also much easier. Forks and knives make noise and scratch the ceramic bowls, so it is much better to use chopsticks.

On the other hand, it is much more difficult to cut something with chopsticks like a tough steak. But in most cases the dish is served already cut, otherwise you will have a knife and fork at your disposal.

We can conclude that using chopsticks is not difficult, but it is easy and really practical. If you are still afraid of these chopsticks, don’t worry that in time everything will be resolved and you will feel their ease and practicality.

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    • Lembro que a minha primeira vez pedi para o restaurante me dar um hashi para levar para casa, e aí pratiquei para usar sem aquele clips que coloca para os iniciantes..