Experiences after watching over 100 anime

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After the 100 watched anime you notice some changes in your way of thinking and acting, some of these experiences are good, others are not.

I'm too lazy to organize my EVIL, so I don't know how many I've seen. But I guess it is somewhere between 300 to 500. Compared to me, there are people with more than 1000 anime on their curriculum, I think I'm destined for that.

Not everything is remarkable, but taking a look at other people's opinions, you notice things about yourself. Of course, about your new tastes too, tastes that are not always refined, maybe you understand me.

Not everyone undergoes changes with 100 anime, it can be with less or with more. In my case it was around 50 to 70, but without a very critical view.

The list was based on myself and I will also credit the website OtakuBFX which inspired the idea for this article. So if you don't agree, you can comment, no offense, please.

Anyway ... It's getting boring, so let's go to the list?

Sanity, what is that?

Dear friends, this is something that happens to all of us at some point, whether we like it or not. If it is your case, take a break, have a limit on your life.

When you enter this wonderful world of anime, the most common thing is that you start running marathons frantically, without pauses or anything. Hours and hours watching anime, full of magic and fantasy that at some point attacks your brain. Some try to conjure portals, others try to use an enchantment, some just a simple KAMEHAMEHA, others more harcore simply try to use the Gess or Sharigan that is hidden within them.

As said, some impersonate Chuunibyou's. But others, and the most common, like myself, simply fall into deep crisis. In fact they are crises… Like wanting to isolate yourself, crying for nothing and in some cases, having a Waifu/husband as your only friend and love.

Experiences after watching over 100 anime

Legend, for what?

At first, without knowing anything about Japanese, you feel lost in this world, but then you have an encounter with the subtitles. But after a while you no longer feel attached to it, but it is still there for you.

It is something natural, after watching many anime you realize that there are lines in the anime that you do not need to read to know what is happening. In some cases you get to know the next speech by the expression of the characters or by knowing the character to the point of predicting their lines, even without having watched that episode.

But of course, do not abandon the caption until ... Not to mention those who want to start reading Light Novels and Mangas in Japanese after a while ...

Experiences after watching over 100 anime

Greater interest in Japan

And this is how Japan becomes a wonderful country for many people.

As a child I was always given the wrong idea about Japan, like that they only eat sushi or that everyone is a copy of each other. But when I started watching anime and received great Japanese influences, I saw that everything was different. For wanting to have more knowledge and for wanting to learn to speak Japanese, I ended up at Suki Desu, which today opens many different doors for me.

So try to know, try to learn. Learning the Japanese language is not impossible, so at least try, don't give up. If your dreams are different, persist. One of the values ​​that anime gives us is precisely that of persisting in your dreams.

Is that you? If you are afraid to enter this world, don't worry. It is a country made for people like you and me, not because we watch anime, but because it feels good to be whole in that unique country.

Experiences after watching over 100 anime

self-identified clichés 

Our brain becomes a machine for identifying the unfortunate clichés.

It is difficult to create something totally new, but it is not impossible to create something innovative. As in “Re: Zero”, after the tremendous success of the animation, many authors began to write with similar themes, and these authors will at some point fall into the failure to become clichés.

Cliché is something terrible, for this reason many animes are dropped. But there are some that you will love, like fanservice, and others will hate, like similar stories.

Experiences after watching over 100 anime

Filler's become nightmares

Naruto fans understand me.

Filler are episodes that are not part of the official history or chronological order, diverging with a canonical anime. and it is unfortunate that the Japanese industry still invests in them, there are cases that fillers are necessary to fill the story, but they are exceptions.

Over time it is possible to identify a filler just by watching it for a brief moment. Few people like fillers. In an anime, preferably not.

Experiences after watching over 100 anime

Critical sense and refining tastes

Any human being gains skills and knowledge in things that he has great influence and contact with. In this case, we have an increased critical sense and our tastes are shaped.

I watch anime for 2 years, I'm not an expert, but I know how to evaluate an anime that I see and I also know how to standardize my tastes. These characteristics that we have gained are unique and divine in some cases.

If you are good at it, invest in creating your own website or writing for one, like Suki Desu, your talent will be appreciated and you will be able to develop different things, such as languages and you will be able to know many new things.

Experiences after watching over 100 anime

Strange tastes

Japanese culture has many peculiar tastes, no one can deny it. and watching anime it is possible to acquire some of these tastes.

This subject is a little difficult to comment on for everyone, but it is the gain of new discoveries. Some are forbidden to minors and others are only practices foreign to foreign eyes.

Experiences after watching over 100 anime


waifu or husbando is almost his anime wife < 2D & gt; on more hardcore levels, being more used by weeaboo's.

It is natural that you have one, either by popular taste or by your own taste. That sweet character is impossible not to love. Be that vocaloid, Hatsune or others, or be that bloodthirsty vampire.

The love for them is relentless, indisputable and platonic. You can read a little more of my opinion here.

After watching more than 100 anime you will realize your love for these wonderful characters, Kawaii Desu?

Experiences after watching over 100 anime

Animation excitement 10/10

Imagine that fuck animation every episode. Without being a fanboy, but imagine “Fate” and come to a conclusion…

I mean ... not a conclusion, but a consensus between your emotions. It is a unique sensation, where your pupil dilates and you are euphoric after such beauty.

It is impossible not to feel good about being alive because you see something great, well worked and without limitations on funds.

Become an expert 

After watching anime you won't want to be left out of the blue, so you'll want to know more about genres, terms and sink into this world. This is something that only a few do, but if you do, congratulations!

You will become an expert and still have the respect of your other 'Otaku' friends. When they want suggestions they will look for you, and you will be the one to recommend and say the pros and cons of that anime. The more anime, time and research you do the better you will be in this world.

Tired of anime, but come back eventually

There comes a time when you feel like giving up on this life. Some reasons are plausible, such as criticism received, families or others.

You give up, but then you realize that your life no longer makes sense without this wonderful world. Some even go into depression or become isolated after starting with anime, that's bad, but then you start to have another idea of ​​your life before anime, and realize that it sucked, at least for me.

If you manage to leave for good, know that you will miss it at some point.

Experiences after watching over 100 anime

Inspirations and essences acquired

Every anime, character and author has a lesson to pass. The essence of some moments starts to be a part of you, and you will get it for yourself. With new lessons and new perspectives, fanciful or not, that is what it is.

It is also noteworthy that many begin to be inspired by their favorite characters or to use the same strategies as him, loving or at war. This is something I really like, having inspirations. and over time you get yours.

Experiences after watching over 100 anime

New dreams

You start to love Japan, with that new goals and dreams come up, at least for me.

There is a desire to live or do tourism in Japan, to meet the Japanese people and have contact with them, learn to speak Japanese, acquire more and more knowledge of anime and of this Otaku world.

No matter what your dream is, you will persist, if not, it will have served you hours and hours of overcoming anime. This is a theme that goes a lot of your dreams, so interpret and reflect the way you want!

Experiences after watching over 100 anime

Overcoming barriers ... 1000 anime?

Organizing all these anime is the biggest challenge, so use "EVIL" whenever you can!

Like the Kitsune, at 900 you will be a great Sage, like them, at 1000 you will be a Divine being (Chuunibyou Idea). But with that, consider yourself a true lover, fan and sage of anime.

With that you will have all the Experiences mentioned in this post and many others that only you will be able to and others who have had the same feat will be able to share and say how and what it is.

Don't ruin your life, have limits! Comment on your experiences and quantities of anime already seen, not that the quantity changes anything for those who are really fans, haha!

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